Day 18 Advent Calendar 2017!

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  1. just waiting for the cromwell B, so far the advent calendar has been pretty Meh especially with non existent discounts

  2. only 2 tanks that i have wanted that i did not have from before…and that was the T92 and the thunderbolt…hope they come with some exiting…

  3. dude wtf is the song called? 🙂 it’s bugging me for a couple of days

  4. Hmmmmm jad 8.8 in the Advent calendar hmmmmm sounds decent ( LUL)

  5. I love this TD. I have no problem with it.

  6. srry circon i dont agree, the tank is actually pretty good still. although it could use a pen buff

    • is is easy just overmatch the top of the turret ^^ but for real if you can make 150pen work on a t7 td you can make 200pen work at t8 snipe weakspots or focus the weaker tanks first it also has great viewrange for a td this thing still dominates his top tier mm and makes a good support tank if bot tier (at least if you still know how to aim in this gold spam meta XD)

    • There is ONLY 1 way to make bad pen work, thats mobility, YOU DONT HAVE IT, good ****luck flanking people in a jg 8.8, suprises me how many people are to stupid to realise a tank with no mobility and below avg armor combined with low alpha and pen doesn’t work.. At least the compatent people get to farm u bunch.

    • from you saying the same thing over and over i have to asume you didn´t even read the last post its looks like you are sadly just a blind fanboy ( no offense circon i love you content^^) who can´t even agree on the strong aspects of the tank in faced even the good part you play down for some reson well anyway i´m done here no sense to argue with someone like this sadly

    • Aron Vanhaeverbeke are you fucking serious, an is3 you can just pen in the front or the roof , is6 in the lower plate, also WHO EVEN SHOOTS A JP 2 IN THE SUPERSTRUCTURE!!!! seriously even a jagdpz will bounce that some of the time let alien tier 8’s

    • MK whoopings Just in the roof? Easyest shot to hit? I’ll drive at you in a hull down IS-3 and we will see how well u do hitting my roof while I autoaim ur hull. Further JP2 can actually be penbed below the gun. Superstructure itself has 250effectuve not using gd. A Jg pz can bounce of anything if lucky, I bounced some derp shots with my bc aswell, doesn’t make the bc well armored. I have 3marks on the JP2 btw, before you start raging about that

      Fact is 203pen is NOT competetive at tier8 as you can’t pen 80-90% of the HT’s reliably, even some meds and td’s. Thats not even mentioning things like E75’s

  7. This thing is so bad, it ain’t even funny.
    You’d be better off buying those damn boxes than this shit..

  8. You don’t play that tank to have fun you use it to print credits.

    • Even if it makes the most credits most people want to make credits and have fun. How long would you play a tank that’s not fun? In a tank grind you did not like even though you did not loose money in it or had decent win percent (M3 Lee) do you keep playing it? If you keep playing a tank because it’s fun (and there are plenty – a la Skorpion G) it will make more credits than a tank you avoid.

    • But the E5 is better at printing credits, since it’s shells cost just about the same, and has better base pen. Also it’s more fun to play.

    • bounced 3.8k of damage and did 2.9 k damage on first game

    • Sounds like you played a tier 6 match

    • There are many other tanks these days that do a better job of printing credits, and are much more fun to boot. Go look at the net credit income stats for tier 8s on vbaddict. Patriot, Defender, Lorraine 40t, WZ-120-1G, Strv S1–the list goes on and on.

  9. I bought this tank last year when I had no clue that watching old reviews isn’t the smartest idea, and sold it. At least I got some credits for it, lol. I wouldn’t even want to take the 5 minutes required to ask customer support for restoration, just ain’t worth it.

  10. It’s the only German TD that works as a full crew trainer sadly

    • Bryan Robison that must be saying something considering we have 7 of them:
      E 25
      Dicker Max
      Stug IV
      8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger
      Skorpion G
      Steyr WT

  11. Base 175mm AP of most limited mm tanks says hi

  12. It used to be fun, before they changed the game to suit mediums, made cover useless. You can now try to give your opponent the death of a thousand pin pricks, if they are daft enough to sit still for you.

  13. Apart from the first day, this has been completely underwhelming

  14. Do you think the Skorpion G is coming in the calendar during next days?

  15. why is he talking about t10 this thing never see t10 XD

  16. When WG Will buf IS- 6 ??? This one needs to be done first!

  17. Circon belike: DAY 18 AND BOY IS IT GOOD! Just kidding it’s the Jagdtiger 8,8

    I feel sad now, the first tier 8 prem that I got was the Jag. 8,8… 🙁

  18. historicaly speaking, the 8,8 cm pak 43 could penetrate 232mm of armor. and its ammo was standard issue….its apcr could blitz through around 260-270

  19. I bought my jtiger when it first came out ages ago. was without a doubt an absolute monster…but now…dont even look at that td anymore

  20. But it can only meet tier 9 😉

  21. I bought this tank back in the good old days when premium ammo was only available for gold. This used to be a very strong tank. You could just sit in front of people and destroy them, nowadays it feels like it’s made out of cardboard and hot glue.

  22. Try penning the front with an IS-6 … even with premium ammo… lfp? Nope! Machine gun port? FAKE! But the new tanks do chew right through

  23. The jagdtiger 8.8 gets preferential MM so it doesn’t see tier X. But it would be nice if PC version had the 10.5 cm gun like the jadgetiger 8.8 on Blitz can get.

  24. All I want is the lowe.

  25. 75mm L70 and BOTH 88mms need buffing just to make them the historically epic guns they were.
    75mmL70 should be like 175pen 175 damage at least ! Since there are French light tanks with 170/170 now using 75mm guns which were in fact based on the Panthers gun. If you read the Amx 13 history.

    • wood1155 both guns are great, you just have al the noobs complaining that you cant kill everything just by looking at it. Just play sensible

  26. Tier 9 never got nerfed. The tier 8 got buffed. The lower plate was the same on both before. Then suddenly WG decided to buff the 88’s lower plate so that 175 pen guns had zero chance vs it. They also removed the MG weakspot then. Think it was 9.11.

  27. Still one of my top 3. FIGHT ME 😛

  28. It needs like 215 base pen now with all the T8 super heavy tanks.

  29. This thing still has no problems with making around 50-120k credits every game. In my opinion this tank is much better for bad players than for example Scorpion G is. Don’t take it just from your side of view, keep in mindlike 70% of your viewers are barely green.

  30. It sucked in mobile version so WG added 105mm with 310 alpha

  31. Thanks for considering using the live armour viewer ?? love ya ?

  32. In world of tanks blitz they gave it the option to mount a 10.5 cm as a buff.

  33. I love the TD but it does suck.

  34. Why did you talk about tier 10s it has premium mm….

  35. I want my money back for jagdtig 88 and is-6 ,damn they suck now

  36. I’m still waiting for WG to sell the defender lmao

  37. This tank deserves the Ferdinand or JP2 top gun.

  38. I already have the Skorpion G, I already have the free (mission) TD Stugg…. Do I really need another German premium TD?? I don’t think so

  39. Last year when you reviewed this tank I chimed in and said, “hey, I kind of like my JT 88; it’s not so bad if you play it like an assault gun and get hull down.” Well, I take it back. That was true once, but those days are gone. Even with pref matchmaking, today there are just too many tanks that can crap all over you despite what armor you have. If you end up top tier facing IS-6s and the like, it’s still good. That’s about it. These days I’m only holding onto it–and the IS-6–in the hope that someday WG will take pity on it and give it a meaningful buff.

  40. note that it prints credits like nobody`s business….highest credit conversion after type 59

  41. I just want one tank AMX 13 57 GF ,otherwhise i won’t buy shit,i bought 25 boxes and got Type 59,T26E5 and Lorr,40 T and lot of gold,so gimme that French thingie damn it.

  42. Circon, i dont get how you like the jagdtiger but not the 88. It doesnt make any sense to me.

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