Day 2 Advent Calendar 2017!

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  1. im alreadyblooking forward to the e25 day 😛

  2. Basically Im using Circon has a “buy or not” filter… I was about to buy the T92 yesterday because i love Light Tanks, but Circon showed how bad ammo costs are… so… nop!! money saved!

    • Helder Ribeiro money doesn’t matter

    • Helder Ribeiro it is a great fun tank to play and i make money with it, not alot but i am not losing any money with it

    • Not sure why the ammo cost is a ”thing” Ya the prem rounds are too expensive for what they are worth. But other than that it has been very consistent credit maker for the past 30 battles i have played with it. And in those 30 battles i have maybe shot 10 prem rounds in TOTAL so…Currently averaging 1.5k dmg and 1.2k spotting and im not good player in anyway

  3. I’m waiting for the Xmas tree in my garage again

  4. Always love the Circon’s honest videos especially featuring tanks WG sells. Keep it up!

  5. WG just doesn’t like discounts…

  6. Already have one, rotting away in the garage..shitty tank.

  7. Bundles, bundles, shitty bundles, fucking WG

  8. Any chances for Defender or Obj 252 in this advent calendar??

  9. It sucks monkey fucks

  10. “biggest difference is Asia has a bigger package” – Umm, yea.

    I so regret I gave up on the Pilot grind. It would have been worth it.

  11. I got 30 days prem account and a M4A1 Ravioli for only 22 euros with black friday and 4-year account discount. Basically got the tank for 12 and that is what I call a good discount.

  12. So when will they buff the Pershing or T32? both tanks have better prem tanks

  13. Ripper Patton was probably release late by a year or so and was powercrept rather swiftly.

  14. *”Not-worth-it Calendar 2017″* 😉
    He’s not wrong though…

  15. If the gold+tank price is the same in the bundle and in separate purchase and the “discount” is the reserves then yes, they actually ARE lying and advertising falsely. Period.

  16. TY for your honest heads up

  17. Thoose “digital pixel products” like Gold, or the Reserves are there to blure the line between the value you get and what you have to pay f. or. Because it does not tell the direct value in your real world currency. Thoose blurers or decivers are a stadard in MMOs. Gold, Olives, Eagles or however it is called is there to keep your brain buisy. Especially younger people tend to spend thoose blury currencies faster.
    As an example: You surely have bought some gold. How much is 200 Gold for crew training in your currencey.

  18. Circon you sob stop trying to make me cost savvy consumer.

  19. Considering how expensive these pixels are it must really cost War Gaming a lot to produce these imaginary tanks. I wonder how big that factory must be that builds all those pixels. I bet they built the factory in China to keep the cost down for us poor players. THANKS Serb !

  20. The Pershing is so much better than either.

  21. Patriot Waiting Room

  22. They should have just sold the Pilot. Its a tank that’s actually good but not overpowered

  23. I hope they bundle an e25, scorp g and patriot

  24. I see the point you make with this tank, but I think in practice it really is not as bad as you say, even with that 2.4 seconds aim time which I personally don’t really feel in game.

  25. Gonna save my pennies for the E25 or Defender…or both.

  26. Its 40 usd and for that price you could get a t54 first prototype which is better in every way possible

    • Druke 97 thats not True. T 54 mod 1 is maybe the worst. M46 kr has some turret armor. Penetration. Gun depression. You mostly Come in tier 10 games now. And there a t54 mod 1 is 1 piece of no armor no speed no gun

    • Not saying the M46 kr is good. It also sucks. But at least better than t54 mod 1

    • Tovenaar Tinus the mod 1 has a phenomenal gun after the buff. It also has excellent hull armor and a good turret, similar to the kr

    • Druke 97 it is indeed better now. But t54 mod 1 has only 5 gd i think. And the armor doesnt matter in tier 10. With the mm of today. M46 kr has 10.

  27. Anatoly Productions

    I bet the e25 will be on sale again

  28. T25 Pilot is way better. Faster, better gun handling, and more DPM. They need to buff the M46 KR, because right now it’s like the Rudy equivalent to the T25 Pilot’s T-34-85M (the T-34-85M is just a better Rudy with more DPM and more armor).

  29. The Patton was on rent earlier this year.. I did buy it than already…

  30. It's not what you think


  31. Is circon English?

  32. I am a big noob with the T25 Pilot :/ I have just above 1400 average damage, which is absolutely terrible for a tier 8 (even less than my avg dmg with the T-34/100, 1500, which is not amazing either but at least decent).
    Does anyone have any tips and tricks on how to do better with this thing?

    I am throwing it to the shitty MM (“it’s not me, it’s just that I see T10 all the time), but obviously the fact that I play it badly doesn’t help.

  33. I just want the AMX 13 57, WG sold the E25 least year so there is hope…

  34. 15% off is a crap deal when they package stuff you would not normally buy. Simple, standard WG manipulative tactics. Because of WG practices I made a commitment to never support them.

  35. I’m waiting for the elc even

  36. I don’t know why but I play extremely well in the Korean Patton… over 200 games and 60% Winrate and over 800 average experience a game… 200 experience higher than my teir 10’s!

  37. when did the pilot got buffed? which aspect got buffed?

  38. RIP me, bought a KR before the Pilot 1 was ever in the game…

    But, I like it, it isn’t meta, but you can make it work. I mostly bought it because at the time it was the only premium tier 8 5 man crew american medium tank to train crews with and also unlike other painted tanks, the camo actually is historical…

    I don’t use it often, but I don’t regret buying it, with a good crew you can certainly make good out of it just like almost any other tank…

    • Kr > Pilot (just sold my Pilot yesterday)

      Pilot is just a support vehicle. If you like brawling, the KR is way more better because you can use ur turrent. Also; KR aim time isnt important, because you don’t have to aim without dispersion.

      Btw, Patriot is better than both combined xd

    • Don’t get me wrong, I like the KR…

  39. Defender , Patriot ,AMX Liberte or Skorpion G are the ones all you wanna buy. 🙂

  40. Shell speed kills this tank off more then the aim does.

  41. tnx for tips

  42. This “advent calandar” is such a joke, I figure leading to christmas, there would be gifts, or deep discounted items, but no sales on many tanks we have seen, at regular price!!! If WG had any brains, they would offer tanks at deep discount here as they are only on sale for one day.  I would love to see the Leff t6 french arty or this T-22 could have been cheeper now, they would have sold more, then later sell them for regular price. They would have more sales if you knew it was going to be a real sale on this advent calandar for one day.

  43. Is there any truth to the rumor that the T-50-2 is going to be a premium tier 6 during this advent calendar? Is the only thing I would consider for old school feels.

  44. Wis they put that russian td it’s on war thunder it’s the object 120 or the sturmtiger huge gun or just put them for a fun game mode don’t necessarily have to be in the tectree just do it for the memes??

  45. For Na servers you get like less than $1.50 off the price of the bundle for the tank and gold seperate

  46. So it’s a solid skip then.

  47. At this point I’m just waiting for War Gaming to put the T-55 and Object 260 in the Premium Shop.

  48. Tharaka Wijerathne

    Thank u. This video last year was so helpful. Hope this one would be too

  49. Just one more american premium tank to skill my Patton crew. So worth it anyway.

  50. its about time asia had a bigger package 🙂

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