Day 19 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. The tank that started foch hate for this game

  2. Good old Chrysler K…

  3. Hey, it’s the sirfoch tank!

  4. the Chrysler GirlFriend xp

    I still have 12 missions for this tank. I can’t be arsed to play it.

    • I got one from the black market auction this year. I bid the minimum (3.5mil I think) and still got it on NA. I think I still got ripped off 😂

  5. SirFoch’s favourite premium tank.

  6. The same as the the old T32. Nice meme

  7. Bill_nye_the_russianspy _

    Last time I was this early Foch had good things to say about this tank…

  8. When I see some GF’s on the field I instantly load gold just to piss them off.

  9. Idk about other servers but on NA you can get it for bonds.

  10. Thanks Circ!
    No thanks Chrysler K.

  11. WarGambling has the balls to release this today after all the backlash it made

  12. Glad that I bought the GF version for credits on several accounts (Black Market) and have to say that there are much better premiums for the gold regardless of play style or skill level.

  13. Blackhorse Engineer

    This tank has a bad history to say the least

  14. The American 105 gun is “balanced” by crappy pen, completely power-crept.

  15. I havent bought one single tank from the Advent Calendar,the good ones i allready have and there are no new or exciting tanks 🙁

  16. Im loving the videos circon but could you show the stats with regular equipment maybe? Cause i doubt most of us can/want to run full Bond Equipment on our tanks

  17. Will ob.703 II be in this calendar?

  18. Yeah, skip this shit tank XD

  19. The tank that made me quit the game.

  20. Is it still immortal or have they fixed the side guns?

  21. That engine deck armor though, 38.1mm means all 120mm and higher guns can just overmatch it. So NEVER face hug in this thing and watch out for tanks higher than you in general. Side scrape like a boss though.

  22. Circon I think it would be better to actually play a game or two so that people can see what kind of tank these are and your videos would be a lot longer too if you want them to be long.

  23. Somua on advent calendar?

  24. Circon didn’t post one for Day 20, discounted (not by much) 360 days off WoT premium time.

    For those that play WoT and WoWs, and don’t want to pay for each specific premiums, you can go to WoWp and buy the standard WG premium days. Not discounted but WoT’s is only discounted for less than $15.

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