Day 2 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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Advent 2!


  1. Guess we gotta keep this tradition alive!

  2. Crazy Christmas. The rare Circon is leaving his normal habitat and shows himself on the dark region called YouTube.
    Glad we see you again 😉

  3. Everybody else during december: i cant wait for christmass light and songs.
    Me: i too like daily uploads and memes from Circon:D

  4. I’m a man of tradition, so here I am this year.

  5. This tier 8 tank is scary to face even in tier 10s. Troll armor, ridiculous dpm, decent pen, if you bounce a shot you’re in trouble.

  6. I wish this deal came out after the Christmas boxes became available, that way you can get enough gold from them and all the holiday ops bonuses.

  7. This thing is great , and yes it was from a marathon, I will have to try it with a turbo

  8. Because this is kind of a tank review, mayby put “TS5” in the title

  9. Won it on marathon and i love it. Dpm is brutal, armor usualy works. I didn’t try it with turbo yet but I will.

  10. Agreed, that little bit of extra reverse speed has proven to be key improvement for my casemate TD’s.

  11. Oh yeah, it’s the time to start playing again after 11 months of hiatus and wonder why everyone in the game (including me) is a complete monkey 🙂

  12. Vilius Rapševičius

    Great time! Good to see this becoming a tradinion love these videos even though I don’t plan to buy anything… I think.

  13. Slot Car News Official

    Thanks Circon, I’m going to say “no fenks” to this tank.

  14. A comment helps the algorithm =)

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