Day 2 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Checking to see if todays offer is worth it!



  1. It’s not really xmas, without advent calendar videos is it?

  2. fastest click in the west

  3. Where the f – – K is my Atomizer ?

  4. shame in belgium we cant get any lootboxes due to gambling laws

  5. :crab: ADVENT BACK :crab:

  6. Ransomware Sucks Nacho71AR

    I can’t believe they led with the Turtle…

  7. Worse than TS5 imo. More than 1/4 slower, far worse armor, its strongest points even when hull down are only 280 ish, meanwhile the TS5 doesn’t need angle and will bounce tier 10 gold rounds from most of its front and its lowerplate is 225 ish vs the turtle 190 ish. One can argue the turtle has accuracy in its favor but imo if you want a sniper tank use a scorpion, not a assault td that is crap at assaulting.

  8. Gbblitz Entertainment

    Circon, ingame purchasing actually makes sense, for players who farm gold from tournaments and cws, in NA servers theres a lot of tournaments , and you can get that kind of gold in around 2 months by just being okish in the tournaments

    • True true, id like to see both options, dont see why there not an option for both! : )

    • @Circonflexes well because one ist fully redundant I don’t really see the problem there. It is just one step more to to buy gold and than buy the tank! What is the advantage by buying with normal money directly except that it takes a couple seconds less time?

  9. dis tonk is more of a mini badger than a mini tortoise
    you just cant play the turtle like you would play tortoise

  10. when are the loot crates coming?

  11. Thank you, Circon!

  12. For full memes use a bonded tool box

  13. Speaking of weird setups…

    I recently got myself the KV5 and I use toolbox (with directive as well), rammer and super heavy spall liner with a large repair kit. I have literally no viewrange but god damn my tracks get up fast. It is actually hilarious

    • Try enhanced toolbox, I use one on my T95 + the big repair kit and I basically can’t be stopped. Repair time is like 1 second. Its hilarious the reactions.

  14. may i know what was day 1?

  15. Never heard of a slow tank that relies on armor that sucks against higher tiers before… It’s almost like facing tanks from five different tiers makes balancing a fucking mess 😀

  16. Oh boy its that time of the year again.


  17. Good thing that WG is yet to remove the functionality to buy a user-specified amount of gold instead of only buying predetermined sets… Also, if you think about it, as Circonflexes pointed out, after the conversion 30 euros is close to the regular price for a tier VIII premium tank, so… in essence I’m getting some missions as a toss-in freebie? Boy am I baffled by this marketing strategy…

  18. imagine bond toolbox large repair kit and repair crew on this thing

  19. I don’t even play this game anymore, but this is still my favourite christmas tradition <3

  20. For fire memes use the code “I would pay good money to see circon hang from a roof” and for 100% off circon youtube videos use code “SUCTION!”

  21. They did the ingame thing for player who got a shit ton of gold of lootboxes from the previous year, so they can buy it without technicly giving money

  22. I totally agree that that this very situational TD in just not worth the asking price however that set up of vents, tool kit, food and the large repair kit has some merit. Might just try that on my KV-2.

  23. This and Home alone mark start of Christmas season for me

  24. Hey can you tray one time???

  25. I would use binos instead of coated optics. And probably camouflage instead of vents.

  26. Love these videos.

  27. Are they going to do anything about the wheeled tanks? I’m still on hiatus from this game because I’m tired of shooting them and not doing any damage or blowing off a tire and watching them run away. ?

  28. Oberstabsfeldwebel Doge

    too bad they didn’t bring back that saving mechanic from last year.
    would really like to have up to 3 premium tanks saved so you can buy until after xmas

  29. Circon, the in game option is good for those who stock up on gold at a discount during Christmas.

  30. My favorite WoT series. It’s beginning to look at lot like xmas……..

  31. Oooo boy, it’s Christmas – get your over-priced bundles, OP premium tanks and loot boxes!

  32. I got a 30% discount coupon with the well-deserved reward thing. This you can apply on the prem store package, which if you then deduct the gold and prem time value, is about 8 Euro. That;s a pretty good deal I think

  33. they have a version of the turtle thats not the bundle and just the tank on the main store, you dont have to spend extra on the package or use your ingame gold

  34. Ayyyyyy we back bitches

  35. Thank you Circon, I always look forward to the advent days with you. Good reviews, plus I know what day it is! Informative and educational!

  36. Where’s the Holiday Ops?!

  37. I mean, I might buy it if this were after loot boxes and I had extra gold, or if I had tons of gold leftover, but doing that gold only option now is odd. But not as odd as starting advent sales on day 2 and not day 1. I freaking almost skipped this video thinking there wasn’t any sales after logging in after a long break to see day 1 event stuff. I love this series. Keep it up.

  38. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    *still waiting for Christmas lootboxes coz there’s a chance WG will put the premium dual cannon stronk ruski tenk

  39. I haven’t played the Turtle, but I’m pretty sure I’d still prefer the TS-5. It’s been carrying me through the marathon mission, though I have no intention of going all the way. My goal is to get the 60% discount, but if I get 50% I’ll probably still buy the Renegade.

  40. I do max toolboxes on my T95 and have 73% winrate ?

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