Day 4 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. Chrysler K(ontroversial)

  2. Hi Circ, really love your videos

  3. Press F for FOCH 🙁

  4. tfw the SuperPershing historically had a super long barreled high velocity 90mm gun and it gets like 200 pen, meanwhile the short salami gun on the patriot meme-tank gets like 235

    • but you don’t take ammo type in consideration. the salami gun shoots apcr as standard. besides if you’re looking for hystorical accuracy you shouldn’t play WoT.
      remember these guys went to tank museums to measure armour thickness only to change it afterwards because of powercreep because the people in charge of balancing tanks are mentally retarded

    • Nightmare _ didn’t it shoot from a mile away or something, too?

    • +aBananaBread in world of tanks, “apcr” for American tanks is also a place holder for hvap. This is what the E8 Sherman had IRL as well.
      APCR isn’t immediately the superior ammo type

    • While the tech-tree Pershing gets 190. Feels WG man.

    • +psnmadracer27 i did not say it is flatout better but in general, an APCR or HVAP shell has better penetration at shorter to medium distance than the equivalent standard AP shell. much like in game every ammo type has its pro’s and cons.
      speaking of it, in game we even have the luxury that APCR and AP have the same accuracy because irl normal AP stayed more on its orriginal course than APCR due to the weight difference between shell types

  5. I just call this the “Fuck off WG” tank 😀 #FreeFoch

  6. Václav Posledník

    Chrysler K has the same crew layout as T110E5, so that’s fine (not like Patriot or T34), but otherwise seems like shit 😀

  7. swedish_leasuretime_shed

    Man, I remember when this was added, the Foch rant and the fallout and I was thinking no way Wargaming will ever fucking top this in term of brokenness. And then they added the Bobject 268v4.

  8. Most controversial premium in WoT

    • +Andy It makes you fire prem and it makes enemies fire prem back at you – so $$$

    • *cough* e25/leFH18B2/Pz IIJ *cough*

    • Andy it caused the whole sir foch drama, basically foch made a video about it basically saying f*ck u wargaming and when foch refused to take down the video wg threatened him with a copy right strike, which caused alot of backlash against wargaming. Also the tank has no weakpoints so u have to shoot gold at it and its pen is so low you have to fire gold at everyone else ??

    • Even its ap ammo is expensive, you lose massive amounts of credits for a premium tank. T32’s ap is 255, the chryslers for same pen is 1000.

    • +Craig what? T32 has the same gun, same base pen (198), but the gold pen is 10mm less (250), and it has worse accuracy and aim time

  9. I remember when people thought the Chrysler K was overpowered… Oh how times have changed…

  10. The FochGate tank…note my cup of tea. Thanks for the vid Circon as I am to lazy to log in and check it out myself. Cheers

  11. Can someone tell me the background music he uses?

  12. Ask Sir Foch about this tank, he was not wrong….

  13. I don’t have a problem with the base pen, as it is the same as the T32. The issue is that the premium ammo is better than the T32s. Pay money to do damage.

  14. Chrysler kurčina….

  15. dislike cause its krysler (g)ay

  16. If this gun needs a buff so does T32`s,you know when is that going to happen(especially for T32)?NEVER! Because it`s NOT RUSSIAN!

    • its the exact same gun as the t32 except the Chrysler gets better premium shell penetration i think

    • You think correctly 🙂 the comment was aimed at Circ commenting on the gun @ 4:30min,saying what pen should be like…that`s never gonna happen,first,because this tank would be really OP then and could contest Defender(which is forbidden :),and secondly,because we simply can`t have a regular T8 heavy in the game better or on par with the IS3,which T32 could seriously become if the gun was any better then this.

    • The T32, Chrysler k, M6 A2 E1, and the t29 all share the same 105 gun.

    • Chryslers AP ammo is 1000, T32’s is 255. It’s like wg said you better use apcr and do damage and lose credits, or use ap and lose credits.

  17. Play very few tiers 8 now until they fix MM….Wargaming needs to start listening ?

  18. Poor T32. Left to rot with how fucking awful it is in today’s meta if your not running 100% APCR. God fucking forbid WGing even buff it pen to something useful.

  19. Thanks for doing these (Advent calendar). Keep up the good work. Oh and these posts are helpful.

  20. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    SirFoch tank lol

  21. #freeFoch

  22. I already have all the tanks in the calender so far

  23. Delete this tank lul

  24. Make sure to check both eu and an website. They sometime have different deal for the calendar. At least last year it did.

  25. Circon – again, the 30 days of premium is also 9.95€ and not 15€
    it is indeed in the shop – just bundled with a -free- t-45
    and, like the months before, every month they put another -free- tier 2 or 3 tank in there which we had at some point as a gift (which if you already own, will not be compensated in any way)

  26. ty for these vids Circon, they’re really cool

  27. I would disagree with you circon. This is one of the few tanks that will make you a shit load of money against tier 6-9 and at tier 10 you fire premium shells no matter what tier 8 you are in. But this thing sidescrapping against tier 10s gives 0 shit its impenetrable.

  28. Circon, you should have had invited sirfoch for todays advent tank reveal… for a co discussion on the merrits of the chysler. The dank memes for days. =P

  29. Lol patriots ridiculous 235 base pen thank god it’s only a 90 mm. Yeah don’t buy that stupid Chrysler k

  30. Sad part is, I have this.. got it when it came out because ti was a bouncing monster…. not so much anymore.

  31. Do you remember? #freefoch

  32. Pure cancer.

  33. They need to fix the US 105 base pen across the board, if they aren’t going to rebalance everything.

  34. actually, there are 3 tier 8 american heavy premium tanks. The patriot and the chrysler k are perhaps the more well known, but don’t forget the m6a2e1. In fact, it just got a buff in pen to it’s 105mm gun.

    But that is its won rant I suppose. Why did the super pershing and m6a2e1 with their limited matchmaking bracket need a pen buff on their guns. But the t32 with a wider bracket not need one. Both the 90mm and the 105mm guns on the t32 had equivalents to those limited mm tanks. Yet suffered for being able to see t10s constantly. Now the ones that don’t have to face t10s had their gun buffed to handle even equal tier tanks while the t32 (and chrysler k) don’t even while seeing t10s regularly.

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