Day 18 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. Another mediocre December list

  2. Hi, Circon 🙂

  3. 9,700 gold normally but 10,000 on sale???

  4. Circon something you should add in your video about things WG still needs to do, is no more 50-90% crews. You should be able to purchase 100% crews at any tier. All it dose is make the game more frustrating for players.

    • yep

      You either have to go from 75%, even when you convert from 100% other tank crew, you still end around 90% i believe

      50% is just fucking retard, no wonder why retard seal clubber love low tier, like who would spend money on tier 1-3 tanks? (except fun tank)

    • 75% is nothing (like what is 100k?)
      But yeah. I’d change it to free 70%, cheapest 80% (for credits), a more expensive 90% (still for credits) and the good old 100% for gold (maybe add option for credits (like 100k-200k credits) and lower the price to 50 gold per crew member

  5. makes no sense considering it’s available in the tech tree already, and for a special offer that’s rather lame. Sure, skinned version and all, but there are more interesting tanks to sell that aren’t in the tech tree offer.

  6. STG or STD ?

  7. patriot review video is in the description

  8. I have this since 3 months. I LOVE it! Very technical playstyle, and it has a very thick turret front(bounces t10s regularly). Was worth the 6K gold and a buffed Superpershing to get the STG. Since then I am grinding the K-91 line the turret on the STG has no limited turning angle, it goes all the way around!

    • The k91 is pretty shit in my opinion

    • No offense, but SuperP is worth it more than this thing, i have both and STG is just too situational

    • +Yuri Wankov None taken, SuperP was boring and slow for me. Credit vise was good, but I am playing for fun, and with STG I can have both as it is hard to play and forces me to think more. STG is a perfect option to learn for a new player, if he can handle the rock hard -Dark Souls like- learning curve.

    • +RUMBLEKILL exactly. *in your opinion*

    • +ZagZagSama STG is meh IMO. Nothing special about it (but at the same time nothing bad about it (maybe slight soft stats buff)).
      Like I said: I’d buff the soft stats from 0.22 on moving and turning to like 0.20-0.18 (then it would have better soft stats than Cent I and Primo victoria… THAT HAVE FUCKING 80mm GUNS!!!!!)

  9. Short and sweet, I like it. (the video)

  10. Circon or anyone else, do you think WG will put defender on the sale??Or should i buy some boxes and try my luck.I’ll be very happy if someone can answer.

  11. Good morning, Great review. May be worth it for a trainer for your k91 crew. Na f it keep your money

  12. Stats might look underwhelming but it’s a beast medium thanks to very flat profile (you can hide almost everywhere) paired with okay stat 390 alpha gun. One of my favorite tier 8s

  13. Thank you Circon this was very helpful. I won’t be buying this one!

  14. Already have the T54 mod 1 for training. I like it a lot. I’ll take a hard pass on the STG. If for no other reason that rear mounted turret. Struggling with ridges and getting decent hull down positions is not a good thing.

  15. Id’ like more some GTI or TDI tank :V

  16. Meh tank
    I’d wait for the excellent T-44-100 if I needed the RU med

  17. The funniest thing about these videos is if its short you know immediately its not worth it 😀

  18. The stg is on of the most enjoyable tier 8 premiums. Sneaky, high alpha, good dispersion/accuracy, and it isn’t too slow.

  19. So you have not played iy yet you want to give us advice based only on stats ?

  20. I like this tanks. Its like ravioli but much sneakier and more accurate.

  21. I actually like it. Three-marked the non-skin variant and enjoyed it. But it’s not for everyone. Personally I think the gun handling is quite good for this kind of alpha on a flat med but have run it with food and BiA. But considering the non-skin variant is always available, this offer is bad.

  22. Your tank review link is for the T26E5. You might want to fix that :^)

  23. Cameron Rotten Lemon

    I disagree with circon here. I think its a well balanced premium and wargaming should make more tanks like this. Its not a bad tank at all

    • It’s difficult to be honest. It’s a balanced tank perhaps, but with other options that are straight-up OP balanced is just not good enough. On the other hand recomending OP tanks ruins the game.

  24. When does the fking progetto sell… what a waste of a day selling tech tree tank

  25. This was my first premium and to this day it still is I love it. Now I’ll agree this tank feels quite forgotten but I can still make it work especially when nobody knows the weak spots.

  26. you like the 416? how??? would love to see a vid of why 😀
    thanks for doing these videos for the advent calendar

  27. Although I sure many WOT players are enjoying your Advent Calendar review daily I have found that I listen for the first min of so until you say if the tank is worth it or not and then just turn it off if you say NO…. Why continue any further if you don’t think the tank is worth it….Please get back to game play and reviews…These Advent Calendar reviews are boring !!!!!!!!!

  28. You can also get the regular STG for about 400 gold cheaper too.

  29. Man the calendar this year has been a real zZzZz so far.

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