Day 22 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. they listen to you and repair they overlook

  2. you get the crew if you bye it. And yes i have testet it ,  same whit thunderbolt og and that RU TD . So are BIA Crew for 300 gold if you bue it ingame.

  3. I bought the tank and got the crew

  4. Still waiting for the HWK 30…

  5. I got yesterday’s Eagle 7 for practically free by having the rental in my garage. All it actually cost me was the garage slot since they refunded me for the tank.

    • wtf? i still have progetto and i was thinking to buy it with the gold, i saw that game thinks that i own it and there were shown that i will get around 11k gold for purchasing it again.. i thought that it will not work like that, but seems.. it worked? and i already missed my chance.. at least i still got like 4 battles left on it, so i will keep it for next sale like this.. xD fail

    • +Laš Vietis if you have at least one battle in it they count it as you owning it, obviously WG customer service would be able to tell if you actually bought it or not so you can’t just ask them for it in exchange for the credit worth, but the game client is a bit more dumb, apparently. I just did it for the memes because I had the gold and I actually liked playing it.

    • Nah, its a known bug but it doesn’t actually give you the gold back.

    • +adamanthyz1 I… got my gold back though.

  6. It’s bullshit, I did get the extra crew with bia (for gold in game).

  7. It’s worth it because it is litteraly a cromwell but with creditmaking and crewtraining capacity. Now you can spam premium rounds and run food without losing 30k credits per battle 😀

  8. Most probably they realized that lots of players have multiple 0skill bia crews and decided to not to sell them to those people anymore…

  9. I bought the In-Game bundle and still got the crew. hmmm

  10. The BIA crew was supposed to be a special bonus for people who buy the tank. If you buy it twice and get the gold refunded, you haven’t really bought anything …except the crew. And for very little gold too. The deal was almost too good. It was probably a possibility WG overlooked at first, a bit like a game glitch or exploit, and it makes perfect sense to fix it IMHO. The only strange thing is why it took them years to do it rather than months. But then again, it is WG and they are not quick to react to anything…

    • I have the cromie b and I just got it with gold on the game client and I did get the crew. I’m on US server and the website says if you already have it then you cant buy it with gold. I just did.

    • This statement about not getting the BIA crew, does NOT appear on the NA server offer.

    • Not really, the crew is part of the bundle, so is the garage slot

      If you already have a garage slot you still get the garage, you cant have two of the same tank but you CAN have multiple crews and garage slots

      So if its listed as part of the bundle and as the tank is the ONLY thing you cant have more than one of they should stop being tightwad money grabbing wallet gouging cunts and just give players the fucking crew that’s INCLUDED in the fucking bundle

      No wonder the fucking game is dying, its bullshit penny pinching crap like this that is driving people away from the game

    • Thanks for doing Circon’s job for him. Neat explanation. Saved him a dislike..

    • Perfect sense to fix it lmao ?
      Every little thing in their shop is overpriced. No ordinary tank should cost more than 5eu, and special tank should not cost more than 12eu.
      They lulled you into false understanding that it is ok to spend 30-50 euros for a digital piece of equipment and you think that is ok. Wake up.

  11. I wonder if you can sell the tank (if you own it) and get the crew that way.

  12. Not sure about the Store bundle, but if you buy the with in-game gold you get the crew ONLY ONCE, you basically complete a mission for the crew that can only be completed once, even if you already have the tank.

  13. Blitz With Spartan617

    Dam on Blitz it has 13 degrees of gun depression

  14. i guess so many people did it with the thunderbolt and the tiger 131 and the russians…just for the crew

  15. Well, could you sell it for credits and then repurchase and get the crew? Silly decision, I’ve also bought multiples (of Berlin tanks but not this one) for the crew,

  16. This same thing happened with the crew in the Thunderbolt vII. You don’t get the crew if you already own the tank.

  17. Seems like WG doesn’t want the extra money lmao

  18. Yes it is a good tank

    Just the soft stats are soo bad…

  19. Is it worth buying Cromwell B for competitive play if you own a T3485m ?

  20. they wrote that… but i retrained my previous crew bought the bundle with gold in game for 300 gold and got another crew. you are welcome.

  21. Is circon dutch?

  22. Good morning. [no BIA]Damn them! I see WG is not in the Christmas spirit. Love my B. Only bristish tank I own.

  23. the no crew thing is such bullshit from WG LOL

  24. Couldn’t you just sell the tank, keep the crew, then buy it again with another crew?

  25. The crew is listed as a mission reward. That means you can delete an existing cromwell B and get the crew. BUT… and this is a big BUT … you can’t get the zero perk crew multiple times by deleting the tank and repurchasing for gold. Why? Because the crew is tied to a mission and you can only do the mission once.

  26. I have about 25 euros to spend on some prem tank but I am not really driving medium tanks very well. I wanted Lowe or some other decent heavy prem but I doubt we will get any offer under 25€ for such right? 🙁

  27. Without the crew? So unlike WG. I could understand if you owned one, bought another, and then you get the tank again without a gun. Now that would be more like WG.

  28. Obviously people would have bought it for another crew, I knew I would have bought another (got 3 of these in the past, along with 4 Tiger 131’s for the same reason).
    Someone at their sales department has fucked up, lol!
    EDIT: Read other comments, so you DO get the crew, just after doing a mission.
    WG making things confusing, as usual.

  29. If you wanted another BIA crew, couldn’t you put your existing crew in the barracks, sell your Crommie B, and then buy a new Crommie B?

  30. Ok, mate. SOLD. I buy it, just relax! 😀

  31. If i only got dollar when he would say WTF?!

    I wold be rich by now

  32. Circon, if you activate the daily mission, then purchase the Cromwell B for gold, it will deduct the gold, and then return all but 300. That gives you a garage slot and the BIA crew. My understanding is that you can only do it once, I did this successfully this morning.

  33. I bought the tank with in-game gold, got the BIA crew and a refund of gold as I already owned the tank. So WG fucked up, again……

  34. WG dont like Money! ???????

    • Actually its them being money grabbing cunts that is making them do this

      They are “assuming” it will make more people use more gold to speed up their crew training if they cant buy a BIA crew for each line in a nations tech tree

      With WG its ALWAYS about the money and NEVER about the players or their enjoyment, that’s why the game is dying on its fucking feet

  35. Fanbase: complains about pay to win
    Wargaming: removes pay to win
    Fanbase: still complains

  36. WG getting stingy with the crews.

  37. I have the crommie B since 2017 advent and I just got it with gold on the game client and I did get the crew. I’m on US server and the website says if you already have it then you cant buy it with gold. I just did.

  38. Just got the bia crew for 300 gold as I had already owned it. NA server

  39. But is that worth it if i already have regular cromwell?

  40. Was totally going to buy this for the crew. Funny how in these weird little ways they don’t want our money. I wonder if we take the crew we have, retrain them, sell our Crom b, buy this bundle and get the tank and crew again…

  41. When the Berlin Quartet was originally released, WG promised that the tanks would never be sold again, so I bought the whole Quartet pack twice, in order to get the excellent crews. It cost a lot of money, but I really wanted those crews. Six months later, WG put the Quartet up for sale again, and they’ve all been offered for sale multiple times since then. This lie of WG’s has cost the company many hundreds of dollars from me. And now, for some crazy reason, WG’s removing the most valuable part of the Cromwell offering. WG is a dishonest and stupid company.

    • I don’t think your link goes to the first time the Quartet was sold (I don’t remember WG’s advertising being so swish back then). But it doesn’t really matter as it isn’t as if WG hasn’t given us plenty of examples of their dishonesty — the “Never will be sold” Mutant was on sale yet again just a few days ago.

  42. i wonder if you sell your cromwellb, then you will get the crew if you buy it?

  43. Super fun tank. Definitely worth buying if you don’t have it, in my opinion.

  44. WG will lose a fucking shit ton of money by pulling this stunt, most people I know buy multiples of every tank with a BIA crew. So now everyone will just buy one and call it a day lol

    Not exactly a smart move for a game that seems to be dying on its feet in terms of players

  45. For anyone who is new to the game, buy one of these with cash, then retrain the crew to another tank and sell the tank, then buy it again with gold and THEN  train the crews using the X5 boosters that come with it which should give you 3 to 4 skills on one crew or 2-3 on both crews depending on your games and if you stack normal boosters with it especially now with the xmas event boosts in play too

    Then change all of the crew to commanders and you have a BIA commander for each tech tree line and some doubles for favourite tanks or for extra BIA crew members like when the radio operator is on someone other than the commander

    That gives you the best value for your money as they are much better having as many as you can use as a commander with normal crew members for the rest of the crew

  46. The ‘no-crew’ if you already own it is just a lie to discourage people from buying a zero-skill BIA crew for 300g. I just tried it and got a new BIA crew in my garage….

  47. the solution is to sell the tank then buy the bundle xD hey if you dont have the tank you will get the crew right?

  48. ahahahaha! finally no wallet-crew-boost any more. lmao 🙂

  49. Hands down the Bromwell is the best “investment” I made into the game.

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