Day 3 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. I’m not able to count the number of my comment but I don’t give a fuck about it 🙂

  2. Old Mountain Hermit

    I’m early let me make a joke


  3. Hurry and give WG your money! I will not buy anything this year 😉

  4. My Pepe hurts

  5. No armor, 650 Donkey power engine, and a gun that is filled to the brim with RNG, unless you use premium ammo.
    Pay real money and become a punching bag for Russian tanks.

    • I dunno, I’ve done quite a few 2-3k damage games in this tank and has yet to get an ace tanker, which is crazy for a tier 6 heavy. Premium ammo isn’t really that much of a necessity unless you are looking for gun marks. In a good matchup I can pass 2k dmg relatively easy with an 1 skill crew

    • +Bo OuYung Perhaps it depends on the time of the day you are playing – I usually play late, and usually end up in a tier 7 or 8 game – then I wished I was in a VK 30.01P – which is the same gun mounted on a lot more mobile platform. The few times I actually was top tier, this Tiger 131 is a very solid heavy – but that is currently only 1 in 10 games.

    • Alpha Niner I agree that playing time for low tier tanks has a significant impact on the match making. But then again, it’s the same for all tier 6s so you can’t really blame the tank itself, but the MM and the amount of tier8 premiums WG has been pouring into the game.

    • +Bo OuYung I had the Heavy Tank No. VI as a reward of some sorts, which is identical to this 131 joker.
      It can only be played as a camping TD. If I started moving around and got spotted, I had just enough time to kiss my ass goodbye.
      It was slow as molasses in every way, and every one in tier 6 and most of tier 5 could rip me a new one. Not to mention having to put up with map pingers that thought “why is this fucking heavy camping with TDs”?
      Pay a little more, and get an Object 252U (defender). You’ll get to kick ass, while chewing gum, and laughing at those poor souls that think they can hurt you with their BB guns.
      Forget the official numbers on paper. The soft stats is where they get you. Russians rule this game. Every other nation is just a punching bag for them.
      No respectable Russian player will buy/get anything but Russian tanks. Over and out.

    • ​+PicoNano
      But the 131 isn’t a camping TD, sitting next to TDs will hurt your performance because you don’t have the camo, accuracy or alpha damage to snipe effectively. You have to learn what a support heavy is and trade effectively in hull down positions, spot for yourself if needed and let others spot for you when the time comes. The 131’s ideal position is somewhere between the frontline brawlers and TDs, sort of like the M103 but better tier for tier.

      I do have the defender but to be honest, face rolling isn’t what you call “fun and engaging gameplay”. For now I’m doing 1.5k ave damage in the 131 which funny enough is better than the ave server stats for the defender. Surely I can do a lot more in the defender and win more games, but I’m having way more fun in the 131, you don’t need a defender in every tier and something like the 131 is how premium tanks should be, decent but not brainlessly overpowered.

  6. The daily santa circon vid and coffee… best way to start the morning!

  7. Yesterday my friend and I played in platoon he played with Russian TD obj 708 or whatever soo he shoots Heat shell on the English shit barn death star with 14 armor and he dings him ? with a pen more them 350

  8. Looking at the forum, looks like people did not get the 100% crew with BIA when buying the thing in-game.

    Ph3lan wrote, and I quote:
    “Hey guys,

    We are aware of the issue with the BiA crew and working on a fix. No need to contact support at this point as it is a known issue and should be fixed for everyone affected.

    Sorry about the inconvenience, we will keep you updated.”

    So yeah :LUL:

    • I already had the tank from earlier – and I bought it again in-game today. I immediately  got a fresh BiA crew, and 3900 gold back (so in effect getting a full BiA crew and garage slot for 300 gold). Then I did this a second time, and I only got the garage slot. I think this a failsafe that prevents people from buying all their barracks full with BiA crew members.

      So my assumption, is that you can do it only once. The text with the crew said ‘Mission completed! Reward: Recruits: …. ‘ – so I assume it works once today for everybody.

    • Alpha Niner Yes, but apparently people were having problems doing this for the first time. They may have fixed the issue then.

    • yes – that could indeed be the case; anyways, it is a sneaky way to get extra BiA crew cheap

      [edit] I checked it, and the in game sale says that the crew is included (for a second sale)  – so  I assume that Wargaming HAS to give the crew  (but that it is currently bugged) – so you can fill up your complete garage with BiA crew members – this ‘sale’ would be a big fuckup if you ask me – even for Wargaming themselves.

  9. How to make the Tiger 131 better? Remove/change the T-34-85M…

    • youd still get shit on by every other tank in the game pretty much, cromwells will circle strafe you , jap heavys will wreck you no matter how you angel even with the ap guns at tier 6 get 175 pen and IS damage then theirs tier 7’s and 8’s god luck fighting a Lorraine 40t in this or amx 50 100 and there not OP

    • that one is pretty deep Verevolf – but I agree with your point – we could call it reverse powercreep.

      – I think that, once the MM is fixed, the 131 should get preferential MM.

    • +DivineDawn I mean a tier 6 heavy tank should absolutely lose to a tier 8 heavy or medium autoloader. Cromwells should be able to circle strafe since mobility is their only advantage.the 175 pen guns we’re historically brought in to combat tiger tanks, but since this is wot, you can still bounce if you angle and a full down tiger at. Tier 6 is pretty good. This prem is fine as is imo maybe a bit of a Dpm buff but otherwise it’s fine.

    • +mike C Nowadays if a tank isn’t completely op people whine about how it should be stronger. If a tank gets buffed to op status/is op by default people will whine how hard it is to kill it and how it is an instant win to play it. Even youtubers/streamers do this, like Circon, which is sad. Strange times.

    • I just bought the japanesse version few weeks ago…biggest mistake of my life, most of thr games are tier 8 and I end raped almost all the time.

  10. Type 59 comming soon right?

  11. i tried different speeds of video. no fun 😉
    tnx brat

  12. It is a Tiger tank, no matter what, in this game… It will always be under-whelming.

    In my mind, the tank is balanced. There is not one thing that is OP about this tank, it is all “average.” <3

  13. I think that this tank is the only way to get level zero BIA German (male) crew members.

    – you get gold compensation if the tank is already in the garage. but I am not sure if this also works if you buy it with in-game gold…

  14. the reason the stats are better than the gun says is because counts it as having 100% crew

  15. Circon, I do not play often enough to test this, but does matchmaker change for battle modes you have checked? (Standard 60%, Assault 20%, and Encounter 20%) If you have all 3 checked you have a better chance of same tier or +1/-1. The reason I ask, there are percentages assigned to each mode, so if you are not able to be placed in 100% of battles, you would have less chance of seeing equal tier vehicles.

    This is also the second video where you have not shown us how the click and buy works. Cheers for streams and videos.

  16. Good morning. In my opinion day 3 is a wasted day. Who wants a 131? Maybe a collector.

  17. Did anyone saw 3/3/9 mm yesterday? Happened to me only once.

    • I have these anomalies every now and then, strangely when a lot of people are playing, it’s as if the mm couldn’T make a template mm game so it throws random stuff together. Weird.

    • that is because some OP premium tanks count as half a tier higher than is written – so it is in fact 3/(3/3)/6 MM

      – just kiddin

    • I’ve seen that quite a bunch of times too, worst i saw was straight up fucking 2/4/9 i think
      the matchmaker sometimes does that instead of 3/5/7, in rare cases

    • ive had some real good mm last 2 days , been grinding challanger and ive been mid top tier most of the time .. dont know if the mm is tweaked for challanger but it felt very strange .. but good 🙂

  18. the 30 days of premium acc are in the bundle with the t-45 at the moment – so you can get it at 9.95€

  19. Japanese Tiger is actually decent to be honest. Lacks some pen only. It’s what a prem tank should be, not an OP thing

  20. Baron von Limbourgh

    You can buy battlefield 5 for that kind of money now lulz…

  21. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    I would like WG make the Kurt Knispel or Otto Carius Tiger avaiable with the “Ace Comander” on it, (if i may choose i prefer Kurt Knispel i like him), just like the “Italien Goal keeper” Buffon the non-Tanker… (I like him a lot as a goal keeper by the way, but he is not a Tank Commander).
    WG take the troble to make not one but two Buffon Tankers, and last month a special Twich girl tanker… LOL WTF WG, why not to make real Tank Aces?? Those that where real tank commanders and take part on real tank battles?!?!!?
    WG you really miss a good opportunity to make some more special things to value the game even more. You allready have the Thunderbolt 7 (by the way i spend the gold to change the name of my Tank commander that came with mine), and the Soviet Sherman (Loza’s Sherman), and even the TV/Movie “Aces” Rudy and Fury tanks…. and WG allways missed the opportunity to make the Tank ace crews avaiable on any of them.. That was a very good opportunity to WG increase the speciality of some of their armored veicles even more…. and WG can still do it, if they whant… And i’m prety sure that there are a lot of players that would like to pay and WG would gain more with it i’m pretty sure of that.
    I’m not saing that WG should increase the Tanks price, But because of that i’m pretty sure that a lot more people would buy that tanks because of the speciality of thhose tank commanders/crews. I would be one of them.
    By the way not all is bad, i love Rudi’s Dog and i will some day get one just because of that. (I have not done that allready because i have T34 85M) If they came with the TV series crew it would be even better, just like the Fury. And WG have the perfect opportunity to make some special things with that one. They have the contracts with that film makers and they could make the same as the Sabatton crew that came on the Sweedish Primo VictoriaTank. Make a Special Crew with all the crew actors giving the voices to their Tank’s counterparts on the game… that would be Epic.
    Merry Christmas to all!!!!

    • Hanna-Justina Wallia Rosalind Sieglinde Marseille

      Won’t happen. WG will never put WW2 Wehrmacht soldiers in their game. They would never go through the effort to get the necessary permission to use a reallife person from Nazi Germany.

    • +Hanna-Justina Wallia Rosalind Sieglinde Marseille From whom would they get the permission? I don’t think there is any German authority to permit or deny them the use of a known WW2 person. I mean Kurt Knispel is obviously dead for 73 years, Otto Carius for 3 years. Do you think the Russians were asked to give the persmission for D.F. Loza e.q.?

    • Hanna-Justina Wallia Rosalind Sieglinde Marseille

      I know that they went through quite a bit of issues for World of Warships which has Yamamoto and Halsey as commanders ingame. They might need permission from living relatives or something.

      Also considering we don’t have any reliable accounts of Kurt Knispels service I think they’ll not take their chances on him.

    • @ female Star of Africa: The living relatives. Didn’t thought about them. Yeah, makes sense. Especially since Carius is just 3 years no longer with us. They might sue WG for using their father / grandfather. Thanks.

  22. I own this tank and find it more pleasant play than tier 7 tiger especially when facing tier 4 armor somewhat work for me and gun is adequate for its tier

  23. As Per Usual. Lol

  24. You know Circon, if you keep saying the missions are shit, wargaming will not come up with something better to put in a bundle, they will just not give you the missions anymore for the same price

  25. For shits and giggles, I went back to check which tank started these video, turns out it was the T-34-85M from when it was shit. My God, have the times (slightly) changed.

  26. all i want for christmas is a refund.

  27. Why not talk about the daily missions too?

  28. 131 is a tier 5 and the regular tiger is a tier 6 upgraded.

  29. Thank you Circon. These videos have become a holiday tradition

  30. Looking forward to see E 25 as it’s “never gonna appear in the store again”. I’m seeing it on 20-25th 😀

    • Yeah, it’s that time when half of the calender is worthless crap and the other half is just pure cashgrab, like pz 2j, e25, maybe defender, type, etc. So disappointing.

    • I wonder if type ?59 will apear.

    • “The E25 is a Tank so broken that WarGaming themselves admitted it and promised to never sell it again, which is exactly why they sold it again.”

  31. Why isnt there the tree decorating we had the last 2 years, that was fun

    • I think it’s coming after the TD marathon, looking forward to it too. Just guessing though, I have no info to back this up.

  32. Bummer, no three marks on this tank 🙁

  33. I would warn anyone against getting this for the tank. I tried the Japan version with the Twitch Alpha Package (3 skill crew @ 80% on the 3rd) to retrain from Type 4 back to O-Ho. It was trash, pure trash. It is one of those tanks that makes you a liability to your team. Avoid.

  34. that bundled crew with BIA is straight-up pay to win xD

  35. YES IT WORKS. 300 gold for crew with BIA + garage slot. If you alreday have a Tiger 131. Go to in game store. Buy 131 for 4200 gold, and you get refund 3900 gold + garage slot + BIA crew. sweet deal 🙂
    WARNING you can do it only once! second time you wont get crew, just garage slot.
    So be on lookout for other tanks with BIA crew on advent calendar we may get other crews for 300 gold.

  36. I bought the online version, despite having one in the garage, and confirm that I received the gold refund, plus a crew in the barracks, the additional premium time and a slot. I may get a couple of these crews to train for my other German tanks.

  37. Augustuvi Primce dea.V.

    terrible match making ,meeting up to tier 8, can’t do anything

  38. Luís Augusto Panadés


  39. Harkonnen confirmed that on the Eu server that you can get the tank refunded, giving you a 300 gold Zero BIA crew.

  40. Pc really messed up with tiger 131, console version is an amazing vehicle

  41. fountleroy tinkertoy


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