Day 19 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Checking to see if todays offer worth it!



  1. Type 62 view range is broken for tier 7. Totally worth the price.

  2. What is up everyone …

  3. Its the best tier 7 “medium” in the game. Solid gun, fast, good camo, good view range. It may not be the best tier 7 scout, but I’d take it over the T-43 or other similar medium tanks any day.

  4. This was a Tier 6 when it first came out, then later it was reworked into a Tier 7

  5. Please take my money! I love scout tanks!

  6. This is my favorite tank in the game. It plays pretty much identical to the LT-432, right down to the high pen HE round (if you want a point of reference), but you also get the benefit of tier 7 mming, and get to play against the much weaker tier 6 and 7 wheel tanks more often. These Chinese tanks are also heavy, and are pretty effective at ramming enemy scout tanks.

    It isn’t statistically the best tier 7 scout, and is thus doomed to always be the bridesmaid to the 13-57’s bride, but the games always feel more fun and interactive to me in the type 62. It has all the tools you need to get to the same place that the 13-57 will get you, but you have to use your brain more to reach the destination. While the 57 provides raw power, the 62 provides a bunch of strong elements that the player has to synthesize together to be successful, and this has held my attention for many more games.

    The gun is a bit derpy, but with the fast reload, and tier 7 generally moving a bit slower, it doesn’t really bother me.

    I don’t actually find fires to be an issue with this tank, but the ammo rack is located on the back of the turret, and until you get safe stowage, it’s a little bit too fragile. The 62’s big weakness though is the low engine health, and its important that you not get shot in the rear when moving away from enemies. If you’re marking this tank, its one you should consider using large repair kits on, due to the possibility of track+engine damage.

    This is the last great Chinese light tank left in the game, as the other tanks in the tree were nerfed very badly with the MMing changes, the new 9-10 TT tanks are not very good, and the type 64 is an American style light tank (though obviously very good).

  7. Am I the only one not impressed by this years advent calendar??? It’s a bit disappointing

  8. Hmm I remember I got it from one of the first “marathon”-esque things back in the day.

    I do like the moon crater skin though. Looks neat.

  9. Everyone should get this bundle simply because you pay 4800 gold and get 5000 gold in the bundle

  10. Picked one up and didn’t regret it, as others have mentioned its more of a medium with great camo. Really fun even if the gun can be derpy at times, has the good old 85mm HE which means you fuck up all those paper tanks you see so often at its MM. Found myself top damage most games by playing it like a medium when top tier and as a scout for the first half of the game as bottom.

  11. I ll buy it with gold

  12. It was for sale as part of twitch prime, for ~10$ + 5x missions in August – my favourite light. But – you really need off road driving to give it that t44-100 hovercraft feel. Still, this tank is my wot waifu.

  13. Why tf do they keep bundling wacky styles with these tanks instead of actual Camo pieces, i would rather have that -_-

  14. Don’t forget about the hilarious 85mm HE rounds, like the Russians this one has 300 damage.

  15. I got this tank three years ago from that year’s advent calendar and I liked the tank even then. With the current MM it’s a beast. No wonder its skillcap is higher than usual, 1431 XP wasn’t an Ace for me.

  16. Nice man, I might get in the Christmas mood !

  17. anyone know if you can use the styles in these bundles on any tank

  18. @circon i picked this up during the christmas sales in 2016, for making credits i found this to be really good for it when you rack up the dmg and assistance, like you say with un-nerfed view range and dpm, especially now where you can be top tier and just dominate every below. i love this tank, easily one of my top 5 premium tanks i managed to pick up. id defo recommend this for lower budget player where tier 8 might be a little too pricey

  19. As someone who lived and died on the Chinese line, preventative maintenance was my only friend, almost got my 3rd mark on this little monster.

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