Day 21 Advent Calendar 2017!

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  1. I don’t usually disagree with Circon but I actually prefer that skin on the Skorpion G

  2. I wish they put non-historical camos in setting on by default

  3. Who woulda fucking guessed that WG would sell the Skorp….

  4. i want fast tank-gets maueberche 😀 the new t8 german ht

  5. I bought loot boxes from my last holliday money. 22 days of premium 1 milj silver 5K gold, no tanks. NONE. Don’t do it.

  6. We still have to see the Scorpion the Cannonenfappanzer and the IS2B: my guess is that if one of these will be missing the VK 168.01 Mauerbreche will be day 24 option.

  7. I am afraid it will be that leaked VK thing.

  8. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    T-44 Lightweight is probably going to be on day 24

  9. Completely correct about Skorp G camo it sucks X-mas balls, the other (did not know there was other till now) would be far far better. I know what will be the Dec it will be T-44 light – it just has to be Russian!

  10. if they dont bring to sell Defender they will have a riot and all sever downs marks my words

  11. French tier 8 premium light maybe?

  12. Ya they nerfed the gift boxes you would get a 100% of a tier 8 premium now it is like 5% when spending 40$

  13. 24th will be the obj. 252 U(ber) cash grab.

  14. Ohhhhh boy are you in for a disapointment because its very likely the VK168.01 is on the 24th

    As for the loot boxes, i needed the gold anyway so i got tons of gold for a lower price and a Type 59 for good measure.

  15. New tank is going to be that German heavy, premium VK thing. It’ll go 45kph, right?

  16. Day 24 will be the Chieftain Mk. 6 for ~250 EUR and you will all buy it 😉

  17. Give me the 252U, Not the Defender, but its camoless counterpart… Winter camo on Russian tanks looks great with gold or red or nány collour underneath it… But yeah, give me (us) the 252U…

    • WG confirmed that they wont be selling the Defender (or 252u) for this years advent calendar

    • So they said they will never again sell the E25, yet they did it. Its making them money, so they will. People that dont have it will buy it. Im one of them, but like i said, i waht the 252U. It looks better and has a better name…

    • biljancanin erhm, FYI, WARGAMING never said they’d never sell the E-25. They said that they wouldn’t be selling it in the shop anymore and it was going to be removed..

  18. 59 – Patton (meh!) reported by TAP (see link)

    Pure guesswork:
    IS2 Berlin still hasn’t come yet
    Mauerbrecher/ ELC Even (as surprise bonus??)

    The end of a long, uninspiring advent calendar. Perhaps I’ve been playing the game too long, but WG has definitely run out of ideas and is milking tier 8 for all its worth. I liked the old calendars of 2 or 3 years ago, which had a few rare low level tanks. Personally, I would have gone for a Sexton 1 in a reasonable bundle. Or a T14 perhaps? Some people might have gone for a PZIV 1S…


  19. One irritating thing about the German Scorpion is the Commander is also the Loader, which means only the Commander of the Panzerjäger I (also Loader and Radio Op) would have the skills to fill the position if using it as a trainer.

  20. let’s hope for T-44 ltwt 🙁 at day 24

  21. I went all out and got the 75 lootboxes and not a single tier 8 although i did at least easily get my money put of it with 35k gold, 40 days premium and 6 million credits. Dont expect a tier 8 even if you buy their biggest bundle

  22. Bought 3 christmas boxes. Got lorraine 40t. #worthit

  23. Yeah that stripper tattoo sucks

  24. 13 57f and m41 90 gf please… three days to go

  25. i want anotetr russian heavy on 24 😀

    • Leon Schröder I am ashamed to say it but me too. All the premiums are prototypes and Russians have the best looking prototypes.

  26. still no type 62 I’m sad 🙁

  27. 3 days left . my guess IS2, KV5 and the Chrysler K GF

  28. If I don’t like the non-turreted German TDs, and I’m only on the toaster for the turreted line, and I like the Steyr WT, should I get the Skorp?
    Edit after first 2 comments: I feel like instead of jamming in their premiums wherever they fit (or don’t fit) they should just increase tiering. We have 10 tiers and thy’re struggling to balance tanks in those 10. increase it to 12 or something, and with more content with more modern tanks make the tiers go up.

    • TheTankingGamer Yeaaaaaaas! It’s orgasmic!

    • Will scorpion G is very good
      It’s way deferent from the styr you can attack with this thing and it does good as a sniper

    • The biggest problem with the Skorpion is the camo is utter garbage. You can’t count on the fantastic camo that the German Turreted TD’s get, especially while moving or firing. This can cause you problems because you share their lack of armor. The second biggest problem is that it doesn’t train any of your loaders, it has none. Loaders aren’t big on skills thankfully, but it’s still an issue if you’re starting a crew. Other than those two flaws, the Skorp is a fantastic TD.

    • WyrmVonSturm Ive watched a lot of streams since the scorpion has been released. Its a unicum cluber. Its suprisingly a hard TD to fuck up in.

  29. They should combine all the tanks that are just special paint jobs (ex Patriot/T26E5). Give the special camo as a camo to apply for people that had the painted versions. Anyone with both gets the gold equivalent. Then later on they can sell just the special camo and non-painted versions.

  30. Wot console just got the rheinmetall scorpion like 1 2 weeks ago

  31. T44 light weight please or other tier 8 please. Not German heavy like maus

  32. Still waiting for the M41 90 GF I missed last year. The Chieftain would make Jingles happy.

  33. next tank for tomorrow will be is2 berlin

  34. Song name pls ?

  35. What browser addon do you use to have the search/copy button displayed next to the selected text?

  36. This is the only clown camo tank I have. I totally agree, pls give us the option to swap Skorpion G to Skorpion thank you.

  37. The 24th will be a black T-92. All the same sats, except for better gold pen.

  38. i want to see the ELC even 90 on 24th day

  39. been able to spot the new skorpion players today, playing it as a campy td, the ones who seem to have had it a while go ham and play it as a medium

  40. Im waiting for french tier 8 light

  41. It will be the defender on the 22th, T92 on the 23rd, and AMX Even 90 on the 24th.

    • MrScrosb that makes no sense. It’ll be the IS-2 tomorrow most likely, then some random old tank, then the VK 168 01. Then during the discounts they will probably resell the T92 and the EVEN 90 and Aufkl panther will come next month.

  42. We got the Mutant in SEA server.

  43. I’d get it, but I already have the E25 – I don’t need another German TD, as cool as it is.

    No slow tanks? Nah, they’ll do the TOG 2, the IS-2 and then the VK 168.01 Mauerbercher. IS-2 is pretty-much a lock since they’ve sold the rest of the quartet, and it’s just not Christmas without Santa TOG 😉

  44. I want to see a kanonenjadgpanzer 105, ELC Even and t44 ltwt

  45. i hope they put that tiny little french light.

  46. Heavy british tank… we need one

  47. HEY CIRCON! just fyi, the ASIA server are getting screwed as we are getting NO decorations in our premium shop boxes!!! please mention this in the next advent vid to save people spending their money…

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