Day 24 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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  1. Merry Christmas everyone. <3

  2. Can’t wait to buy a tank tomorrow for $1800

  3. awesomedinos the first

    why have armour when you can just be really smol.

  4. So harkonens advent leaks are quite accurate but not 100%. Does that mean im not gonna get the double barreled meme thingy?

  5. this tank would be the best with some better gun. This gun is probably the worst gun in tier VIII premium tanks

  6. Amazing tank best lt in game. Fight me

  7. Shoutout to all of us working through the holidays. Merry Christmas all

  8. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I cant EVEN

  9. I dont have bounty equipment, but still have a lot of fun with this tank, and have some great spotting games on the regular. its a good earner as well. (im an average player 5400 wtr)

    • Yeah, it gets big credits for big spotting. Just first marked it yesterday after spending some of my box gold on it a week ago. Enjoying it very much 🙂 .

  10. i bought this a year ago after i saw some of your videos on it and have loved emulating your memeish exploits ever since! great meme, good times

  11. To the Beard, and the guy who volunteered his life to carry it around…Merry Christmas and keep on rocking!

  12. One of my favorite fun prem tank. Here is one of my absolute bs match with it. Enjoy

  13. its really small so it hard to hit memes incoming

  14. Forgot to mention this shitter is in the tech tree and cheaper.

  15. 100% worth it, just played a 3 man Even platoon with some friends. We would just find a lonely tank and clip it. Such great fun

  16. I am running vents, vstabs and optics on this, and i’m doing more damage than in the lt-432 somehow! Ofc I have a stupidly OP crew from my Amx Elc, and I know all the positions where a long aim time and epic camo can be broken, and also I play a lot of autoloaders, but still sometimes I can’t believe it hahaha…
    I think it’s more due to me not playing the LT very well, but a damage setup on this can be very good, especially because you will outspot everyone even without the new equipment memes, so might as well kill them too when the team is sleeping

  17. For scale, it can hide behind the tier VI Bert

  18. Back when they added this to the game, it felt like they wanted a premium replacement for the old memes you could do with the ELC AMX with the old scout mm, except that the ELC actually had usable gun so it didn’t really matter if you were against tier sixes or nines.

  19. …but so much fun to play

  20. Super fun tank to play. And actually kind of OP once you learn all the spots that it and only it can use to spot from. Hint, some bushes hit boxes are a bit bigger than the visual model and some tuffs of grass count as bushes… Managing 70% win rate in over 100 games due to being able to spot the entire enemy team from 200m away without being spotted even without a bush. Exhaust in special slot is OP on this, 57% ish camo with everything. LT is still better overall but nothing beats the silliness this thing can provide. Was giggling like a girl at times with the things I was getting away with.

  21. Yeah! Don’t be a jerk and platoon up in this tank like these guys.

  22. Hate to say it but the calendar was a bit of a disappointment this year. So many of the tanks offered are merely available in the bond shop or for gold in the tech tree tabs. Shouldn’t this be for offering things you can’t just buy any given day of the week?

  23. He DID it ! 🤑🤩

  24. Like as if you couldn’t buy this tank all the time through the in game store lol

  25. Bill_nye_the_russianspy _

    This is in the tech tree for gold on the NA server lol

  26. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    We platooned in the EVEN 90 once. Got a crucial contribution out of it between the three of us focusing our fire on the lights and fast tanks and running away together. That was a fun game (for us).

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