Day 22 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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  1. Remember the name imma re sub soon

  2. Samoa sm more like a better lorraine

  3. Im not feeling it, not for 10k+ gold

  4. An overlooked plus on this tank is the insane LT level reverse speed. I have a turbo on mine and that makes it go 22km in reverse. Peek a hill, clip for 1500, then back off while aiming upward (aiming up makes like half the turret a autobouce) and you will often get away with murder since the hull angled back when using the 10 degrees is actually really good. And having good dpm with a autoloader is just super strong. Kind of like a tier 8 T57 but with better gun handling.

    • It does though, the reticle blooms 60% or less after each shot, if your moving or turning the turret your right, but if your standing still unloading, you will always fully aim between each shot

  5. The speed of this thing puts me off! I’m still holding onto my gold for the 703 version II – fingers crossed 🙂

  6. Unless they changed. I think Vents used to get the bonus in the “survivability” slot.

  7. Aim time it WoT is not exactly aim time, it is time to decrease reticle size by 60%, so 2.25 intra clip and aim time doesnt mean you will be fully aimed after shot. Nevertheless, 2.25 aim time is still very good on autoloader.

  8. Amazing tank. Its probably rare because many probably don’t have a French HT (me included)

  9. Tanks armor is super OP trolls people who think it is paper thin like the 50 100

  10. In case someone is interested you can get the same Somua SM for about 30eur which is cheaper than Advent Calendar – if you get the Queen Maeve pack from Prime Loot

  11. I have the tank and I like it.

  12. Be 50cal AP machine guns next..

  13. Its really good but expensive, i boguth 50tp and i run out. When this thing came out i was crying in my 50 100

  14. vents, turbo, vert/stab is almost super memes!

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