Day 4 Advent Calendar 2017!

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  1. 128mm at tier 6? I’m grinding the T-34-1 with the Type 58 gun, 128mm with standard. However, when mounted on the T-34-1, the aim time gets worse for some reason, at 2.9 seconds. Let’s just say I’m not enjoying it.

    • I hate to say it but fire full apcr till you get the 100mm, the Chinese 85mm medium tank guns are shit compared to the Russian ones 🙁

    • Yeah, I did think about that. Might have to bite the bullet and do it, or else it’ll take me ages to unlock it. Currently just been doing the x2 and then grinding free exp (non gold conversion) on my tier 8 premiums. About to unlock the turret, still need the tracks before I can unlock and mount the 100mm. Already got a skilled crew from my T-34-3, which is a nice plus.

      It’s just a shame the T-34-3 is much better than the non-premium T-34-2 with the recent buff. I don’t know if they both have the same soft stats on the gun, but they buffed the T-34-3’s aim time without touching the non-premium version.

  2. I have Fury since the movie . its very …ok-ish .not good ,not bad . just ok .

  3. is it only me or is the Adventkalendar this year realy disappointing, yeah its only 4 Days in and i am a collector so i have already a nice collection of Tanks but it feels like this time there will not be a big surprise, well i passed the t92 sale beacause it wll be on sale later again. But i dont expecct any rare tanks to hit the Kalender this Year, ist feels lame

  4. Thanks for this series. It will seriously help take the edge of “buyers anxiety” once the better tanks/deals start coming. Because, as you said earlier, these 1-day deals don’t allow you to do as much research.

  5. I see that the crew with this tank has “100% on Major Qualifications” does anybody know if this is a “0th Skill/Berlin” crew?

    In my opinion a Berlin crew is easily worth the 20 Euro’s alone if they fit a line you’re going to play a lot. With 200 games in the Thunderbolt my crew has 3,5 skills. The crew with which I played the whole line and that is now in the M48 has played 1000 games for 2,75 skills.

  6. yeah fury doesnt do it for me…..i have the e2 and i like that better then fury and e8. and i already have crommie b which i think is best t6 med as well. can even take it against t8 and still do well. i just want that t8 russian heavy 252u

  7. At least it’s only 20 euros with the bundle compared to other forty or fifty euros

  8. Lol that EMP shop advert at the bottom ? thought it was on my screen cause I have been looking there for shirts and stuff ? ?

  9. Sure i like this kind of video and this episode and if any marthon or xmas mission it will be great to go in details but this offers in calender is sucks in weekend special wot give more better offers all year what happend its holiday season i wonder is this worst year in wg event or what ???

  10. FirestreakRodimusPr

    why would you buy either of these when the Cromwell B is available?

  11. Thunderbolts armor makes it so much more survivable. It makes a big big difference as you can stay in the game making more credits.

  12. I disagree about the Cromwell B being the best. The results that I have seen on NA server since about May I think when everyone got a free T-34/85 M is that this tank is by far the best. It has awesome DPM is much more survivable and when you look at the results screen theres always one or 2 near the top exp in any match where they feature regardless of whether they are top tier middle tier or bottom tier. Yes really good players do well in Crom B s but everyone else seems to do better in the M.

    • Crom B not only makes more credits but it’s an all rounder med. you scout with it, you push front lines etc. It’s far better than the shitty 85m in every way but maybe armor by a little.

  13. Not interested in the Advent Calendar but I watched the advert so You Tube will throw a ducat at you.

  14. not getting Fury, I have a type 64 which also has 128 pen but also comes with good stats for bottom tier gameplay.
    The other t6 tank I consider worth having is the Swedish autoloader actually.

    • if you are on the NA server they have a thing called TankRewards which has this month’s reward as the tier 6 premium medium autoloader

  15. It’s annoying waiting for the tank you want.

  16. AMX M4 and chrysler GF

  17. is the crew a 2 skill crew  like the Cromwell b   was   ?

  18. im waiting for lefh and lorraine 14t 🙂

    • I have lefh, and it’s just boring to play. Too slow. Yes – you can be son of a bitch when get on someones back, but that’s shitty play for me.

  19. I’m buying the Fury just for the point of tank collecting. Plus it’s one of my favorite movies.

  20. So 4 times a “special offer” and 4 misses……… Think RNG is not on WG side

  21. Thanks! I won’t buy it because I already have Thunderbolt. So far for first 4 days WG gets no money from me 😀

  22. Thank you so much for the daily video on advent calendar!

  23. Even though the fury isn’t that good. Do i regret the 1000+ battles ive played in it. Not at all. Love it!

  24. worthless piece of sh**!! I paid the full price ( almost €50) when it was released!! You can only pen a T7 heavy on the sides!! If I could have my money back I would gladly sell it!!

    • It has the same problem as all the Tier 6s armed with the American 76mm, you unfortunately have to carry and use premium ammo due to the crap standard ammo pen, and yes I know it’s meant to be a flanking medium… good luck with that.

  25. I have the Cromwell B & like it better than the Thunderbolt, so on the basis of your analysis I won’t be getting the Fury, thanks.

  26. I’m waiting for the Patriot to go on sale and Jebait me because it’ll be bundle only

  27. Not gonna pick it, as you said,it’s a worst Easy8, no gonna spend 20 bucks on that. Also, I already have the T25 Pilot and a Patton KR (xmas last year gift from the tree).

  28. All I want is the Defender.

  29. I already have fury and thunderbolt…

  30. Marshall Allshouse

    Keep up this series, love your input / opinion on each of these tanks Circon

  31. Already have Fury from the original offering. Don’t run it much. It’s kinda meh across the board, with nothing that stands out enough to allow you to work an advantage over a reg tier tank. I pull it out when grinding American MT crews to get the XP bump for the x2/3/5 victory, and then usually back into the garage and into the Thunderbolt, Pilot, or SP. Probably drive RAM II more than the Fury. BUT I would buy the T23E3 if it was available, and would love to see a real Premium T8 American TD, like say the M36B1. 😉

  32. i already have the thunderbolt so i will probably miss this one out

  33. crom b best? what about the t34 85m

    • Overall the 85M is also great, i just prefer having mobility over armor in +1/+2 games. Cromwell makes for a great scout

  34. It’s not worth it. Granted I bought it when they first sold it because at the time a portion of the proceeds from the sales went towards fixing the actual Fury tank that was damaged during filming, but really it is just a slower E8 with less turret armor and less gun depression… Not really that different from the normal tier 6 one…

    If anything, if they offer the Thunderbolt VII again pick that one up because it actually has a unique play style, not quite an E8, but not an E2 either…

    *Says the guy who owns all 3 because E8 madness*

    • killswitch95 thunderbolt is awesome ..84% winrate, top tier beast

    • Yeah it’s a solid premium… I like to use it in front line support of my heavies… Because its RoF isn’t as good as the other E8’s, nor the speed, but it’s RoF and speed is good enough to backup heavies, or lead a charge of mediums as a pseudo-heavy…

  35. I already have a Fury bought it earlier in the year its a alright i bought cause i liked the movie and i think it looks cool.

  36. Best consumer advice of the year. Cheers.

  37. It’s kind bs that you have 24 hrs to decide on buying something.

  38. Best thing about the Fury is that it looks amazing. I take her out every now and again but generally it’s only because of this.

  39. I have the Fury from last year and I love it, it feels way better than the tree E8. I didn’t get it as a trainer but because I love the movie.

  40. Have both the Thunderbolt and the Cromwell B. I can attest the Thunderbolt makes more credits. As a relatively noob player, I’ll also confirm it’s also a lot easier to play than the Cromwell B, and is a better choice for those just getting into the game. That said, nothing is more fun than the time I ran into the Panzer 58 Mutz at the SE corner of El Halluf and took him out in a close quarters “dog fight” because the Cromwell B was too quick for him to hit reliably. He’d have owned the Thunderbolt. YMMV.

  41. play the tank…
    matey you own them and rock, so play them

  42. Does anyone know what the reward for doing all advent missions?

  43. love this tank my crew i use in my whole medium line up to tier 9 sofare and its bussy on its 5th skill on all of them

  44. It’s an Easy 8, WITH LOGS.

  45. Love the Thunderbolt, as long as you don’t end up in a match against very heavily armored opponents. Absolutely adore it on maps like Erlenberg where you can really abuse your gun depression and strong turret

  46. The current MM kills tier 6s in my experience. I have the Thunderbolt, T-34-85M, AC-4Exp, Pz.IV.S, and they rarely if ever see anything below tier 6 and almost always are in the tier 8 battles. I will never buy another tier 6 premium.

    • At least on EU imho Tier 6 is less painful than tier 8, oh and tier 5 premiums are fucked as well now that they don’t see tier 3s

    • I totally agree on that…. You are mostly at the bottom of the food chain, up against tanks 2 tiers higher that can in some cases, kill you in one or two shots…. There is a world of difference between t6 & t8

  47. I already have the tier 8 prem medium tank for training my crew (M46 Patton KR) so I wasn’t planning on getting this..Personally, the sole purpose for a premium tank for me is to train my crew and the ability to place them in other tanks of its type. So I really do not see the need of having two MT sitting in my garage, doing the same thing. I rather wait for something I do not have yet.(ex.).Like a Russian HT or British MT ..I am hoping the KV5 or E25 will come up again… Day 5 is going to be the Liberte… I already have this so…AGAIN, i am saving my money..

    Something what is missing in this game is the lack of Prem USA TDs and SPGs, overall…

  48. So happy I didn’t buy the Tank now!

  49. cool but is the movie any good? I still haven’t seen it.

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