Day 4 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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Advent Day 4!


  1. Luke Baker-Cowling

    Notification squad babyyyyyy

  2. Luke Baker-Cowling

    Circon I wonder, what is your twitch viewing and audience like (size wise) around Christmas compared to the rest of the year?

    • Size does not matter, we are a quality audience. I see so many channels on Twitch with 1,000’s on viewers chatting and not many viewers with sub buttons but in Circon’s streams it’s mainly people with sub buttons in the chat.
      My opinion of what I see and may vary from another person’s opinion.

  3. Hey Circon any tips on how to get better at making experience in a battle

  4. Christmas event starts in 9th of December

  5. @Circonflexes u should quit the dumpster fire of a game called wot like The cc Thefochyou is doing

  6. Id rather watch these than mess with Christmas

  7. Group I’m with calls it the clownshoe. As for the tank, if people don’t know how to fight you, it is a walk in the park like you said. It should be mentioned that while the cupola is a weakpoint, the towering size of the vehicle makes it actually pretty impossible to hit as most tanks sit lower to it. While that pen is low, the same towering feature gives you the to negate a bit of the angling enemy tank upper hulls have as you’ll be pointing down a lot. My personal big memory was waaay back in the day where it didn’t have protected match making.
    North spawn mannerheim line. Most of my team went the north road so I ended up camping out on at the top of the ridge from base to protect against the enemy taking the common southern road. Well, I ended up meeting the is-7 there. Sadly, our maus was part of the brigade that ran the other route. That is-7 never once penned me. But I penned him back every time because people always want to just poke out with the sides. Especially back then. The is-7 was also timid to rush me because while I was protected from their arty, my arty was on point offering protection any time the is-7 stick himself out too long. Ended that battle with a steel wall, actually outpacing our maus.

  8. Appreciate the traditional advent videos

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