Day 17 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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  1. I might get this tank as I always hated it when I met one in the game!

  2. This thing weighs 80 tons and has the power/weight ratio of a fucking medium. This is a tank that you can use to ram other heavies to death with terrifying efficiency. God forbid you catch someone at the bottom of the hill, because that much weight going over 45kph downhill is going to bury them into another dimension.

  3. I’ll be getting this one.
    Thanks again for the info.

  4. I got this tank last year … and it doesn’t like me. one of my worst winrates in tier/class.

  5. All nice, but how about Turbo-ing the already nice HP/ton and increasing its speed even more ? I reckon 5 kph added to 45 is still relevant enough

  6. I got this last year in the boxes and it’s since become one of my favourites. I use hardening (mainly for the track hp and repairs to full hp, which also helps when you get the chance to ram which btw this tank is great at), gun rammer and turbo, then with large repair kit, gasoline and food. It can really move for a heavy.

  7. Yeah its so good with the turbo and hardening, although I take rammer in 3rd slot. Add gasoline and chocolate to really get this thing moving fast its so much fun to play.

  8. Guys help! This tank or the obj dubbel barrel!! I really can’t choose

    • bro, tbh…the double barrel is probably stronger. Both are great but if you have to choose…double barrel would be my peronal choice. Hope it helps!!

    • I have both, and honestly that’s a dilemma, both are surprisingly good.
      What could decide, is that this E 75 TS is mobile. Like, REALLY mobile for that 80 tons of heaviness.
      The double barrel boi is a standard all around good russian heavy, but with double the guns. Hull-down and sidescraping monster, with good pens and dmg. You have to get used to the double barrel setup (shooting behind a wall from sidescraping with the left gun is a thing, the right gun will be hidden by the wall – you have to reverse out more, you might get shot).

      IF you absolutely have no resources to buy both, you might just go with what your heart desires. IMO both are money well spent! Both have their own advantages

  9. Bought and in garage currently prepping for ramming hilariousness.

  10. This will run rings around a lowe. It isn’t even close in terms of mobility. 16 hp/t is medium tank levels of power to weight ratios, but the E75 TS weighs 80 fucking tons. It’s like an NFL lineman being able to keep up with a sprinter, with a gun that’s much better suited to close-range brawling and only slightly worse armor.

  11. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    They could cut down a bit the weight and make It even faster That or a bit more side armor But its fine if they do not, the tank is great

  12. Circon sold me on a tank, nice meme.

    Plannning to add the fire/ammorack denying equipment and run food withou worries.

  13. This is a fun tank, got it last year. The speed is great.

  14. black_colt WoT User Name

    The turret weak spots are probably the binocular rangefinder ports.

  15. Cassio Santana Kitazato

    I use turbocharger in this, for the memes

  16. The thing I dont like is that the “eyes” are 60mm weakspots for some reason, meaning you can literally be HE penned through the turret…

  17. Wargaming has ruined console WOT. It is ugly. It is confusing. It is cartoonish. It is unplayable. I put six years into this game and I refuse to play this abortion of a replacement game.

  18. I bought Lowe instead of E75 TS knowing both strengths and weakneses and probably I got to say that I kinda regret buying Lowe because it’s way to slow but it works. Probably E75 TS is better option.

    • Well I think both E75 TS and Lowe are very good tier VIII premium heavy tanks. Lowe has better armour,more accurate gun,better depresion/elevation angles,view range but E75 TS has much better speed,DPM and aim time. I like both of them but you are right about the Lowe. Somethimes in fast battles Lowe does feel realy slow. In closed battles on city maps I prefer Lowe but in other situations E75 TS is much better. Speed and DPM are the most important statistics because of the faster and faster games. But I like both tanks.

    • @Adi Operta yes exactly in the current meta E75 TS just works better even tho they’re both great tanks

  19. Am I wrong or does it suffer a lot more critical hits than you’d expect?

  20. Another good set up is Hardening, Turbo, and then any of the 3 normal equipment. Turbo helps engine reach the top speed while also increasing both speeds. Hardening gives 150+ more HP while also preventing players from tracking you when you go in for the ram.

  21. One of those tried to ram my lowe yesterday, moved my tank an inch took about 250hp & they were helpless as i slowly pushed them over a cliff. Careful what you ram 🙂

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