Day 19 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. Thanks for that beginning. I immediately knew what the special was in 4 seconds

  2. Thank you for the Hard work Ciron!

  3. I’ve already got this tank and its quite awkward to play. That said, you are correct; you can have some good games it you select who you fight.

  4. Θέμης Ρίζος

    i want progetto 46

  5. poor people who thought that they would not get fucked by wg for pre ordering this.

  6. Next on the chopping block, the Type 59

  7. Imagine if they now casually sell the Type 59 when people literally gambled for those last christmas. Probably gonna do it anyway though

    • GetFoched mine cost me a shocking €9.99 in loot boxes. But still I’d be pissed off if they straight up sold it. Seeing that thing pop up on my screen was the highlight of my WoT “career”. I screamed so loudly my neighbor ran over. If you could simply buy it now, even for one day, it would simply not be ‘special’ anymore. I suspect WG realizes that putting them in loot boxes will generate far, far more income than straight up selling it. It’ll be in the boxes again next year. They’re keeping it rare. The only thing that makes diamonds so expensive is the artificially restricted supply. Same here. I also think WG doesn’t want to piss of their big whale customers who spent hundreds or more getting one.

    • hopefully, i’d buy it, even though its nothing special besides looking cool

    • +GetFoched that type was very different to today’s

    • probably eill, just a matter of time, maybe next christmas

    • +SoupFork it wasn’t special once they put it in the loot boxes. There’s one in every tier 8 or 9 game, even a year later.

  8. Love the intro!

  9. Good morning man. Great review of the Mutant. Definitely not for me.

  10. Right. They’ll never sell it again, until they do. LOL

  11. Thats a yikes for me dawg

  12. The preorder medium was a V/IV iirc, Panther hull with Pz4 turret (or the other way round)
    Mutant M6 is fun for a couple games, but so slow in everything. If you like Super pershing gameplay you could do worse.

  13. WG are a bunch of lying sacks of shit. They have enough money to literally take a swim in 100 usd bills but hey, it’s not enough.

  14. Never again… . . . . . . Oh wait

  15. Why are prices so high??

  16. The other pre-order tanks were the Panzer V/IV (German Tier 5 medium) and the A-32 (Soviet Tier 4 medium with preferential MM). I’m fairly certain I’ve never even seen an A-32.

  17. can you maybe give us some gameplay the next time you do an advent calendar review?

  18. One wargaming employee dislike.

  19. Tempted to buy it for the 7,8k gold that I got through loot boxes anyway, but then again, do I really need another Russian premium heavy when I already have all the others sitting collecting dust?

  20. The first clip, golden.

  21. i have an idea maybe they can sell us a working mach maker i will pay to not be bottom tier 80 to 90% of the time!

  22. Aleksandria_Samusenko_1stGTArmy

    Advent calendar this year sucks. Not even interested in buying any of this shit

  23. Who do I trust more: WG or my government?

  24. It’s the Panzer V/IV and it’s a tier 5 tank. Got my recent 3 mark video of it on my channel as well as a nice selection of gameplay. It was tier 6 before and quite atrocious but they moved it to Tier 5 and gave it some deserved buffs. Now it’s very competitive 🙂

    Honestly though, I hope that WG will not sell that or the A-32 but my sneaky suspicion is they’ll end up in the bonds shop because Wargaming has very little in the way of morals or decency in that department.

    • It’s almost a certainty. They’ll propably come in the second batch; the first batch being affordable and more “common special” tanks.

  25. Sinterklaas En Zwarte Piet

    nice intro, makes me feel better about the promises for 2019

  26. The panzer 5/4 on console has been nerfed so much, it’s almost unusable… but it still weights almost as much as a kv-1 that can do 50kph so

  27. Existancial Goberts

    Nice meme

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  29. Thanks for the reminder that everyone who played this game after seeing an advertising on YouTube on a flash player and found it was worth giving money to Wargaming is litterally a worthless idiot to them.

  30. *laughs in Spiderman*
    “Are you serious?”

  31. Talking about never available again preorder tanks in the first clip, M6A2E1 on sale again then…

  32. Preorder is never good.

  33. I guess i was the fucking idiot. Bought the m6a2, the PZ V/IV and the A32. Exclusive.

  34. So is it really worth getting??? i only got 10 k gold xD

  35. 4900 credits per shot ? he has standard gold shels ? it makes no money….

  36. At this point (by which I mean many, many years ago) Wargaming would have been better off communicating their intentions and actions via pantomimes performed by squirrels. That would have been more believable.

  37. I just had my first game in it, and it reminded me of the Chrysler K. Posted this in my clan’s Discord chat:
    I would actually compare this with the Chrysler K, but taller. I remember slugging against the Mutant in A CK and it was pretty evenly matched, his height was good enough for some engine deck shots and my APCR was doing pretty well against his turret ring when I could hit the tiny thing. If you have the Chrysler K and liked it before 3/5/7 I would get it.

  38. It will never be sold again…………

  39. Only downside is the speed, dpm and penetration. other that that it is somewhat decent.

  40. They changed the hull completely once it turned HD

  41. You only Die when you get killed

    wargaming you will never ever get this tank again
    me oof

  42. The mutant is easy to deal with frontally. You can shoot into the hull above the tracks from the front.

  43. WG never misses an opportunity to demonstrate how dishonest it is.

  44. First game in it . People don’t know where to shoot you!

  45. viktor kisli is a tiny little nasty little man

  46. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Theres this game called Warframe and did the same thing like WoT. Preorder and get an exclusive warframe (tank equivalent) and has never sold it in 5 years. WG is pathetic.

  47. $erb $pace $tation needs funds!

  48. I will never buy this out of respect of people who ordered the preorders who are likely to not be playing now because the promise WG made is down the broken river of tears. Fuck Wargaming and their promises, because they can’t be a respectable company an owe up to them.

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