Day 24 Advent Calendar 2017! Final Day! :)

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  2. „Next Christmas a premium O-Ho-ho-ho“ – LMAO…

  3. Cheers

  4. Tnx Circon for the lols

  5. Circon is Dutch? I thought he was from Finland or Norway LOL

  6. Load the Skill rounds

    Excellent series!

  7. It’s not worth it. If it was at least as tough from the front as the tech tree VK that would be one thing but this is just garbage waiting to get farmed by IX’s and X’s and with frontal weakspots that pretty much every tier 6 can punch through with either normal AP or gold. I would have much rather kept the shit engine power and gotten more armor. This thing is gonna get raped by Mediums anyway buffed engine or not.

  8. wg should allow you to test drive tanks before buying them. too many lemons. merry christmas all! get wrecked!

  9. does the bike and helmet count as spaced armor?

  10. Circ and them bikes >:D

  11. Merry Christmas Circon!

  12. whats the armor profile of the bike Circ?

  13. #OHOHOHOConfirmed

  14. On NA server, the bundle includes a GroBtraktor. All the more reason not to buy it. On the bright side, NA patrons are given a 2nd crack at the T92

  15. Has anyone seen the VK 100.01 B? Premium VK 100.01 P with a bigger gun. It’s literally the same tank.

  16. German KV-5

  17. It’s not a good tank at all. Sorry, but Super Heavy should not have so many weak spots on it. My Defender has 50/50 chance of penning its turret chicks with AP. I am not even talking about tier 9 and 10s.

  18. Tier 9s will shit on this? My Tiger P will shit on this, and my VK 100.01P… Well, you’re gonna wish you purchased a Defender.

  19. FirestreakRodimusPr

    Top armor of this tank is so weak that even lower tier arty can nuke it, making it slightly more balanced.

  20. #GiveCirconHisBike

  21. O HO HO HO HO , may be WG might actually bring it out 😉

  22. Holy shit, wg give me this shit for the final day tank?

  23. Circon, Circon, Circon aren’t you forgetting that the T34/T34 B and the Scorpion G can, both at mid range, can pen a Maus turret from the front reliably. With standard AP non the less. (Gotta hit middle of the turret though) This thing is no exception as it seems a lot weaker to. T34/T34 B can about 85% of the time pen the upper plate of a Jagdtiger at mid rang so this thing will be no problem.

  24. Just wait, they’ll have one come out with clogs and ice skates, and a shit-ton of tulips.

  25. Look! A trash armor maus. Wow. I’m so impressed.

  26. thank you. merry christmas.

  27. IMO the weakspot on top of the turret should be made smaller or removed. Having weakspots and the LP and hull is enough

  28. I tough and was hoping since the M41 GF was yesterday that today I would have seen the one I am dying to get , AMX 57F but nope now I know Santa is fake !

  29. the German super heavies are fine to have in the game but the Japanese super heavies are cancerous with their HE guns if they removed the Japanese heavies I wouldnt be sad but if they removed the German super heavies I would be sad

  30. I see several comments commending this tank for being a return to balanced premiums that are worse versions of the tech tree tanks, and that isn’t wrong, but at the same time it’s too late. Wargaming already crossed that bridge last year with Defender, Patriot and Skorpion, as well as Liberte which was just as strong when it came out but seems to get less mention these days. Because they already made the mistake of selling overpowered tanks, there isn’t any way for them to actually go back. They can make new balanced premiums, but ultimately it will always be best for a player to wait until they can get one of the overpowered premiums. Any new premium at tier 8 will always be compared to those 4, and if found lacking many people won’t buy it.

    That is why I quit WoT almost a year ago now, and consider whoever it was that decided those tanks should be sold to be the cause of the biggest problem in the game. It was a scummy decision driven solely by an attempt to further monetize the game at the expense of balance, without fully considering the gravity of that irreversible decision. Eventually those tanks will all fall victim to powercreep, because that’s the only way to balance them now that they’re out there. But that isn’t the way I want my games balanced.

    Sorry for ranting, but I didn’t see anyone saying this during my scan of the comments so I thought it might be a worthwhile contribution to the discussion.

  31. I think the special camo is pretty sweet. Better than some of the other weird ones. But no bike ? Really no bike ? Ahhhh shoot
    At least there’s a few weak spots. The defender should have had a couple like this and we’d not be screaming fu war gaming

  32. Nice video again Circon. I did not listen to many, but I did for the tanks that interested me. And in each case, funny, fair and well argued.

  33. You dutch fr?

  34. Like #666! m/

  35. There were literally only 2 good tanks in the whole god damn advent calendar. Well, more money for me.

  36. I bought the Patriot this year. I’ve played on and off about four years now and it’s the first tier 8 tank I purchased ever and I love it, even without a bike. It makes a ton of credits especially with the Xmas bonus this year. I’m more of a medium or light tank player but needed Something for strong holds because I only had the T 44 . I think it was a good choice and your video helped a lot. Thanks for the videos bro. Merry Christmas

  37. Circon props for ALL your hard work on the advent calendar videos. Have a great Christmas


  39. thanks for taking the time for the reviews over the last 24 days

  40. “Its going to be the O-HO HO HO, like merry Christmas bitches” LMAO GG

  41. Lord Commander Riptide

    Guys, you must be really bad at spotting – it has a bike in the back carriage, its just missing the front tire and is hidden behind some gas tanks.

  42. tbh… I’ve not seen many shit on tier 7 in this one. I’ve seen plenty get bullied by tier 6/7 in this one due to the power to weight and cupola. Even my IS-6 can bully it. It’s not a pure super heavy.

  43. Wow I done the advent calendar thing too ! What a fucking load of work !
    Might take up gaming!
    Merry Christmas


  45. The bike should add 40mm spaced armour localy

  46. As Tom Segura said…”BIKES!”

  47. Happy Christmas to you and Jaws! Cheers!

  48. i want a bike

  49. Thank you for the series Circon. Huge help

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