Day 21 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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  1. Weekend was too lit, half drunk on liquor and circmemes, monday has never felt better.

  2. Not sure if this tank has the same issue as the tech tree cent, but these tanks get ammo racked every time you get hit in the hull and it actually triggers the living crap out of me.
    Centurion is really nice for frontline aswell

    • It actually has that problem. I own this tank i get ammo racked like every game.. pretty annoying. But beside that its a very solid tank!

    • The driver and ammo rack are right behind the lower (and a lot of the upper) front plate. If you’re on the flat, hide that hull. Otherwise stick to the ridges.

  3. I noticed you forgot to mention that the tech tree cent only has a 750 hp engine when fully upgraded where as the 5/1 has a 950 hp giving it about 2. Something more power to weight

  4. Thanks for the reviews :-).
    I’ll be adding this one.

  5. Thanks a lot Circon! I have that tank for a year or so now and love it.

  6. While I enjoy this tank its not a good credit maker due to that insanely high shell cost, 680 credits for 230 alpha… most rounds are 250 ish credits for 240… Also the gun is strangely derpy, you can NOT snap shot in this tank, you need to fully aim in with the good final accuracy to hit. That turret on a mobile platform is sick though and holds up vs tier 10s… I’ve bounced jag e100 heat several times in a row with it…

    • The Cent 1, 5/1 and 7/1 all have horrible dispersion on movement. They aren’t quite snipers, but nor are they brawlers. Either bait people into trying to hit your cupola on a ridge, or play the mid-range.

  7. Hilmi Furkan Yaşık

    Hahahaaaaaa nice algorithm youtubee suck it

  8. the 5/1 raac is actually a modification for the 7/1 so the tier 9 tank which its armour matches exactly so its literally a tier 8 7/1 with the small gun rather then the 105 royal.

  9. I have it, don’t really care for it. You have to shoot a gazillion times to do any significant damage. Lots of better premium meds out there.

  10. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    Blocked 7.1k damage in a tier 10 game in this… lost anyways.
    Best Centurion in the game IMHO.
    Got my gunmarks on the 7/1 and thought about getting back the annoying Centurion 1 and bought this one instead to mark and credit-grind.

  11. I’m heavily considering this rn but I already have the 4202, Matilda BP, Firefly VC, etc for British medium trainers so I’m kinda holding out for the Caernarvon AX or Somua SM but this is very tempting…

    • Well. If you like the other med brits. Def get it my man. A tier 8 prem is a tier 8 prem haha. And its a very solid buy.

    • @Admiral Insanity That is true. It’s definitely a niche I like and it’s gonna make money and do what it should regardless.
      My thought process was just to get a solid crew trainer for heavies and mediums of each nation, particularly at tier 8, so I was gonna wait for the Caernarvon AX since I have the FV4202 to cover British mediums already and the only British heavy trainers I have are the Excelsior and FV201

    • @Spenny Sabatiny If you like the FV4202 you’ll like this, it’s more of the same, just better. And I don’t think that they’ll buff the FV in the near future, they already buffed some premiums (PBE) and didn’t even said a thing about more buffs or the FV xd

  12. how do you lock a gun in armor inspector or however it’s called on tanks gg ?

  13. you could end up spending over 1k if you bought every tank on offer.

  14. Surprised you didn’t bring the parallel to the fv4202.
    Which is the same tank, but slightly worse…

  15. @Circonflexes – 101% agreed. RAAC is one of nicer tier 8 meds to play. mobile, well armored with decent gun, a well rounded tank.

  16. Anyone else mildly upset that he hasn’t opened his 27 boxes?

  17. Thx for showing a min/maxed version with and without bounty equipment 🙂

  18. Sebastien van Tiggele

    even though this premium is quite well balanced (it is not blatantly OP like a Progetto),
    Comparing this to the tech tree tank…
    5/1 has better dispestion values (10%)
    5/1 has 2 more hp/t
    5/1 has 120 mm instead of 76 mm upper plate armour, which using the 10 degrees of gun depression actually changes the effective armour from 150 to 270…..

    all for a 50 hp decrease…

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