Day 3 Advent Calendar 2017!

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  1. anti-climatic special….lame. wg sucks for thinking their customers are retards. shame on war gaming.

  2. WG Asia should just take over everything lol. x)

  3. totally agree with circon on the time limit of these offers, some ppl may only be able to buy 1 offer and want to see what else comes along before committing to a purchase.
    ps. its a very poor deal

  4. Still holding out for the Pz 38H 🙂

  5. Best meme is that once in a while you get coupons, they range from 15% up to 30% off! So if you want prem account(1year in particular), just wait until you get those coupons, the 20% off isnt really that rare to get, so this might me a better investment for you.

    • I have gotten 5 already, twice for the cdc, which I already own :/. And 3times 20% discount. Note ask your friends aswell, they also work on gifts.

    • Where are you getting the coupon? I have literally never gotten one.

    • madogthefirst I just got one randomly in game for doing a certain amount of damage over my time in game

    • I have only received one coupon in 7500 games and apparently it had an expiration date because I no longer see it. I’m not sure I even want to buy gold for moving crew around anymore and I’ve spent a good chunk of change with WG.

    • Yeah they all have expiration dates. Not sure if they are always the same tho. Mine was 7 days

  6. pretty damn terrible

  7. Haven’t we had discounts of 30% and 50% for premium time in-game (for gold)? I was saving up gold to get 180days on one of these sales but seeing this… It may never come again…

  8. Great vid series, shitty day 3 “deal”

  9. Man WG our out of ideas at this point like 360 days of prem account but if it works for the 3 games well that’s good but discount is disappointed

  10. Maybe next year and in keeping with PC on Christmas, WG could change the name of “Advent Calendar” to “FYRITA Calendar?” = Fuck You Right In The Ass. Sucks Christmas Balls Blue this one does.

  11. I expected a 2 second video.
    Circon: “No…”

  12. I agree… I missed out on the 50% off 360 day premium time last year and was looking forward to getting it this year.. but 15% off is terribly disappointing, and I’m sure won’t be bringing in quite the revenue that a 50% off deal would be… C’mon Wargaming.. you can do better……

    • They can, but chose not to.

    • They have no love for you, me, or anything other than the pocket book

    • Basic JewGaming.

    • I’m betting because of the great deal offered last year, they didn’t make the revenue they thought they would have for 2017 on premium time sales. Just wait and pick up time when the advent calendar goes away and catch the 37% discounts when they appear.

      I picked up the 180 day premium time last year from the WoT shop and WoWS shop. Each was listed as 1 available, so I just went to both shops for the purchase.

    • Just keep checking the World of War Planes section of premium shop. Around June there was 6 months prem like 80% off for 1 day. Srsly there’s some retardly good deals

  13. Remember last year when wargaming wasn’t sooooooooo greedy. If I remember we got a 50% discount. I was willing to drop 50 on a year, not this. FUCK THIS COMPANY!

  14. The Canadian Snowman

    T92=shitty version of a walker bulldog. Don’t buy T92 just get a bulldog. 360 days is extremely disappointing.

  15. The deals this year are shit! It would have been nice to have things like the M46 Korea for 50%

  16. NA server had 50% off last year, i have 3 days left of it, i’m getting scared.

  17. Could it be anything to do with Asians not really doing the whole Christmas thing, would they even have or know what an advent calendar is???

  18. any code stuff yet on the advent calender ?

  19. We have t92 on russian server too

  20. I recently downloaded world of warplanes just to get 40% off 180 days premium account and 6000 gold for use in World of Tanks, it cost £34.

  21. Ok, what the actual fuck war gaming this is pathetic.

  22. Great “offers” WG, this sucker will not fall for it.

  23. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    i think they will put T92 on the tech tree soon to sell for gold

  24. I think the do not al the tanks like e25 ore 1357f

  25. The advent calender is bullshit, its all about premium shop money spending. My garage isnt even decorated 🙁

  26. I’m still surprised WG still making money and hasn’t died

  27. Agreed this one was lackluster. Enjoying the series Circon thanks for the daily posts.

  28. WG still greedy af :<

  29. Yeah…. there is no world or war planes for SEA, we have to play on the NA server, so if my account is a prem account on SEA, no Prem on NA for WoWP…..
    Typical SEA gets screwed again…

  30. How are the gun handing stats? Ex Dee

  31. happy i left this shit for War Thunder

  32. Full crap offer lol… The warplanes offer a while back was a lot better

  33. WG proves yet again how fucking greedy they are. Fuck the players. Shit advent

  34. what a surprise wargaming giving us terrible deals wooo wonder what terrible deal they got for us tomorrow

  35. will there be codes hidden in the advent calendar this year ??

  36. i really hate how there is a 24hr time limit on the advent calendar not only are they disappointing alot of the time but for someone who work 6 days out out of home which means i can’t play wot until Sunday. seriously, i don’t know why wot can’t just make each offer last for atlease a week.

  37. WG is compiled of people with Downs, Social Anxiety, and Autism, nothing has changed.

  38. Well now we know that WoT has jumped the shark and is just a greedy bunch of cunts.

  39. For the first time I haven’t even played in a week. Glad to see that I haven’t missed anything. My premium time is up in less than a week. And at the current rate it will not be renewed.

  40. last year it was 30%, the year before it was 50% IIRC

  41. WG scared of discounts as always…

  42. Thx for the elaboration. 🙂

  43. Load the Skill rounds

    I agree I was waiting for 50% off premium account because 120 Canadian dollars is too much for a year. 60 bucks is about the price of a new AAA game and that is about what you should spend for a year of premium time. At this point I don’t know weather to get this or hold out for better I think I’ll wait.

  44. For some reason we had no advent calendar on the USA server today

  45. I got the 50% off last year fuck stupid move wartgamming

  46. E25 IS COMING

  47. Fifteen percent off is Completely LAME. I’d rather see a crappy rare premium tank than this BS.

  48. It’t Advent calendar 2018 as per WOT site, and not 2017

  49. WG are fucking idiots. I hope they go bankrupt.

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