Day 24 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Yup. I was right

    No Pz IV S 🙁

  2. Yep,the LT-432 is a really nice tank,but allready have it,not a very great advent calendar this year,also was hoping for Equipment/Consumables sales, i neeeeed foods & stuff #feelBadMan.
    Btw,thanks for the daily reviews of the advent calendar & a very merry xmas.

  3. is it just me or was there just garbarge in the advent calendar ?

  4. Bad Advent Calendar this year

  5. Most disappointing is you can’t buy this with gold. I have 16000 from boxes and I don’t want to spend more money.

  6. Meh, no EBR. Pointless.

  7. Seemed like the last day would have been the new EBR light tank so must be they decided to rebalance? I’ve never seen an advert calendar without a new tank what a disappointment. When will the EBR be released?

  8. Shit – disappointed by Carnarvon AX.

  9. Let me just use a coupo…. Oh wait, its not compatible.

  10. Thanks for all the reviews. Merry Christmas to you Circ. Cheers!

  11. Took WG 8 hours to update the Advent calendar for the last day on the NA server, but there are 4 bundles and you can buy it in game for 7600 gold. Sadly I already have this tank and I was hoping they were going to release the Emil 1951 🙁

  12. LT 432 shouldnt have that amount of armour for balance porpouse i would give it like half the amount of thickness overall

  13. my in game gold option isnt there … i guess theyll fix that soon. But yeah maybe we will get more tanks in the next few days !

  14. Cant buy it for ingame Gold. How stupid is that considering many players will have loads of gold because of the boxes. ?

  15. Tedious and greedy wargaming, I’am interested in the LT-432 but for gold only!
    Now shit wargaming asking euros again to get it. So that’s not gonna happen for them.
    While I have enough gold so I should be able to buy it with gold.

    For that a downvote for you Circonflexes, because you should promote tanks buyable with gold only.
    Shame on you.

  16. Good morning. Hope you are having a great Christmas season. Well no advent for me this year. Just 20 xmas boxes.

  17. Quite happy with advent, got Mutant, Centurion and Progetto for gold. I am just disappointed that last two years was something special on 24th.

  18. Kinda funny how some people are complaining that the Advent calender doesnt have a new premium tank, but when WG releases a new prem tank everyone is like “another prem tank? this game is shit”

  19. There must be a bug on the NA server or something. The website says that you can buy the standard tank with 7300 gold in-game but there is no option to do so once you log in on the client and check the calendar. The NA server also doesn’t seem to get the LT-432 🙁

    • Really??? i didn’t even notice, just checked the Na page, cheapest deal is $46 no gold option wtf WG.

    • ChandSlam I just checked the website again and they removed the gold option from the website. Of all the tanks available this year I don’t understand why they won’t let us use gold for this one. This feels pretty underhanded.

  20. Bundles! Bundles! Get your bundles here!

  21. @Circonflexes the link from ‘the full review of the tank’ points to the raac !

  22. Word is that a new tank is coming tomorrow. I recall that from the WG event video.

  23. I got the C.AX from the event and I feel like i got my time’s worth. Nice turret except against TDs IX and X(duh).
    Whatever you do don’t try baiting shots with your frontal plate angled, that thing is made out of cheese…
    Also expect to be placed in tier X games all the time. . .

    • Cent ax was good grind imo, but the most recent one SU130PM was messed up, 4 days shorter than the rest and the XP per day requirement was the highest one yet.

  24. The Russian LT doesn’t seem to be on the NA Shop. Nor is it in the tech tree

  25. No KV-2(R)…Fantastic advent calendar this year…

  26. So much gold to spend and this was one tank I would have bought in game…. damn you WG! Such disappointing Advent Calendar this year.

  27. Garbage advent calendar. Not a single new vehicle, even though there’s at least a dozen in the game files. Way to blow it WG.

  28. Also I agree the LT-432 is overpowered

  29. Congrats, Circon! U did a great job this year! Merry christmas.

  30. NA server has it for in game gold

  31. WG’s greed has me floored.

    “You can buy the Advent Calendar tanks with gold!”

    Final day: “MONEY ONLY CYKA”

  32. No AMX 13 57? Sad!

  33. Piece of shit advent calendar.

  34. That’s probably the worst tank I bought and regret buying. I would rather play Tiger 2 in the back than charge in this crap.

  35. LT-432 is not onsale in NA 🙁

  36. LT432 not available as a sale item on the NA server, figures POS WG as a company.

  37. Wow worst advent calendar imo, real disappointed no special or rare tanks! i’m thinking about getting 11 boxes cause man i want that dang E25, and even if i get no tank i’m guaranteed at least 2500 gold and Tier 5 Decorations so pretty worth it.

  38. 11:48 Circon could do a good King Kai voice (DBZ)

  39. I fucking knew i shoulda got the progetto,… that was the one prem tank i wanted but everyone was like NNOOOO WAIT INTILL THE LAST DAY ITS SOMETHING EVEN MORE SPECIAL… and here we are with a tank i alrddy own *sigh

  40. Im really disappointed in this years advent calendar.

  41. Boring advent calendar this year. IS WG even trying anymore…they aren’t even running the LT-432 sale on the NA server. Thanks for the reviews Circon!

  42. This sucks, i was hoping for the EBR 75.. Oh well, but on the advent calendar post when you go to launch the game they say Dec 1 through January something so hoping it’s not over.

  43. Thanks for doing these, Circon – even though I don’t play WoT currently, it’s good to know what’s going-on in the game in case I ever decide it’s worth my time to come back.

    Have a Happy, meme-filled Xmas 😉

  44. NA has it in game for 7,600 gold

  45. Thanks for the info on all the tanks since Dec 1 and Merry Christmas

  46. bye or not too bye

  47. The reason its not available in game is MONEY lol

    Most of the “xmas deals” are just the normal ones they put up all year round, and having them available for gold but NOT giving you the full bundle for the exact same value in gold is just another example of WGs wallet gouging penny pinching mindset that is making WOT lose players faster than a 5 dollar whore loses her knickers on peoples pay day

  48. I liked the 432 sooooo much I even bought one for my alt account lol

  49. Thanks for another year of entertaining videos. Merry Christmas to ya.

  50. Merry Christmas Circon! Much love!!

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