Day 2 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. Xミスタークロ

    Circon and advent calender, still better love story than twilight

  2. Thanks for doing these reviews for us!

  3. Im warming up the 2j for its anual outing against the tier 3 gift tank.

  4. 23.rd

  5. The Lollaine

  6. The Lorr is a nice tank. I always wait for Circon’s video to know the Advent Calendar tanks! xD

  7. Just give me Pz IV S that I missed few weeks back

  8. do you think the progetto 46 will be in this advent calendar

  9. o7 thanks for the series

  10. Hope the Defender will be available.

  11. Hey Circon, the Lorraine 40t is hands down my favorite premium tank. With the recent anniversary rewards with all the bonds and stuff, I can afford two improved equipment. Now, I’ve been thinking a lot about using them on the 40t (do you think it’s worth it?), but am still semi-unsure of what equipment to buy. I’m running vert-stabs, vents and coated optics. So far, I’m thinking about improved vert-stabs and vents, but I’d still really appreciate your expertise on this!

  12. I miss last years event where you could get credit boosters and discounts on tanks in the tech tree…

  13. I don’t even play this game anymore. But Circon’s yearly advent calendar videos are still a ritual for me.

    • screamingdizbusters

      Yea I don’t know why I still watch WOT content. I stopped playing years ago

    • +screamingdizbusters should get back into it, its fun, i’ve taken long breaks myself then getting back in its refreshing and more fun

    • I would like to get back into it, but it has turned into “Loading Screen Simulator”. Queue up, load into battle two minutes AFTER it’s started, by which point entire team is typically dead and I’m stuck bottom tier because -2 MM and braindead teams.

    • screamingdizbusters

      +Axel Milan That sounds like you have an issue with your PC

    • screamingdizbusters well whatever the issue is, I’ve yet to figure it out so…oh well.

  14. This years advent calendar seems pretty shit tbh… :/

  15. An advice, if I may: maybe you could play a live game with the tank (if you have it) while you talk about it, just to show a bit how it plays!

  16. I could bet real money that the new french wheeled light tank comes as the “big suprice” on 24 th

  17. It’s still amazes me how WG gets people to spend tripe A game money on 1 single tank. So absurd

  18. I got the lorraine in last years lootcrates top kek

  19. Good morning. Great review of the 40T, Thanks.

  20. I just hope the AMX 13 57 gets sold. It’s the ONE tank I’ve always wanted and by sheer bad fucking luck I’ve missed it every time it got sold for the past 2 years -.-

  21. I have one for a long time but the camo disappeared magically. I still not know if I like or hate the autoloader. It is rather big and if I’m spotted I’m often dead but the gun and speed are good. That is why I still play it so now and then.

  22. sup Circ! nice 2nd Adventcalender review! like your videos as allways

    question: is a shirt/hoody coming up again with the skull we see in the first seconds of the vid?

    thx for the great content again!

  23. Hey, a good tank!— oh wait… I already have it. Oh well, I do need to watch some replays again to help me out with this tank a bit. Thanks Circon!

  24. Well.. got baned for team damage.. straight away for 1month, no 1hour warning ban or so! So I guess no money for those cunts at wg?

    • +lazaglider well.. playing wot I’m not so calm.. because of skill base factor, called RNG and weekend kids in theirs dad’s accounts?

    • +TROMPETE69 I see you’re not too perceptive of sarcasm. You’re playing a computer game pal, it has no consequences, there is no prize to be won. To act as morally superior as you do, despite admitting to breaking rules just makes you seem pathetic. I suspect that a month long ban stems from this being not your first time doing similar things, and your attitude certainly seems to verify this.

      If you’re getting pushed, moved elsewhere. It happens. You speak so negatively about ‘children’ yet you act and speak in an extremely immature way.

    • +lazaglider ehh, whatever

    • +TROMPETE69 The child does not like hearing the reality.

    • +lazaglider ofcourse!?

  25. Are there no loot boxes to buy this year? No beauty snowy garage?

  26. I still cant uderstand ppl that are wiling to pay AAA price for a pixel tank – instead of not doingit and forcing WG to finaly lower prices to 20EU max with is the max tier 8 should cost

  27. Waiting for the Lefh or E25 to come on sale. Go Wargaming

  28. 5:38 Chi-Ri best tenk, OP
    “There’s no gun rammer because we are an autoloader tank, and those just don’t get autoloaders. Unless you’re the mighty Chi-Ri which I think gets a rammer. But that is the god tier that is Chi-Ri.”

  29. Sinterklaas En Zwarte Piet

    Alvast fijne Sinterklaas allemaal!

  30. Shouldnt an advent calendar give you free stuff rather than spending a AAA title price on garbage?

  31. the only advent calendar on the planet that requires money each day if you want the little trinket. Russian profit > all.. nothing special about this crap, just plucking random tanks they sell and adding them on this crap. WG sucks a nut

  32. Good info and good point on needing a really really good crew. It’s worth noting that the crew layout is exactly the same as Bat-Chat 25 t, so it’s an excellent trainer for that tank.

  33. The thing that surprises me is that the 40t has fairly decent camo rating for how big it is.

  34. Got mine last yr in a loot crate! along with a pzb2,ac4 and t28 f30

  35. I’m still salty that they took this tank away from me, and then force me to pay 40 euro’s to get it back as a tier 8 premium….

  36. What is name of this song that you use on this video.

  37. Russian way – Gifts for us = money for them! Russia, the only country in the world where ‘gift’ means PAY!

  38. good tank, but these sales suck tho…….right?

  39. cmon man, lorraine 40t is overhyped and you know it. people say its good because it feels unique among other premiums, but the performace is shit (and clipping lower tiers doesnt change that, you wont see them anyway).

  40. Fun fact: If you buy it, you only get 1 patch of camo per season, so you can only paint your hull. Source: Forum

  41. Any confirmation on Christmas loot boxes again this year? haven’t seen any news about it.

  42. why does WG insist on having such RIDICULOUS prices for everything? I would actually buy stuff if it wasn’t almost as expensive to get just a single tier 8 premium tank as a complete AAA game.

  43. Since I own the Somua, I don’t really see a reason to buy this. But I will say the top speed really holds the somua back. If a flank collapses and you get overrun, it takes much longer to respond than with the Lorraine. It’s something to think about if you want clip potential + some armor or mobility.

  44. Those cammos are ugly! Lol

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