Day 20 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Checking to see if todays offer is worth it!


  1. Console is getting a version of this with an auto loader ?

  2. I have enough gold to buy this, do I wait for the offers over the next few days for another tier 8 premium or buy this one?

    • If the guy on reddit is right (and he has been so far) we may be getting the T44-100, TS5 and Lancen C still
      as well. All 3 of those are much better than the cearn imo. Also the last day of the calendar is a month long one meaning it might be a new prem tank. Whenever that one will actually be sold for gold or not though is debatable…

      OH, and the T25E5 is being added to the tech tree, so with the -15% off sell it might be worth picking up instead of the cearn btw, better on most maps / matchups imo. Plus far far better shell cost meaning its far better at making credits.

    • @adamanthyz1 thank you! I’ll wait then

    • @cole breton Again, if hes right. But at the least imo the T25E5 when it hits tech tree at a discount is the better of the two. And will be cheaper.

    • Don’t, the centurion 5/1 is better overall compared to this pea shooting garbage of a heavy

  3. i prefer the T26E5!

    • Same, it has the mobility to go to the medium flank and bully said tanks with its combo of armor and dpm. The cearn is forced into its heavy role. Also the cearns 254 turret face will melt from high tier gold rounds unlike the E5s, which stands up to jag e100 420 heat rounds semi reliably in my experience….

    • I personally cannot stand the accuracy of the E5. I miss so many shots. You aren’t missing any shots with the caern.

    • @NewVegasNerd yup, that gun is made to miss, almost never play the tank because of it. It makes a ton of credits though.

    • Have both

      Caern is much better

      T26E5 has 0 turret armor, gun sucks (apcr base makes me wanna vomit), shitty accuracy, but slightly faster

    • @NewVegasNerd use food on it and play at close distance. You can do the same with the caern but its bigger commanders hatch might be a problem (i get penetrated there all the time) and thats why i prefer the T 26E5! And i earn ~100k per game with it

  4. Not my cup of tea.

  5. Heat is the bane of this, and any other slow tank that uses turret armor and gun depression for its optimum niche. When I got this (last year in some grind event I think) I didn’t like it, and only now am I getting it to work…

  6. U could buy it in the shop anyway.

  7. – sighs – 2 tanks I want…. just 2 tanks…. The T-103 and the T-5s or whatever it is…

  8. Not a big fan of this tank. High dpm yes but the low alpha sucks.

  9. How dare you call it a Care Bear Van !

  10. It’s not russian enough…

  11. I grinded it when it was available for free. I got burnt out but was happy for my premium heavy tank and when I decided to finally try it after putting on the Action X Style, i was so disappointed. It’s not good for sniping long range, it’s alpha is so damn low, the turret is complete garbage even when hull down against higher tiers and the worst of all, you need to keep shooting just to maintain the high DPM which sometimes, needs you to keep exposing yourself. The Centurion 5/1 RAAC has the same gun albeit having a slower reload but has the BETTER TURRET. I quit WOT shortly after that and returned the following months and traded it in for an STG. Yea fuck this tank

    • I was decided on the Caern AX before it came out. The tech tree caravan was absolute hell and I didn’t want anything to do with this one.

  12. Random Scottish Guy

    I love the Caernarvon AX (and the regular one). I’ve got my highest xp game ever in it where I was fighting tier 10’s from a ridge and they couldn’t dislodge me. Maybe it’s just me, but British tanks just suit me perfectly.

  13. Tech tree version is better, too bad it’s not premium.

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