Day 18 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Checking to see if todays offer is !



  1. I played it as rental. Not my style. Got Progetto from lootboxes and i love it!!!!

  2. Oh the better somua is here !

  3. Christian Krakhofer

    a premium tank ?= at minimum a new game that would provide more fun and joy than wg ever managed to provide

  4. I still remember when this was regular Tier 9 in the Bat. Chat. line and was absolute garbage. Then they basically took it how it was, made it Tier 8 prem. and replaced it with 25 AP. Still don’t know if I really want this because I don’t have a crew. I went the AMX 30 line and kind of regretted it ever since because 30B is mediocre at best at Tier 10. Will have to think about this one.

    • If you ever liked it when it was tied 8, before it was moved up, you will love it. If you like the AMX 50 100 as much as I do (on of my favourite tanks in the game, it fights with the Lorraine 40t for 2nd/3rd place.
      It is the same 100mm as the 50 100, shares the same shells, just slightly worse gun handling, but 50b P/W and mobility mine also has just over 30% camo. It’s not a tank that cares much about the mm, because everything but some western light tanks can over-match it.
      It’s not a your tank, that will increase anyone’s win rate, but it is easy to do “some” damage, and if you can play well, and seriously look after your health early on (probably actually more important than doing damage at the start) it’s a fantastic scout, and is really good.
      Because of the large hull too, I’ve never run out of ammunition in it either, but it hold my second highest scoring damage at tier 8, second only to the 50 100.

    • @Nils Kwade Yeah. I’m being maybe a little bit harsh on it when it was on Tier 9 but the thing is, there wasn’t actually a reason to go through it when you simply could get 50 100 and get basically same tank but better in almost every way. It was literally like 50 100 but tier higher.

    • @Grasshopper K Well, that was the main problem. It was literally worse 50 100 but on tier 9. There wasn’t really point to get it over the heavy line other than you needed to go through it to get to Bat. Chat. 25 t. When they moved it tier lower they buffed it significantly only by doing that. Now it actually is pretty good, fun tank. I would definitely get it if I would already have Bat. Chat 25 t crew. Now I’m just thinking about getting it.

    • @Berthod well it wasn’t a worse 50 100, many prefer the 40t because of its exceptional agility, and mobility. The 50 100 simply has better accuracy, but similar dispersion, has a slower 51kph top speed, and a lower P/W (although I run mins with 100 or 105 octane). The 40t as I said, also has surprisingly exceptional camo, and typical high French view range (I believe mine’s just over 470m). It’s a really, good mobile machine.

    • Yeah but the 30b looks cool

  5. I won’t be getting this one today Circ….. Because I bought it the day it first re-released 😀

  6. Thanks circon

  7. Should i keep my 16k gold or should i buy this like is there gonna be a better medium???

    • Hope for the progetto instead, they usually have every single tank from the advent calender available on the 24th again. They’ve done that the last advent calenders

  8. FYI – fun fact on buying with gold. I looked at the one yesterday and they quoted me a price that was discounted by around 1000 gold. I think it was because I still had the tank and crew in my garage as a rental. I was tempted to buy for 5000 gold but I passed on it. Either way, quick tip is to keep all those rentals in the garage.

    • @TheHun99 Really? When I looked last night they were giving me 1000 gold discount for items I already owned. I assumed it was the crew and/or the garage slot.

  9. – sighs – Still waiting for something worth it that I don’t have.

  10. This tank is really good, but it’s a tricky one to play. The combination of heavy tank soft stats on the gun (in particular the aim time), and no armor, means this is a bad one for overly aggressive people that want to just push in and brawl with their mediums: the lorr is prone to missing, while getting hit in return in those situations. Artillery also punishes this tank if lite too early.

    The main issue with this tank is that while game-warping powerful, it has a very demanding playstyle, and if you don’t respect it, it will simply not work. This can make it something of a trap for certain players, either because they dislike that play style, or they lack the skills to execute it.

    I would be uncomfortable picking this one up on a whim at this gold price.

  11. I never did get the hate for the old Lorr at tier 9, played it as a new player mostly solo to a 58% WR. It says a lot when Circon say its still a top 3 MT at tier 8, after almost 3 years of powercreep, about how overpowered it was when they released it. Bought it today for gold, love it, no regrets. Doing more dmg and win more in it than in the Progetto. Harder tank to play, maybe, but way more rewarding for me, progetto is easy mode IMO.

  12. I absolutely loved this tank when I got it as rental and at tier 9 but it is not worth it for 10.7k gold.

  13. I have it now for almost 2 years and still love this machine. It,s really good

  14. Got this in lootboxes last year. Shame because I play TDs. Just want the defender/252…cool looking tank.

  15. Hey Circ i Have the AMX 13-57 is it worth dropping the gold for this too?

  16. I agree the 40t is a top 3 premium tier 8. Its best used as a support tank but has the speed to flank and wreak havoc. Its no Progetto 46, but still worth getting.

  17. buy more Lorr 40ts and less Spaghetto 46s… Spaghetto is just pure filth at tier 8 and below, wins any 1v1 unless its gets unlucky. i just immensely hate Spaghettos and anyone who likes them

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