Day 19 Advent Calendar 2017!

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  1. It’s shit, don’t buy it. I think it has the lowest performance of all the TVIII meds prem (or overall?)

    • guess youre kinda right. The dpm and pen on the type are very poor tho. it struggles really hard against t9s

    • Yep, not the best against T9, even the new Super heavies TVIII (O-Ho and VKP) but it does the job, and it’s really nice when top tier. The really good thing is to not meet TX at all.

    • The type is a beast, great mobility, great gun handling, turret made by the gods, nothing to dislike for those who play mostly mediums

    • hah funny joke, great mobility? its mediocre at best. and the gun handling just sucks if you dont have the right crewskills/ equipement

    • yeah because it’s normal for people to drive around tanks without equipment or untrained crew after a while. You have a tank with basically 50 traverse speed and 48’ish turret traverse, p/r not that great indeed with 14, but it’s more than enough for what it’s intended. It’s a brawler not a sniper so the gun is perfectly fine, 0.37 acc and 2.20 aim time, reload at 7.5 for 2k dpm. This running rammer, optics and stabs. The joke is on you indeed.

  2. i noticed that when the gun caliber increases, the price is expensive.

  3. Cornelius Qvist Tøpholm

    Its super expensive and its performance is shit!

  4. It’s an ok support medium but that’s about it. It has decent camo values and the pen and alpha is nice. Gun handling is ok, nothing special. DPM is pretty trash, but hitting for 390 with a medium that has decent pen for its class and tier is nice. Armour is not good, but the turret can sometimes bounce. Mobility is ok, again nothing special. Overall though, this is a support tank through and through. Carry potential is very low unless you get the right circumstances where you can get the shots in while other tanks take the hits. Not a tank that I would say is worth the money. If it was, maybe, the same price as the FV4202 then it wouldn’t be an awful purchase.

  5. hello crazy canadian

  6. I dunno maybe I’m unlucky but I always get killed by these things, oh wait ! I get killed by everything…ignore me

  7. I want only one tank,the AMX 13 57 GF,so c’mon WG put in the damn calender !!!
    @Circonflexes do you think it wil be in the calendar ?

    • OMG these AMX things are so annoying! :-O

    • DutchDude68, they put e25 in as sales were very low, if that had not worked I’m sure the AMX GF would have too but they’re making tons on the gift boxes I reckon. Really doubt we’ll see it sadly.

    • Yep that is bad news,got E25 from the begining,also spend 60€ on those boxes,got Type 59,Lorr.40T and T25E6,all ready had the Patriot,Skorpion G i all ready had along time ago,so no more boxes for me and no tanks also,only want the AMX GF,otherwise i’m done buying.

  8. is this tank as good as the obj 416?

    • yes everyone is saying that…no sale! get a 416 it doe’s have a great gun.

    • I could never grind the a-44, it has such a derpy gun

    • just buy the parts to get to the 416, and your right that tank made me mad.

    • I don’t have the Guard, but the strong points of the 416 it does not have. Which are:
      1. fast firing good pen accurate 105 mm gun (shells are expensive though!)
      this means you can fight your way out of a situation, and still have respectable alpha, so they won’t rush you rightaway.
      2. awesome camo (without food I have it at 48% standing still and over 22% while driving)
      3. it’s low so when you have to yolo sometimes, you just go in and many times they’ll shoot over you and you just kill them with the DPM. you have to know how to drive this thing though. it’s completely different from a normal medium.
      4. the turret does bounce some things, it’s better sloped.

      Oh yeah… you need a really, really good crew in the 416. Other tanks it doesn’t matter much but this one is night and day difference.
      I want to keep this tank! 🙁

    • Guard is kind of a better 416 version. Has a big gun with more alpha than the 416 (because nowadays alpha>DPM), has better armor, overall good mobility, overall gun handling for the caliber of that gun, -6º depression (somehow) AND has a fully traversable turret, while the 416 can only traverse 75º for each side (150º in total) because reasons and because de 416 is historically accurate in this situation. That means you can come backwards on a corner and shoot without exposing the whole frontal hull, our peak on a hill backwards, or camp backwards on a bush and be able to run away from there pointing the turret towards the enemy.

  9. Do you think the other teir 8 premium light tanks will becoming in the advent? I was sortve expecting it especially with the new update out. I’m excited for the elc even

  10. Hey Circon, you summed this tank up pretty accurately, but you forgot to mention that this tank has really good base camo, which is with full camo crew 34% whilst stationary and 26% whilst moving.

    Other than that, yeah this tank is pretty bad. It’s supposed to have great fully aimed accuracy, but the problem is that the combination of terrible gun handling and slow shell velocity negates the great accuracy. The tank is also way too slow at accelerating for the amount of armor it has. Everything except for the occasional tier 6 tank will penetrate you, and most tier 8+ tanks will penetrate the turret without aiming at it’s cupola weakspot.

    All in all, don’t buy this tank unless you like collecting tanks. If you want a 390 alpha tier 8 premium medium, get a M4 Rev. If you want a tier 8 russian medium crew trainer, get a T54 Mod1. Both of these tanks will get a discount soon during the holidays too, making them much cheaper than the STG/Guard.

  11. This vehicle performs really well, believe it or not. I still lrefer the obj 416 bc of the dpm but the STG definetally beats the obj 416 in combat capacity

    • ok and thank you, just looking at my 416 cammo 64.78% not moving, 31.53 moving, with bino’s spotting 503, without any rations just think if i put my new bond vent on this thing and ration’s?!

  12. I like my Guard, but its not a med tank, its a Turreted TD with low HP and shit hull armor. If you don’t play like a sneaky fucking Russian you will be in trouble – it does have great cammo. You CAN make it work if you stay ALLL the way Hulldown at closer range, the turrets not bad – if your not hull down, your dead. Play sneaky, ignore the haters yelling that your not up brawling.

  13. At this point during this Advent calendar I am just over it the tanks I want they won’t sell and all the tanks they do sell their trying to make it sound like it’s a great deal and yet they’ve been in the shop for ever once they sold the e25 that was kind of the breaking point for me

  14. Load the Skill rounds

    I like this series a lot. I find myself checking my phone for it before I go to work. I’m like “Circ is early this morning sweet Jesus yes!”

  15. Let us hope, that Sexton I makes it to the Advent Calendar.

  16. The STG is pretty good if you play it like a turreted TD.

  17. This fucking piece of shit tank was already on sale for the first FUCKING WEEK and now it’s back to not be bought.
    Another example why I quit and wouldn’t give them a fucking dime for over a year.

  18. Even as someone who buys always ever tank they put out, the STG looks too poor to pay for.

  19. The thing that bugs me is they JUST SOLD THIS SHIT. They did it with the Schwarpanzer, T26E5, and I have a feeling with the Libertie, too. STOP PUTTING SHIT IN HERE THAT YOU JUST SOLD!

  20. Std guard more like haha xD funni

  21. Why do T8+ tanks need 390 base unless they are a light, that way everything will still be at viewrange cap meaning lights have a much harder time in higher tiers.

    • Cough cough *T92* *needs* *a* *buff* Cough cough.

    • Cobra6 Gaming The trump card of light tanks is their camouflage values, not their view range

    • Which is WG’s terrible argument for slashing the rewards for spotting and assistance damage and refusing to give lights combat capability. Leaving them in their current state of “don’t shoot your gun and hope you don’t have a medium sitting within 350m when you cross between cover so you aren’t vaporized.”

    • Eeeeeh no Viktor, the trump cards of light tanks are their camouflage and their viewrange, they are the eyes of the team. And since their trump cards are both range based their guns need to work at range as well which currently it doesn’t

  22. Wish we could get those Christmas boxes on sea server.

  23. Why WG? On NA server we had this tank on sell for a month prior to the advent calendar in the premium shop.

  24. This game is too expensive and grindy..

    • Only time I enjoy it is when I see circon play it as his job, cause that is essentially what it is 😛

    • don’t grind then, find a tank you like to play and play that. if you’re not enjoying it that way then its not the game for you

    • Curtis Garnsworthy
      Exactly; if you only play to proceed, and not for the Fun, you won’t have a good time

    • yeah exactly, games are made to have fun, not to get frustrated because grinding feels like a chore. unless you really want a higher tier tank there is no real reason to grind anything

    • too bad most of the enjoyable tanks are at tier 9 and 10.
      Then there’s Tier 5,6 and 8 which gets fucked by mm.

  25. Hue hue I bought 3 loot boxes and got a skorpion g

  26. Maybe a good tank, but mine is broken:) The usual battle ends with 15-18 shots fired( got ammoracked with the first and the 2nd hit) 15 hits, 2-3 “pen”, mostly the HE that made any kind of dmg what so ever. Even premium shells have almost no effect against tier 9.

  27. Didn’t they JUST sell this like a month or less ago?

  28. Cromwell B and IS-2B or we riot 😉 Seriously though, I feel like WG is trolling us
    by selling the ISU-122S and Rudy when i could care less about them.

  29. Jiriiri98 -SBN- [K4N4M135]

    What is this song!? XD

  30. Thanks for the useful videos and tips!

  31. I have it and I’ve played it a fair amount (approximately 40ish games) and it’s about as fast as a Rudy (so not FAST but not really slow) and the armor can troll at times but shouldn’t be depended on. Side-scraping is a no-go. The soft stats mean you’re about halfway aimed in all the time, but like you mentioned the aim time is kinda bad, so you definitely have to let it settle before taking your shot. The DPM is bad, so every shot has to connect. Overall it feels balanced but not overpowered.

    • not overpowered means that you can safely buy it without loosing karma…

      I decided to dust if off today – and found out that I could not keep up with a Skorpion G.
      – don’t buy, unless you like pancakes every day

  32. 17 loot boxes later i have T28F30 and AC1 Dick tank. Got type 64 out of all the gold though.

  33. Circon doesn’t even own it…. says it all.

  34. Old premium T-34-3 with ~122mm gun with sime alpha has more expensive shells that fly slower, have 37mm less penn, and 0.12 worse accuracy – damn u WG – both tanks are “NO GO”

  35. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    Defenetly tha price is the worst of this tank but really need some view range

  36. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    the tank is good , it only need more 20mts of view range to be ok not overpowered at least thats good. but that price.. lol oh God they really are nuts on WG labs =P

  37. The guard is my first prem and I don’t regret it its a weird bastard but once you learn it it really works

  38. guillem fuster adrover

    I actually like it, the gun is ok, which is better than all the russian 122s good camo, okish mobility, of course not a brawler, but decent support mid to long range sniper, but yeah the price is not justified

  39. The one word I’d use to describe this tank is sluggish. Bad power to weight you can really feel it.
    AP pen is not the best against 9 & 10s.
    The great camo sort of balances out the bad view range.

  40. Tfw circon, the mvp, forgets about terrain resistances

  41. I like how VR is so important to a medium tank. Good job WG on making light tanks relevant. /sarcasm

  42. Not amazing. i’ve played a few games in mine and honestly The armor is straight garbage. Gun isn’t terrible but it is a russian gun so i get trolled by it constantly.

  43. very good tank

  44. If you wanted a T8 russian medium, you should have bought the T-44/100, but this IS better than the T-54 first proto. That thing loses too much for its armor, which means squat against all the T9s and T10s it will see, you’d rather have the gun on the STG at that rate.

  45. It’s actually a good tank, I aced it after not to many battles with a decent crew of course

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