Day 4 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Checking to see if todays offer is !

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  1. I like trains.

  2. 53 seconds… I’m early today…
    As for the tank… huh… no thx ?

  3. Christian Krakhofer

    buy a premium that not matter how much fun it is, will get fucked by the matchmaker anyway, or get brand now game on all the christmas sales thats actually fun

  4. Big no no


  6. Circon, working hard to save your money.

  7. Torbjørn Svendsen

    The Lac of Sense tank

  8. Am b do you

  9. I’d rather spend $24 on french fries and stuff my face.

  10. Gotta train that Tier V Crusader crew…

    Hold on Jeff, what do you mean they introduced high tier light tanks?

  11. Rather play the type 64 in a tier 10 game than any of the Brit light tanks. Damn, they suck!

  12. Sebastien van Tiggele

    love the fact that the whole line is horrible… except the tier 8 premium. Compare this using HE to the LHMTV using HE, which for some odd reason gets *the same HE damage*. The premium destroys the standard tank in every way. So yea, compared to the standard tanks this premium is broken, compared to the rest of the lights it’s just OK/good

  13. U.K. light tanks are the second largest joke next to unerfd tier VI and lower SPGs.

  14. and that’s another nope for me

  15. “I recommend the tank, I just don’t recommend the tech tree it’s in.”

    Nailed it. Who knows. Buy the tank, train an op British light crew, then wait for WG to buff the British lights and make them playable. That’s planning two steps ahead lol.

    • Yeah, and people have been trying to predict WG buffing the british lights since the line was released, but it’s been months. I wouldn’t bet on it

    • Brakhai Warframe - CZ

      @psnmadracer27 Took them a long time to nerf Bobject as well, so who knows. Although I’m definitely not starting the line before any buff happens.
      I like the idea of the tech tree. Small tanks, that are therefore hard to hit with good VR/camo ratio… I actually think it’s even pretty good for countering wheelies, but in its current form, the tree is… BAD.

  16. AND if you are the one person that actually looks to buy this for crew training your tier 10 Manticore…well….no, it only has 2 crew members because F U

  17. I have 400 matches in the Senlac since release and I gotta say I love it, feels more like the bat chat 12 without the auto loader than ab brit light

  18. hehe, Thanks for vid Circon… gonna let it play thru so you get your 1/100th of a penny. and nope right on past that tank.

  19. WG introduces a shit line of British lights and then sells the much better premium tier VIII version………………no thanks.

  20. 10 Second video

    8 seconds of Circon laughing
    1 second of silence to a straight face
    1 last second of Circon saying “No.”

  21. Maybe something to take note of: I see that the shell cost is fucking insane. 310 credits for 180 alpha will not make you a lot of credits. Don’t even bother getting this tank for creditmaking

  22. Well said sir. Thank you and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  23. The crew layout doesn’t even match the valentine at tier 4. That also has 3 crew members.

  24. You know Christmas is getting close when circon starts posting his advent calender videos.

  25. Which is better the senlac or the Covenanter?

  26. Shinyone Incarnate

    lets face it, this is a crew trainer for the Cruiser I, II, III, IV, Covenanter, & Valentine. Of course this is if you like low tier madness, but want to escape to tier VIII for a while. Lets not even talk about how awful the tier I Medium “Line Warning – Here is whats coming” tank is. Although the upper tier mediums are good.

  27. I try to use vents instead of optics if I have a really good crew and at least 380 meters of base viewrange.

  28. Loved the tier 8 MTV
    Doing much better in it than in the Senlac.

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