Day 18 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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  1. This one is a awsome one, i ran out of funny meme or words to say so have a good day circ

  2. lorraine or bourrasque?

    • why not both xD

    • bour has a bit better burst, mobility, dpm, camo, and view range, but lorraine has MUCH better gun handling, pen, and clip potential. I prefer the lorraine since shots actually go where I aim and I’m more comfortable with the bigger clip playstyle, but I think the bourrasque is a bit more powerful generally. (and I run lorr with rot mech instead of optics since my b-c crew is good enough to not really need optics)

  3. i was wainting for a long time for this tank.

  4. compare this to the AMX CDC

    • @Lukasz Nowak You end up playing tier 8 premiums a lot to farm credits, imagine having to play with the CDC over and over again to buy that tier 10 you just unlocked.

      Dez made a video today which showed a few tier 8 premiums are being buffed: STA-2, Super Pershing, STG, T-34-3.. I can guarantee you any of those tanks is way better than a CDC, I wonder if WG forgot about this tank. If its going to take the same amount of time it took them to buff the T-34-2 then we can be looking forward to the CDC in.. 2025?

    • @Ricardo Carmine LOL I watched that video earlier and I literally didn’t even think ‘what about the CDC?!’ and I have one! I used to love that thing but I wouldn’t venture out in today’s game!

    • @Girf irrelevant. You mentioned the worst T8 tank in the game, tanks can be obtained by credits and gold so my point still stands

    • @Lukasz Nowak lol sure however TVP is still better

    • @Girf debatable

  5. Really good tank, imo. But, it does have a reasonably high skill cap. Just something to be aware of.

  6. Day three of asking circon to reachnout and help world of tanks console community

    • Why target Circ? I don’t think he’s ever played WoT on console

    • @mrb692 I’m not “targeting” him ik just asking him if he can help show the wider community how bad wotc and put pressure on the devs to reverse the recent update and listen to the community. Do you not remember the Rubicon update? The backlash it received and how quickly it was removed ? On wotc we need that same reaction but we are not being heard so by reaching out to our pc comrades there’s hope we can be listened too by the devs of wotc as there is pressure from the pc community and the wotc community

    • @farmer oz I don’t mean targeting in a negative sense, more in the “focusing your efforts on” sense. And you are focusing your efforts on getting someone who’s never played WoTC to say something about it.

      If I remember right, console WoT is done by an entirely different team than PC WoT, so how would Circon or any other PC player be able to help? I can’t help but think you’re barking up the wrong tree

    • @mrb692 I’m doing it because it brings the attention and applies pressure. Wether they do anything or not idm at least someone like you have noticed that there is a problem and it needs dealing with. Gotta start somewhere

  7. Waiting to buy this tank for years and it’s finally time

  8. world of op autoloaders

  9. If I recall correctly one of Jingles’ story times, this used to be tier 8 at first, then it was bumped up to tier 9 without buffing it at all. Then when they removed it and made it a premium after a while they dropped it back to tier 8 and nerfed it. Which is a thing I don’t really see why, if it was a tier 8 to start with why nerf it? One of my biggest gripes with it is that they dropped the drum capacity from 6 to 4, would it made much of a difference in todays wot to keep the Lorr as is.. aww man, the matchmaking was glorious back then..

    • I would imagine, they nerfed it due to the changes in mm since it’s status changes. If you’ll remember, back when this was the tech tree t8 there were no hard limits on tank type and tier per match. It was pretty common to be the o my t8 in a t10 match. That can’t happen now. Tier density in matches has dropped significantly. so having those same stats would make it decidedly op.

  10. How is it compared to the Somua?

    • Somua is a better brawler (actually has some armor), 40t is pretty agile so better for hit and run tactics. If you prefer light/medium gameplay over heavy, definitely get the 40t.

  11. It was more expensive because when I bought mine ages ago, it came with a set of special camos. It looks like this offer doesn’t come with the camos. So its a huge rip off in that regard.

  12. I’m trying to hold out for the Lansen, but this is really tempting me now, both you and Skill say this is a good and fun tank to own.

    • I honestly don’t like the Lansen. Got it in CW wouldnt have gotten it otherwise. It should be good on Paper but everything pens you everytime and the gun is really trolling me. Then again thats just for me

  13. My favorite tank, mark stays at 95-97% without spamming gold, definitely worth getting

  14. Great tank….usually pen is fine.
    But you can bounce 3 of 4 shots using premium ammo into the front of an E4 super Pershing.

  15. I forgot I had this tank untill I went to buy it. I think by now only tier 8 premium I don’t have is the jgdtiger 8.8 and that ridiculous panther 8.8. I had them both at one point and I sold them.

  16. Circon: lorr40t is really good
    GSOR: hold my beer

  17. 3:44 Are you swedish/danish? Can’t recognize the language, I’m a Norwegian speaker..

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