Day 3 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Advent Day 3!


  1. Hi circon

  2. in the garbage*

  3. Opinions on foch quitting?

  4. **crying in M46 KR**

  5. Wait so can you not go back and buy the tank on the calender the day before??

  6. Decided to grind for the Panther M10 when it was available on tank rewards after watching you three mark it. Such a great decision, makes me wish WG would still make T7 preferential MM so you don’t see T9.

  7. its a worse t54 mod 1

    gaining a few degrees gun depression for that massive tumor of a cupola

  8. Been using mine with turbo, vents and rammer and playing more as a heavy, its surprising how many times you can find somewhere to cover your cupola, the view range still isnt bad and the gun dispersion is also not too bad without vert stab as you don’t move fast enough to get much bloom.

    • Seems like we made almost the same comment…

    • @Auralez it’s been working pretty well for me, getting half decent speed has really helped get where I’m needed and the extra power to weight makes it better no wiggle forwards and backwards to make it hard for people to target my cupola.

  9. Do you think the Turbo would help out enough with the mobility? You at least get the extra boost by being a medium, but obviously it would still be quite slow.

  10. Circon are you gonna join on Twitch for sirfoch wot uninstalling party on 6th dec.?

  11. So if I understand it correctly it should say ‘IN THE GARBAGE’ rather than ‘IN THE GARAGE’

  12. Gottfried Wegemüller

    The M46A2 Räumpanzer is pronunced : Roimpanzer

    …just so you know

  13. Blackhorse Engineer

    IF, WG had done this right, they would have passed this pos and just did a M728 CEV, it has a 165mm derp gun

  14. Circon: “I’ve propably butchered that name.”

    Meanwhile me, whenever I see it on the battlefield:

  15. Watching Circon’s advent videos has nearly become a personal tradition for me.

  16. its a marmite tank i done ok on a free rent for a week but would i buy it hmmmm

  17. Any chance we can see a live or pre-reorded game or 2 with the tanks you show us for the next videos to come?

  18. I think the Panther 8,8 also deserves a bit of a shout out.
    It’s gotten pretty decent with it’s most recent buff to 280 alpha.
    Got my accuracy up to .29 and a nice 3k dpm on it as well.

  19. Every single downside of this tank is completely cancelled out by being a MF SHOVEL TANK

  20. adCaptandum Vulgus

    Rampanzer/ram specd for a lol,; pimped crew max’d, turbo, vents, spall, 105 octane, food, clutch breaking consumable. load alot of HE for track blowing, before the ram impact. it’s such a fun 1-2 combo, you should give it a try, for the memes.

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