Day 23 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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  1. Luv ya Circ <3

  2. Got this TD – had to wait for the non-specific version. Absolutely love this, good gun, really good mobility. Works great for me.

  3. I bought the skorpion g back in the day and have always wanted the regular skorpion so I could customize it myself, but its just not worth it so meh!

  4. I kind of hope the BBQ, the bourrasque will be on sale tomorrow, I missed out on the event to get one and so I would love to snag one now.

  5. Also you should have mentioned the odd crew layout/ lack of crew trainingness of the skorpion but the tank is worth it anyway so meh!

  6. On the leaked list there are only these left, which will show up?
    Object 703 v II / Caernarvon action x / Skoda T27 / Lansing C

  7. I gold it and it’s accurate TD. I wait the Lansen C now.

  8. I like this tank, but I honestly prefer the SU-130 for the gun and camo. The SU gun just feels so much more consistent and the heat works better at long range. Skorpion is still great though

  9. I almost accidently bought this, remember this is the skorpion NOT the skorpion g. If you are looking at the x5 missions for 300 gold make sure its the right version.

    Edit: The skorpion is solid, it will be more solid with the crew rework as the only real downside is it is a shity crew trainer. I predict it will be the 703 v2 and the Renegade. The 703 because we got the e75 ts which was last years box tank and the renegade just feels about the right age to be the last tank.

  10. I’m still hoping for the 703 version II, also….on the article it reads…….

    ‘Between December 1 and January 1, the World of Tanks Advent Calendar is here to spread holiday joy with daily surprises featuring an exclusive 24-hour-only offer and mission’,

    So… does that not mean there’s more than 2 days left? Hope so

  11. SU-130 PM for me. Scorpion is crappy crew trainer unlike SU.
    Thanx for great videos Circ.

  12. i see gfors destroying teams not skorps. So prob needs an autoloader and ideally wheels as a buff to be meta 🙂

  13. Looks like am late to this party

  14. I have Skorp G. Want this for missions. Anyone know if it works or if it will give me two Skorps (i bought the chocolate camo fornthe spz58 and realized it doesnt work on my version so a little gunshy)

    • I have skorp g as well. This is a different version. If you buy. You will have two. Look at the cost, it will not show an amount coming back.

  15. Nobody ever mentions the absolutely terrible camo values on Skorpion.
    The SU-130 PM has 19.1 / 2.92 and 11.46 / 1.75 compared to 9.29 / 1.42 and 5.59 / 0.85 on the Skorpion.
    You always have to assume you’re spotted in the Skorpion, because you most likely is.

  16. Vilius Rapševičius

    I have seen the new chinese medium tank on so I think that it might be one of the new tanks. Looks really cool.

  17. plebs got the non G version of this tank

  18. Probably something stupid like Defender and Pz IIJ

  19. Only have enough gold to buy one more tier 8 prem but if I get this and the Progetto comes out in the next 2 days, I may just destroy everything around me.

  20. Turbo all the things.

  21. Already had the G from back when, and the GSOR dropped in the lootboxes along with the Bisonte and Bourrasque, so, pass for me.

    Still, a nice tank for training crew if you don’t want the jag88 (HAH) and you can freepaint this one unlike the G.

    It’s essentially a fat Hellcat.

  22. Merry Christmas Circ!

  23. I kinda wish you could trade the Skorpion G for the normal Skorpion without losing your stats and stuff for it. Really just want to put camo on it without buy another one.

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