Day 23 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. This tank is based on the Centurions used by the the Australians in Vietnam, very cool. I might grab this with some loot box gold. Thanks for the video. ?

  2. Already got the Primo Victoria so i see no reason to buy this. Gonna save my gold and hope for something really good at 24th

  3. I’m praying the KV-5 is on tomorrow – I sold mine years ago and I still regret it

    • If you didn’t trade it in for another tank then you can recover it for silver, just contact support under tank recovery.

    • Oof, I want the Pz IV S for the same reason

    • +JazzBoatman you guys can recover your sold premium tanks with a support ticket, all you need is the amount of credits in your account that you received when you sold it.

    • +adamanthyz1 I sold it years ago and the terms and conditions of tank recovery said tanks are only recoverable if they were sold after 9.18. I sold mine way before, sadly

    • +Giles Trollston Hmm… i’ve rebought tanks that were not sold since like the start of the game. Though i’m on NA, maybe EU has different rules.

  4. cent 5/1 is basically the tier 9 centurion with a makeover and stock gun

  5. better tier for tier than Cromwell B?

  6. If the leak video is right and it was right for 23th. the 24th will be the action x. So dissapointing….

  7. Tigrer II (H) MAKE. IT. HAPPEN!

  8. I’m really hoping that they will sell the EBR tommorow! 🙂

  9. Got 40k gold from boxes and I like AX type gameplay, should I buy it ?

    • yes if you love the british mediums, i’ll prob pick it up with gold, i have the FV402 and love it and i have all the tech tree british mediums so, and they only sell this tank like once or twice a year so its fairly rare

    • +Paul Mayt Bought it, did 3.5k dmgs and 3 kills on my first game, not bad.

  10. That means that leaks were true and we will have tommorow the Caernarvon AX

  11. Slightly better soft stats but still are pretty bad for 230 alpha gun

  12. T44-100 pls

  13. Apparently there are rumors of the advent calendar continuing all the way till january? Kind of tempted on this or the cent x, but i’m also kind of holding out for the chance of the emil prem being thrown in here somewhere…

    • same but i’ll prob get this and then if something mega awesome comes out get that too, just have to live off of cereal for a few days instead of real food hahaha #priorities

  14. They’re gonna sell the pzIIj tomorrow, aren’t they?

  15. Was hoping for new lt on 24th

  16. Predicting 3A as last tank for 80 euros.

  17. I am still hoping for the HWK 30…

  18. most likely gonna be the Pz 2J for 100 Euro. nothing new.

    • nah, but they should give us something cool like the premium Emil or a new light or anything, not a single exciting tank this advent 🙁 i picked up the progetto 46 and the E1 but still nothing too exciting ;(

    • +Paul Mayt yeah i dont think this calender have to exciting sadly

  19. Could they buff the damage of the 20-pdr from 230 to 240? What’s the advantage of the 20 pdr vs the 88-90mm guns?

    • Its an 84mm gun. But because it has a fairly powerful propellant charge the base damage is higher. 230 is fine, the only problem with British tanks is they typically lack the fire rate to make their generally well-rounded guns dish out adequate DPM. Exceptions being the Tortoise and the Badger.

  20. Still waiting for that premium Emil 1 that’s everywhere but the live server lmao

  21. Love the series.. I have a feeling the new french wheeled will be up for sale tomorrow…

  22. AX tomorrow so this advent calendar ends with a crappy premium that only free to play players love as it was a marathon. Great.

  23. A British tier VIII medium with a stronger turret thdn a German tier VIII heavy………nice going WG.

  24. My only issue with this entire family of tanks, including the FV4202, they have a serious case of banana barrel. Happens a lot.

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