Day 23 Advent Calendar 2017!

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  1. Well in this mm it cant be top tier ??

  2. Why does this not surprise me in the slightest? WG said they won’t sell the GF tanks after the light tank rework but lo and behold the M 41 returns….I really hope they don’t put the 13 57 in the last day cause that tank is op right now.

  3. Yeah… I’m done with tanks… I’m tired of getting fucked in the ass with no lube, getting taken out for dinner, and getting fucked in the ass again w/o lube.

  4. Load the Skill rounds

    I’m afraid the wall bustin heavy German is tomorrow. The worst part is is they took off the bike, the bike was the only cool part.

  5. I thought today would be the 13 57 GF xD

  6. If they sell the AMX 13 57GF then it’s a no-brainer

  7. Circon said it’s worth it.. I did XD.. Keep up the good work man <3

    • Marko Brocic - Марко Броћић

      Yeah, now you can HEP all those tier sixes… if you ever see them… or lets be more realistic about this, you can HEP all those tier 10 superheavies because those are the tanks that you will face in 99% of the time. Isn’t the 3/5/7 MM fun?

    • lol easy m8.. I know the MM is fucked up.. I got it for the fun.. I feel your pain

  8. I dont have the money to buy it, im saving to build a computer :(. At least i can play my tanks with more than 30 fps after that

  9. QB put out a video on the German wall breaker so guessing it will be that.

  10. I bought it! Sadly it does meet tier 9 and 10s. But I have had a lot of fun with it in a dozen games. if you get lots of spotting assist it makes loads of credits

  11. 1st game in this, I learned the hard way to not leave off an auto fire extinguisher. 1st hit on me and I burned down 100%. Granted I had a raw crew, but still, lesson learned.

  12. Base camo value on the M41 90 is better than the Bulldog actually

  13. When I logged into the game yesterday the advent calendar popup said to be on the lookout for 2 new tanks. The return of the M41 90 means that there’s only room for 1 new tank. I bet it’ll be the 168.01 though. Which is funny, because all these 90 GF’s running around will make life hell for those things tomorrow

  14. Absolutely Schreck ? 😀

  15. Kv5 or Chrysler next, but all I want is the damn Lowe. 13 days and no lowe

    • chris raines löwe is already in the shop and is currently discounted (15%). On advent calendar only “special” (not in the shop 24/7) tanks show up.

  16. Circon what is the equipment selection you would advise

  17. Circon, true to all that!! The only premium tank I have bought and didnt regret it!! Had some realy fun games and like you said 1v1 on enemy scouts is perfect 😀 also when top tier it is godlike

  18. I think tomorrow will be the 13 57.

  19. hep!!! (hesh) as standard ammo!!

  20. I still suck in this tank even after all the games spent playing it. Maybe I use too much hep ammo. And yet I keep on playing it just cause it’s fun to drive around. But Circon said you can face tier 6s ? No you can’t…. Maybe 1 time a week :p I just assume a tier 10 game every time out.

    • same mate. but I used it well in doing tracking mission for LT’s 🙂 my problem now is the crew, as I have only a RhmPzwgn crew and that is 3, so no loader… the new loader is totally fresh and I need to get BiA and camo and SS annd all the rest…

    • Yes wood, welcome to modern tier 8.

  21. Servers are pretty safe. Most people have not a slightest clue how to play glass cannons.

  22. Still waiting for the defender memes

  23. That little shit has more dpm than my beautiful panther 8.8, frick man

  24. I have this tank in console but all i wanted is the Chrysler GF like was in Russian server yesterday or to see the Defender i want them for my collection but sadly will come the Mauerbrecher witch i dont like!

  25. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Christmas 27% bonus + Premium account + Premium tank + Personal 50% credit reserves = Howly Shiet Lawdy
    Definitely going to buy this and a 30 day prem account.

  26. Damn, I was hoping for the AMX 13 57, I already have this one…

  27. Nice meme daaa

  28. I hate this tank. Bad camo, huge size, low pen. AND, maybe it-s just me, but the mm is not “normal” as in tier 9 and tier 10 are more often than tier 8. With lots of tunnel maps, you cannot pen armored tanks without heat wich is not ideal in a prem tank..

  29. Rizney Martin Soria Padilla

    love the black dog got some sweet games on it whit some 4400 combined! dmg

  30. Got the feeling your next video will involve strong german words, lederhosen and some jodeling, at least thats is my heavy suspicion……………

  31. Good that I dont play light tanks anymore (or any others for that matter), or I would have been tempted to buy one of those German Bulldogs

  32. @Circonflexes Btw yesterday there was chrysler k GF on RU server for sale, the funniest part about it was that it was 30% off, without a bundle for 35 eur, lel.

  33. You didn’t have the Chinese light on your comparison ??

  34. they were sold last years advent calander. i guess back then there were no t10 lights.

  35. tomorrow must be the damn elc 90 even

  36. It’s the best tier 8 medium with a bonus of camo on the move. Ridiculous.

    • Not really, you are probably better off thinking of it as the worst tier 9 light, that happens to get tier 8 match making. The tier 8 mediums get better pen guns with more health and armour so are not as comparable imho. Still Ridiculous though 🙂

  37. Knew it would be one of the GF’s. They hinted at it during Friday’s episode of WoT Weekly.

  38. “I hope it’s a new tank, and I hope it’s not the freaking German Super-Heavy tank”…
    Well I got bad news for you… I’m 90% sure it is…

  39. how about amx 13 57 gf?

  40. WG is such bunch of liars, “GF will be never on sale again”, I bet Defender is tomorrow …

  41. do i get compensation for this? i bought it back in the day… lol gj WG plz bring the amx 13 57 back

  42. Your awesome circon my thoughts exactly. Please be t44 lightweight tank for 24th

  43. I’d buy this, but I spent all my money on the Lorraine already. No IS-2, though? Weird, since they’ve sold the rest of the quartet already?

    • Double Double 4G I have been kicking myself trying to remember wich is the fourth tank in that group. Crom B, isu, is-2 and?

  44. Circ said, “Aim time 1.7 and that’s without vert stab.” Vert stab doesn’t affect aim time; it affects only the size of reticle bloom. That bloom reduces at the usual (aim time) rate.

  45. was hoping for the AMX1357 last day

  46. I hear by present War Gaming with the prestigious Ace Ventura Award! Never before has a company dedicated so much time to talking out of their own ass! Congratulations, WG! What are your plans once you’ve completely alienated everyone who’s purchased anything from you and simultaneously fucked up the match making to the point where no one wants to play your game anymore?

  47. Kinda getting bored of these advent videos, we could look up the tanks ourselves, pretty lazy content circ

  48. HEY CIRCON from CA. I am kinda new on your channel. The Bulldog is an absolute animal. But what equipment do you run on the AMX 13 57GF? Thank you for the content!

  49. Haha, jup. 24 dec: Its a fat german tank

  50. I would definitely get this if I was still playing WoT. I switched to War Thunder like a year and a half ago but I remember this thing and it smoked everyone even than. Any of my WoT brahs I would definitely pick this up.

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