Day 5 Advent Calendar 2017!

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Source: Circonflexes

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    • Circonflexes hi Circon. Not sure if you’ve mentioned this but the tank only option “special” offer is not so special. I’m in the UK and comparing the wiki gold cost of the tank to the shop price it’s actually slightly more expensive than the wiki price!

      Absolutely no price reduction at all!

    • Liberte or FCM50t?

  1. Appears that 15% is the new 50% for WG specials.

  2. Hello Circon! Thanks for making my days with your memes! Been part of WORTH for 3 years. E25 TRUMPS all!

  3. bart van herrewegen

    this tank is better then the fcm 50 t imo by a country mile just cus it actually has armour

    • Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

      bart van herrewegen fcm is really more of a fat medium. Great for ramming memes. Though a 90mm gun with 212 pen isn’t what it used to be. Even with Prem Mm. Especially with cheese wedges around

  4. Camo values as they are shown in the garage without crew or camo equipment :
    Non-liberté with camo paint:

    Yes I have both!
    Thx Circon for the streams and videos!

  5. OK, I have never understood what people mean by the tumour and side plates being weak about this thing. I cannot go through them WITH PREMIUM from my super pershing! I cannot go through them with the 14 cm AP on the Type 4! Wth to be honest. I don’t think I have gone through this tank with AP from the front, just when I was firing at the full-on side or ass when they were completely oblivious. I have trouble penning it with SWEDISH TDs! as in the S1! *Slamming sounds* Edit: looked at the part and I call bullshit on that armour value for them!

    • If you hit the cupola you will pen it. AP from Super Pershing should go through it without any problem. The only problem is hitting that cupola, when tank wiggles and you are not very close (and so the accuracy and dispersion can screw you). But if you hit it, you should be able to pen it. Tier VI can pen it.

  6. Get the patriot. It is the only Main Battle Tank in the game. It fits all role. Liberte isn’t bad but everyone aims at the cupola instantly.

  7. The fact is: 40 euro for a tank? Wargaming Monopoly at it’s finest

  8. Just writing an empty comment so that Circon wastes a little bit of time, in case he REALLY reads all coments 😛 hi Circon!

  9. If anyone wants cheap Liberte PM me

  10. go for patriot or defender..cant be more op in tier 8…IFFFFF yourrrrrrrr top tierrrr……..BUT thats not gonna happen is it!!!? …
    so quit whining about it and buy yourself a cromwell…its cheaper and more fun….vooral dat eerste is wat mij betreft doorslag gevend..ben verdomme sinterklaas niet!!

  11. Circon, could you remind them that this tank doesn’t appear in any statistics ? For example in the new Hall of Fame, that’s the message when you select that tank: Error loading data: server busy or unavailable. Try reloading the page

  12. So it looks like Wargaming is trying to give themselves a Christmas present by frontloading the calendar with their worst premiums, and will save the tanks everyone wants for the last week or two, when everyone is good and anxious from waiting and eagar to spend money. I’m just waiting for the M41 myself, I’m sure it will show up…right before they list the E25 on Christmas Eve…

  13. Tanks like the Liberte mark a turning point in WoT where armour became over-buffed to compensate for bad play and while nowadays it’s not as ridiculous anymore as when it was released, buying tanks like this and the OPatriot or Defender is bad for the game in the long term and should not be done.

    That being said I’m glad Wargaming decided to sell this and wont sell the Defender in the advent calendar because that would have been a disaster not only for randoms but also skirmishes and clanwars.

    • Cobra6 Gaming

      They’ll probably sell the IS3A at some point. And the PZIIJ. Wouldn’t surprise me if the E25 made an appearance.

    • E-25 will make an appearance, that has already been confirmed. Personally I’m only looking forward to the Type62 and possibly the AMX13 57 (which I don’t think they’ll sell), otherwise I won’t spend a penny.

    • Cobra6 Gaming

      WG just don’t learn. The backlash they got last time they sold the E25 was huge. (Though not quite Chrysler levels).

      I’d buy an IS3A if it came up. Probably wouldn’t play it much though. 13 57 never attracted me.

      JagdTiger 88 is one I really want though. I missed it every time it has been sold.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      munky342 they will probably put E-25 on sale for a 50 pounds or something like that.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Probably more I would say. They know how op it is, and as such know that people want it.

      I already have one, so it doesn’t really matter to me. It would just be silly of them to sell it after what happened last time.

  14. Everyone knows aim at Coppola on tanks because it is a weak spot for 99% of tanks

  15. I’m hoping they put the SU-85I on sale, good little tier 5 russian td with an 85mm gun kind of similar to the first 85mm you unlock on the T-34-85.

  16. While its not a great deal, its not a bad one either. The standard Liberte is $52 on the NA server, while the bundle is $20 more at $72. This means even if we ignore the reserves and x5 bonus, you are getting 5250 gold for the $20 extra (262.5 gold/$) which is a solid exchange rate.

    I do think though that just putting a semi-rare tank up for sale doesn’t really open wallets. If WG was serious about making cash, they would offer the base tank itself up at a discount. Even just applying the standard sale for a t8 premium (15%) drops this down to $44, which makes it a more attractive option.

  17. Have the tank pretty long and love it. Gun is awesome with its Pen and Accuracy. Armor is decent. Love it!

  18. Why do you not do more tank reviews? l like the way you’re straight to the point with no messing around.

  19. I wouldn’t bother buying any tier 8 premium that is slow and relys on its armour, gonna be against tier 10 and loads of goldspam every game

    Best premium is the mutz or Lorraine for me in this current state of the game.

  20. Lets hope the E25 shows up, you will **looks up** LOVE IT!!!

  21. Well finally something decent tho thank the rngesus god

  22. You just know the PzIIJ is coming, yeah I said it before but it’s so true it hurts

    • Bert The Avenger

      That’s fine. I already have one. Waste of money that was. I’ve only played it like 12 times.

    • munky342 yeah it’s just an expensive collectors tank

    • Bert The Avenger

      That’s basically why I bought it. It’s rare. I like rare things. I may play it a bit more now that it’s in my mind. Though maybe not load 100% gold ammo because that kills the credits.

  23. got it for 260 nok with coupon so i don’t complain

  24. Christmas not really coming for wg customers

  25. I have both, this and revolorise, and revolorise make more credits and deal more dmg.

  26. I actually quite like the Liberte, especially when I’m tired or something– the tank is very easy to play. Front toward enemy and wiggle that hull and turret when you can see someone aiming at you. The pen is nice, the accuracy is fine, the DPM is acceptable and it makes good credits. Flexible gun depression with a good turret. I have no complaints about the tank and I think it’s quite balanced.

  27. Wish they put the AMX M4 49 into the new French heavy line bc it makes sense to progress from it to the M4 51 and the M4 54. Conversely they could have taken the AMX 65t and made it a premium, with a Liberte skin.

    • That would have been the logical choice, but it’s clear that Wargaming wasn’t thinking ahead when they introduced the M4 49 as a premium tank.

  28. i like it a lot tbh, just wish i hadent bought it with the ugly camo, but hey, mods can fix that 😀

  29. I feel if you spent money on buying a clown tank the whole world should know exactly what kind of serious clown they are facing in combat ! Btw I am a semi seriously clown I bought the liberté but also didn’t buy patriot or defender I bought the non-clown versions of those. The Liberté actually looks pretty dank if you ask me.

  30. When is tank first came out I was awsome in it. Insane win rate. However, after a few months it became really hard to survive and therefore win. Plus I feel they screwed with the gun handling from its initial release because I miss or hit tracks so much it’s insane.

    • wood1155 sorry to break it to you but it wasn’t you, it was new tank syndrome. The new tank does crazy good because people haven’t worked out how to deal with it. Once they realise how to defeat the new tank it dies easier.

  31. Anyone remember when we used to get missions that gave 250,000 credits just for playing the game? Now we get missions that give 30,000.

    Like we can’t get double that in a decent match.

  32. @circon: why you should use offroad driving instead of clutch breaking in almost ALL cases:

  33. really good information Circonflexes

  34. I have this one, and I like it… especially if I can get a right side corner to hide the hatch and angle it so the angled part on the front is still behind the building, allmost nothing goes through. Sure tier X mm is a struggle, but that goes for most tier VIIIs but I’d rather play in this one than the Patriot in a tier X match.

  35. Nathaniel Forcelle

    Can’t wait until the cash grab e25 that’s bound to happen and break mm for a month

  36. Anyone know what’s up the NA server lag lately? Since they merged the East and West and specifically since Halloween, it’s almost unplayable now with ridiculous ping spikes, getting kicked from games and my damn turret has turrets syndrome.

  37. This calendar is really sucks this year and no real discount is wg going cheap or what last years was better from all ways

  38. Clicked on that “Buy” button so fast…damn.
    Went ahead and buyed the M4 49 (non-liberté version) with a 30% discount WG did give me a few days ago.

  39. It’s decent, but my T26E5 and Rev are better credit makers so I end up in those more often.

  40. I really enjoy this tank. I’ve had it through about 100 battles and have 60% win rate with two crew skills. It’s not the strongest but I’m happy with the purchase.

  41. I have both the Liberte and the Patriot and I really enjoy playing both of them. I must say i preffer the Liberte in tier 9 and 10 games, you can easily bounce most of the lights and meds, and tier 9 heavies also and from medium and long distances many more. Yeah.. that cupola is a nasty weak spot and also having many rounds (60 or so..which is a nice thing) result in getting ammo-racked pretty often. But the gun is reliable and flexible. It is a good tank to make credits, although the Patriot makes a bit more. I bought them just when they were released, but now i would preffer the non-skinned versions.

  42. So far… this is the worst advent calendar . And i have been playing since 3 months after the release of the game

  43. Circonflexes why is you currency krownes i thought you were dutch.

  44. Wooo! E-25 Today on ASIA server in a $74 AUD bundle… Never to be repeated for another 12 months! Get yours now!

  45. DedicatedCollectiveSandwitch

    Not to spoil anything but the Day 6 is the E25.

  46. hooly SHIT! tomorrow’s video is gonna be mega memes… cant wait!!!

  47. advent calendar day 6 is out on asia

  48. did they fix the fixed camo working for the missions?

  49. Thanks for the review on this tank! I’ll be looking here b4 making a decision on the tanks being offered for advent on WG. Speaking of advent calendars, I’m doing a world beer and scotch whisky advent calendar. Much less expensive, too! 🙂

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