Day 20 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. Too expensive tbh.

    • For a bit tank, yeah. But it’s soo arbitrary what these things cost anyways. 4 movie tickets, one nice restaurant meal or a tank you might play for 200 hours for years… Tough call.

    • +Pentti Kantanen exactly, when you think about it, everything in life is expensive, even taco bell like $12 and its gone instantly lol.

  2. To exspensive.

  3. I’ve got about 17k gold from loot boxes left so will probably wait to see what else comes up

  4. This or the 44-100?

  5. one of the fun tanks to play in wot !

    • yes broken shit better than every fast medium in the game at tier 8 cough cough cdc

    • +Msanydor gun can be broken as it wants. As long as lower tiers can easly pen it then I have no problems with it. And because of the gun it really can kick tier X in the nuts a bit

    • +Msanydor I mean everything is better than the CDC.

    • +Gewel ✔ it has way better armor than mutz indien panzer cdc or lorrain. this shit bouncing every 2 shot from tier 6s when hulldown as one of the fastest medium in the game also never penetrated by arty or even he rounds from enemy lights like lt432

  6. $25-30 Id probably went for it… but eh its kinda pricy. Its nothing to do with the tank its self but virtual item and budgeted income.

  7. I think im about 100 gold short of being able to get that tank…

  8. So… I already own the Progetto since I got it for free… now I wanted to buy the ingame package for gold since I would get a garage slot, a 100% italian crew AND the unique camo style for only 300 gold, amazing value! But when I tried to buy the bundle it told me that I still needed 11000 gold to complete the transaction: turns out you are actually required to have 100% of the price on your account and you are then reimbursed after the transaction is completed. I’m so disappointed right now

    • Brakhai Warframe - CZ

      Probably another cheeky WG trick to make you spend money on the game.

    • Don’t do it, regardless. You’ll only get one garage slot for the regular 300 gold, that’s it! No crew (it’s clearly stated in the daily article), no camo and no missions.

    • The game would probably be able to tell you already have the crew & style and you’d end up only getting a garage slot for regular price.

  9. Good morning man. I sort of want this tank. But you are correct its a lot of money. Its xmas season so I will send the money on presents for others.

  10. why doesn’t Circon run with ventilation on most of his tanks?

    • You (almost) always want VStabs and Rammer, so the question then is Vents or Optics. You always want at least 445m view range.

      Take the Progetto, for instance. With BIA, recon, situational awareness, vents and food, your view range is 444.6m which is adequate, but not great. Replace the vents with optics and the view range is increased to 479m – a significant increase, which many people, Circon included, prefer over the 5% general crew skill increase.

      Using Optics in many cases also means you can get well beyond 445m view range without running food, which is nice for non-premium players and flammable tanks.

  11. Imagen the inter reload b 0.5sec instead of 2sec… that would be memes

  12. Great stuff Circonflexes i do watch your channel before i even check my WOT account. Thats how much confidence i have with your reviews keep up the great content.

  13. Idk if I should go for it. I loved this tank when they had that 20 game rental. It is kinda pricy

  14. You forgot to mention the terrain resistance values are off the chart good, it’s virtually non-existent. This tank does not slow down going up the hill even with the rather low specific power value.

  15. You can buy Battlefield 5 (discounted) for that money.

  16. circon where can i get your modpack?

  17. 300 gold short so will wait for E-25.

  18. Almost guaranteed Pen and good chance of fire when derped from behind with T49/Sheridan… Have lost count of the number of these I have 1-shot…

  19. Yay it’s bundled. F you wargaming.

  20. Think that’s expensive, how about a mutz for over £40 without the camouflage lol camouflage is extra!

  21. ProJETTo, Circon you almost had it…

  22. Why do they even charge more for marathon tanks? as if i’m supposed to pay like i’m grinding for the tank, wtf just charge regular T8 med tank price! WG lost my buy with this one, really wanted to get it too, but i just don’t have that much.

  23. I really want the next marathon to be an American Tier 8 TD, i’d grind the crap out of that XD!

  24. mutz cries in a corner

  25. Well, Merry Christmas to me then. 1st game went well, despite a balls deep move and some apprehensive TD backup. Think i’m gonna like it though.

  26. Can i say the Italy NEVER had auto loaders in WW2 as a fkn country of cowards they had fk ALL.

  27. Ew that pronounce Circon, you sound weird for italians D: It’s progetto, not proghetto (correct way to say is something like projetto, for the english speaking community). Lov your vids, keep on going!

  28. I used tourney gold so it was free. I’m really loving this whole thing where they let us use gold to buy these with.

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