Day 3 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Checking to see if todays offer is worth it!

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  2. Thank you so much! It’s always a great help to know if it’s worth it or not when you only have so much to spend. Love what you do and have a great Christmas.

  3. I’m first, let me think of a joke…

    Today’s advent calendar tank

  4. No views and 2 likes, early asf!

  5. Best gift from wargaming would be no arty for 3 weeks…

  6. Ferdinand Münzberg

    this year will be lootboxes? i thought they said that ther woun`t be any lootboxes…

  7. Circon’s advent calendar videos are what get me through final exams

  8. Christ Wargamings “discounts” are so scummy. 30÷ off wow amazing – oh wait the price is basically the same or actually more because BuNdLeS.

    12000 gold for this turd is also not worth. There are literally flatout better prems for less gold.

  9. Compare this with 112, which one is better?

    • I have the 112 but not the 111. I like my 112 because of the ability to sidescrape, and it has a thicker lower plate. It’s not quite as fast (45 top speed) and I think the dpm is a little lower, but the armor helps it do its job better. IMO it’s stronger than the IS-6 because of the heat, higher top speed, and better upper plate, though it loses on dpm.

    • Like Circon said the 112 has a bit better armor, but nothing to write home about. I have both the 112 and the WZ-111 can’t remember if the 112 has preferential matchmaking like the 111 has.

    • @B H 112 has preff MM, I have way better w/r in 112 angling it is way easier without the pike.

  10. i owned one for a while wirh 1.5 k matches it does not catch frontal fire or engine damage but shoulder plates has the ammo rack

  11. Juan Juan Juan

  12. When Circon start posting his advent calendar videos this is when you can feel the real christmas magic

  13. the NA advent calendar has the tanks without the bundle btw.

  14. Honestly I’m waiting for like 1 tank maybe 2. Otherwise I have zero interest.

  15. that doesnt worth buying i think…. do u think they will resell ebr75fl10 again?

  16. It’s all good and nice, but I’m waiting for WG to put in the E-25 yet again. Kappa

  17. Second crappy tank,to expensive and again a bundle.

  18. Ive had terrible luck with this tank. Its a fine vehicle, I just can’t win with it. I got much higher WR with the 112 [before both it and the WZ-111 were rebalanced], realistically they were extremely similar tanks, but I just got way luckier with the 112.

  19. If you have the tank already, and you buy it for gold ingame, you will get the gold from the tank back and just pay the small difference for all the extras, thats what DezGamez told in his video and he showed it aswell. So if you have some extra gold on your account you can collect some crap stuff for low amount of gold if you want

  20. I think it as actually a great tier 7

  21. If you got at a 30° angle towards the enemy, he has t hit the one side of the pike. If he misses that, he bounces.

  22. Circon I’m loving your tank reviews during the advent calendar. It’s like watching quickybaby with less detail, but more straight to the point.
    After Christmas is over would you be willing to do a premium tank review. Go over basic stats, which are good prems to have (for credit grinding/skirmishes/crew trainers/etcetera), and their strengths and weaknesses.

  23. Same old tanks every year come up with something new

  24. What are we going to get a premium tier 8 Arty

  25. discount is a scam…worthless bundle ftl

  26. The key to the WZ111 is combining gun laying drive and Vert stabs and gun rammer, with Bia you get the aim time down to 2.39 dispersion to 0.39 which massively helps control the derpy gun with food 2.21 seconds aim time and 0.37 accuracy

  27. Thank you, Circon.

  28. The Calazone Hardy

    so I bet Dec.15-24 is when the e-25 will go up

  29. Krystian Olszański

    wouldnt give a dime for this tank. 112 you could get from recruitment program and thats how i got mine 😀 and its better but still too low normal pen i much more like my somua sm with its ammo and clip fighting 3 tier 10 at best ( yeah old good days now 4-5 tier 10) 3 5 7 was bad but they should go from that to +1-1 not more top tiers…

  30. 186 pen? jeezus, i thought they buffed the Pref tanks

  31. I have this tank and i absolutely do not recommend it, 112 is much better choice and cheaper and if you really want a tier 8 premium heavy just wait until something better.

  32. I think this tank is decent for what it is. Is it worth? My vote is no because it just doesn’t fit the meta. Honestly, aside from being a little faster, the 112 is a much better tank because the frontal armor is really damn good.

  33. This tank was pretty good a couple years ago, but power creep has really hit it hard. It plays well as a heavium in the right situations, but it’s not worth that cost these days.

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