Day 20 Advent Calendar 2017!

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Source: Circonflexes

your here: !


  1. Is it worth it though

    • This tank is on the further side of op. Any chance you can to get this tank you definitely should

    • its ok, but the type 64 has a way better gun, is faster, has better gun depression, better view range and is on sale all the time, plus if you wait for Christmas the type will prob go on sale so is also cheaper than the Cromwell. but if you want that bia crew then the Cromwell is the way to go

    • MrDead1egs Cromwell b has the better gun

    • WOT_user 12 – The Cromwell has .02 better accuracy vs the type 64 but has double the dispersion while moving, turret traverse and tank traverse and .4 worse after firing, has a .2 second longer aim time and has 8 degrees of gun depression verses 10 on the type 64 and has 40 dpm worse than the type 64.

      In reality after moving and coming to a stop to aim at a tank, it takes the Cromwell B 4-6 seconds to aim at the tank verses 2-3 seconds on the type as the type 64 can also mount vert stabs. So if you value accuracy over aim time, dpm and gun depression then the Cromwell b has a better gun, but for good players, the better aim time makes the type 64s gun 1000% better and the better dpm and gun depression is a huge bonus over the Cromwell

    • If you are talking about training British crews, this is seriously worth your money. Makes some credits while you are doing so AND have the same enjoyable experience as you would have playing a Cromwell!

  2. I LOVE the Cromwell B. Worth it IMO

    • Linus Goldring ikr, even though it took forever for me to get the hang of the Cromwell lol, this tank is a “must buy” for me.

  3. The audio quality seemed… Different from your other videos, to put it nicely

  4. I have iver 2k games in the cromwell

  5. I have 2 gunmarks on my cromwell so i will buy it for sure

  6. Okay I still have some hope that they will bring out my tanks that I want

  7. I am waiting for the Defender to show up. If they could sell the E25 and the M6 Mutant, they will sell Defender too, cause they’re a bunch of greedy cunts

  8. so, 4 days left and 1 of em will probably be the mutant and the skorpion G. any guesses on what you think will make the other 3 days?

    • I agree Type 59 on the 25th – Though it not an amazing tank anymore, powercreep crept so far they BUFFED the Type 59 HAHAHAHA
      $150 crappy looking gold Type 59 on ASIA server – have you seen our Alpine Tiger? (WZ-111) Cheap tacky souvenir – Seen our Cartoons? . . ffs
      On the ASIA server, you have to play the game with cartoons . . . and a cheap plastic toy WZ-111 you get as a free gift if your order is more than 2 weeks late lols

    • Anyone got news of a possible 13 57?

    • I’m think elc even will be sold

    • Terrible news, one of them is confirmed to be 59-Patton . . . . one of the shittest tanks tier for tier in the game

    • *_What did you say?_*

  9. Any tank grinds tho? Last year it was a pilot grind

  10. Will the 13 57 make an appearance, circon? What do you think?


    i dont really understand how the regular cromwell has better tank traverse according to the terrain resistances on technically its supposed to be much slower, since it has much less traverse, and even more terrain resistance than the cromwell b

  12. All these boring tanks that go on sale multiple times throughout the year, it’s just pathetic. The T92, E-25 and the M6 where the only actually worthy tanks in the past 20 days although the M6 should never be sold again in the first place.

    Where is the Type62? Where is the AMX 13 57? Where is the Blackdog? Where are the interesting tanks that you *CAN’T* buy the rest of the year? Why do we get shit that has been on sale month after month after year after year?

    • Good point, where are the good tanks? We’ve had half of them at best so far
      AMX 13 57 top 5 for the most Over Powered tanks in the game atm
      My 13 57 PRINTS Ace tankers – I run about 3700 WN8 in it, and I’m only a 2000 WN8 player . . .

    • Because with the new MM, those old premium lts are op asf

    • The 13 57 arguably is OP (but only in the hands of a good player) but the Type62 and Blackdog are fine.

    • Cobra6 Gaming Nah. They were balanced as more or less half tier higher. I’m getting 70% win rate with my black dog.

    • What is your average wr and wn8? If it’s above 57% and 2300wn8 it’s not special that you win more in the blackdog as it’s a very powerful machine in capable hands.

  13. But will I get a elc even?

  14. I vastly prefer the T-34 85M over the Cromwell Blin. The 85M is not as mobile, but it has pretty reliable armor when angled and against t6 and some t7, and I like the gunhandling better. The Blin is made of paper and anything that sneeze in your direction is going to damage you. But I suppose the Blin has a higher skill cieling than the 85M, so good players like Circon can get more out of it.

  15. Circon I really, really, really appreciate you making these videos

  16. Matias Eduardo Ramos

    Gordoputo deja de subir esto

  17. I bought the Cromwell B earlier this year, sold it after 5 games and put the crew into british turreted TD line 😀

    • Beroun why would I keep a tank that I wouldn’t play? I wanted the crew, tank wasn’t fun for me.

    • if you change your mind (or start playing SH/any kind of competitive gameplay), this tank and the type 64 are a must… I guess if you play solo you can play whatever you want, but I cannot know for sure what tanks will I like in 3 years time. Anyways, it’s your money, if you think a garage slot is more important, then I guess it’s ok 🙂

    • Beroun I bought it for crew, and I already had the Type 64… and I wanted a good crew for the TD line. Perhaps a questionable use of money but I really wouldn’t find much use for the Cromwell while I can play the Type. I have no other British crew to use and training one just for a Cromwell… meh.

    • Yeah, I got your point. My point, however, is. What do you get by selling it? 😛

      The only reason I can come up to is, you are that kind of person that has to play with everything you have in the garage (because reasons), even if you dislike the tank. Is that the case? 😀

    • Beroun kinda needed credits and free garage slot 😛 also just didn’t like the tank so it felt like dead weight.

  18. fun minigame while watching this. Try following his mouse with your mouse 😀

  19. Thanks for doing these

  20. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    Defenetly the best so far on the advent calendar, is great tank like E25 and is a good price for the merchandise too so its reasonable. i love mine its a great tank and good for training crews.

  21. WG makes weird decisions sonetimes, but if they don’t sell the IS-2 berlin, i’m gonna have a heart attack 😛

  22. The day before payday, they decide to sell the Cromwell B :/ fml

  23. I’ve had Crom B for over 2 years now. Some of the best battles I’ve had were in this tank. There are only a few tanks that come to mind that are comparable to Cromwell B in terms of having fun.

  24. 4 more days to go.. put your guesses in guys on which tank they will sell!!
    (a) Scorpion G for sure
    (b) IS-2 for sure since its the only berlin tank left
    (c) no idea whats the other 2.. XD

  25. Day 20 and no skorpion god dammit

  26. I have the Cromwell b. I will probably rebuy it just for the BIA crew. Good tank.

    • Same here. Just bought 2 of them for 2 crews, 2 garage slots and virtually the purchase price back in gold. Basically, 2 BIA crews for nothing.

  27. Just an advice:

    It is not worth to spend GOLD on training crew to another tank. Yes, they will lose some of their skill when you reset for credits, but it’s always a set number of exp they will lose, and it’s not a whole lot.

    It is only worth to spend GOLD on crew skill reset, and only when you have 4 skills or more. The reset for credits will reduce your overall skill exp (total exp combined for all your skills added together) by a certain percentage, so the more skills you have the more exp you will lose.

    So a highly skilled crewman may lose months worth of skill grinding if you reset skills for credits, but the very same crewman will only lose few days worth of grinding. He will lose even less, if you have premium account, play premium tank and activate crew training reserves, and it’s totally possible to get him back to 100% of his primary skill within a day. Not worth 200 gold. Use credits.

    And do not worry, the Brothers in Arms perk the crew comes with will not be affected. It will stay at 100% and still provide it’s bonus.

  28. Jeroen De Vleesschauwer

    4 skills in my Cromwell crew, Cromwell B got the tier 9 med crew in it at 3 skills.
    Because i can.

  29. Crom B is definitely worth

  30. I bought this tank on blitz a few years ago. Tank is insane

  31. There are sooooo many British medium premium tanks. This is THE one though.
    But I still think the T-34/85 M is the best tier 6 premium tank.

  32. The type 64 is the better buy if you want a fast tier 6 tank. The type has a better aim time, can mount vertstabs, faster, more gun depression, more view range, better camo and is on sale all the time and should be on discount this Christmas. The Cromwell B is by far not a bad tank, but the view rang and that horrible aim time, Dispersion and lack of vert stabs, lets it down.

  33. accuracy is shite, bought it years ago to do the inferno missions and for the crew, but i really never play it anymore, no fun for me

  34. I put my Thunderbold VII Crew + Female Commander (Retrained the T.Bolt CO to Loader) in my M40/M43, and moved them to my M53/M55… Great idea me…

  35. Boooooo that tank sucks ass the only thing it’s got is speed!

  36. 4:51 he accidentally clicks onto PornHub

  37. Yeah Circonflexes, this was one I knew would be offered and I knew I would pick up. Can’t wait to get out them and go ham in it. Appreciate your videos, especially this series.

  38. Ever since I repurchased the Comet, I retrained my crom b crew for it. hehe

  39. Awesome tank. It’s a bummer that it has worse tank traverse than the normal traverse, but it’s not a big difference. It still does everything a Cromwell does, and a Cromwell does a LOT, even as bottom tier. Put Optics on it and you are fast like a scout tank except you also get 2500 DPM and good penetration.

  40. absolutely one of the most enjoyable tanks to play!

  41. Shijt,, missed that….

  42. So IS-2, Scorpion/Mutant, TOG 2 and IS-6B probably? I’d be shocked if we didn’t get one of the T8 Russian heavies.

  43. I put my previous crew in the 183… so I needed a new crew 🙂

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