Day 21 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. How many US mediums can one need?? Sorry don’t like the line at all.

  2. you got the title wrong lol

  3. 21 not 20 😀

  4. thank you circon. always a good to see your videos!

  5. Thomas Rainier Saballa

    Day 21..

  6. a Good but Balanced Tank ? cant have that in a Lootbox !

    • I think loot boxes shud feature one marathon tank along with 1 rare tank pref a type 59 and the other 2 being tech tree tanks (guard, lowe)

  7. This thing has been on sale for around 2 months (I think). The advent calendar has been fairly boring this year, even the M6A2E1 was sold this summer (during the Preferential MM tanks controversy, ironically) and in the last calendar. Yet interesting tanks like the Pz IV Hydrostat, KV-5 or Pz IV/V (it was sold during Christmas 2012/13 I think along side the A-32, Pz IIJ, M6A2E1 and BT-SV – I remember it appearing in the premium shop around then) haven’t been sold in ages whilst we’re spammed with the same Tier 8s in different offers.

    • Well more money saved

    • Pz.4 hydro was on sale over the summer. Ironically a lot of tanks that are interesting/unique have been on sale or available independently from the calender event.

    • +Sinterklaas En Zwarte Piet 🙁 yeah i wanted the 13 57, LT 432 and the BTSV if reasonable, not paying $100 for 1 tank especially tier 3.

    • +EgadtheEgan Are you sure? Which server are you on? Unless it was in some £80 bundle that I immediately said no to I don’t remember it appearing for sale on the EU server. And I’m gonna have to disagree with you on that one, I’m just gonna list the tanks that have gone on this year’s calendar (so far): IS-2M, Lorraine 40T, Tiger 131, Chrysler K, Type 62, Somua SM, WZ-111, ELC EVEN 90, Kjpz 105, T25 Pilot 1, 50TP Prot, Skorpion,Thunderbolt, ISU-122S, Mauerbrecher, Patriot, Guard, M6A2E1, Progetto 46, Eagle 7. The ‘interesting/unique’ tanks from that list I’d say are the Lorraine 40T, Type 62, Somua SM, ISU122S and M6A2E1. The rest are basic in genre/playstyle or sold monthly -but even the Somua SM and Eagle 7 are already on offer in the Premium Shop at the moment. As if to prove my point, the first tank this year was yet another premium IS variant yet last year it was a T92 light tank. Now obviously this doesn’t matter too much as I’m not suggesting it should Defender one day, Centurion 5/1 RAAC the next but still, it’s just disappointing to see the same tanks appear that we see being sold every 7 weeks over and over again. It’s more WG’s own fault for trying to push so many T8 bundles each week that a lot of the vehicles have lost their notoriety, but still.

    • +Giles Trollston oh, I’m on the Na server. I forgot that it would be different across servers. Like, yeah, there’s been individual sales non holiday related where you can get some cool tanks for the na. I finally got the hydro over the summer.

  8. Actually picked this up as had it as rental and did really bad in it, give a second chance and learn how to use it properly this time

  9. Eagle 7 is better than the T20 in everything except mobility
    Do you think its worth the gold?
    I mean, I like the T20 a lot

    • Camo rating is way worse as well. T20 is basically a light tank with a big gun. Where this is heavy with good gun handling and mediocre armour

  10. I’ve officially given up on hope that they’ll sell AMX 13 57… I might buy the Panhard if it’s not in some ludicrous bundle. But overall, the most disappointing Advent calendar ever.

  11. Excellent tank
    Just that stupid price tag…

  12. “2.21 aim time is excellent”
    More like average
    But the soft stats you can truly cann excellent (and it can mount vstabs)

  13. Tier VII is now fine? Don’t have that experience, lots of games against IX and premium VIII also eats you alive.

  14. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    Man this calendar is Garbage this year, everything is 20% off

  15. “Times fly”

  16. I must say I discovered I like tier 7 a lot. It always was a “skip fast while grinding” tear. Discovered that by accident while grinding in the IS. Only problem there is often 3 artis. I do not play 7 lang enough to judge if it could be mission related but I have seen green and blue arti players in tier 6 and 7 SPGs and games where the artis had the most of the kills. So maybe sealclubbing or statpadding. I was in doubt for this tank because I like the T29 but I most times play HTs

    • Arty is pretty bad for wn8 padding. Im a 2400~ player but my arty wn8 is 1500~ overall with bad winrate im like 45% but i think it comes down to rng and teams in arty.

  17. So a T32 at tier 7?

  18. had it as a rental, had 80% win rate, got it from the advent for gold, 45% winrate … all the reds wind up on my team … GG WG

  19. “What is everyone”

    Nice new intro slogan.

  20. Sluggish medium because it gets all the armour, *cough* Obj430U *cough*……WG reaseons

  21. Thanksgiving had better sales than the Advent Calendar this year. The mobility is absolutely terrible on this thing. It looks nicer than it is. While there are still a few days left of the calendar I doubt I will see any of the vehicles I was hoping to pick up.

  22. Probably the best tier 7 medium tank in game.
    However.. at tier 7, heavy tanks are better than meds in general so there’s not too much merit unless you are a medium tank junkie,
    and if you are, you will probably drive something like obj140 all day, than this tank,
    so there’s that

  23. Oh hey, it’s another Pershing reskin.

  24. For half the price it would be a decent eh maybe tank

  25. Im still saving hoping for something good soon


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