Day 5 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. Hella worth it
    Man it sucks to be broke

  2. And remember that the gold is pretty damn cheap (T71 kek)

  3. Last time I was this early, oh wait I’ve never been this early. Either way thanks for the consistent content on the calendar circ.

  4. Loves these vids. Thank you

  5. Nice advent calendar video’s circon, keep it up. Sadly no video’s of the Type 62 in the end screen, feels bad man. Better look for myself then 🙂

  6. It looks very good, but I already have a type 64 so I don’t know if it’s worth the 5k gold… Any advice?

    • GEORGEGEORGOUL depends on if you need a credit maker or not. 64 is probably better tier for tier, but will definitely lose more credits.

    • +DreHead Thanks for the answer I already have many credit makers so there is no need for that. To be honest I have 25k gold since last Christmas and I was looking for a good opportunity to buy something good I don’t know though if this is the deal I’m looking for.

  7. Is there a better scout tank to hold out for if I only want one tank on this calendar thing?

    • if you like scouting (not fighting but just trying to spot) i think the elc even90 t92 and the lt432 are better. but for fun and a combo for fighting and scouting this is one of the top 3 prem lights (1 LT432, 2 1357, 3 Type 62)

    • Depends if u have other tanks in mind and have a budget u wanna stay on. But t7 and t9 are sweet spots. Im waiting for a progetto hopefully

    • …. I believe you’re spot on with the ranking of those tanks even though I haven’t played all of them. The type 62 is great now that I have a better crew in it. And the LT 432…. All I can say is Damn it’s good!

  8. first one i bought…in this advent calender…others also hoping for the wheeled light on the 24. December…

  9. I rarely play this game anymore, but I still watch all of you videos. Keep em up.

  10. I adore this tank, and can recommend. It’s a very strong spotter platform (only a 5 skill commander 13/57 is better) with a reasonable, if somewhat derpy gun. Don’t need to spam gold, view range is good enough where you don’t need food (485 vr with food though!). The somewhat slower speed, good camo, small size, and strong base view range all make it a good package for more average players, that are still mastering the art of reading the in-game map at circon’s speed. You need a good crew, of course, but chinese lights are a bit more forgiving with that due to the crew layout not putting two vision skills on the commander. This is probably the most economical of the tier 7 lights to have fun with, with no glaring strengths, but also no glaring weaknesses that have to be compensated for via silver. With a 4 skill crew from my chinese grind, I felt like this was one of the better purchases I’ve made in game.

  11. Totally LTs without looking at concealment….just look at full trained concealment skill. you will find out it is a op tank…

  12. Thank you for the hard work

  13. Used to be my favorite tank. But I can’t win a game anymore in it. Not the tanks fault, just the way the game has been treating me. I agree tier 7 is scout friendly. You see tons games where the tier 7 scouts are dominating the match. I’d say the T-71 and AMX13/57 are the most evil tanks when they are in those amazing top tier situations. You get these games all the time 3/5/7 where the tier 7s are Scout, Arty, TD so the scout gets to beat up all the tier 5s

  14. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    I own an M41 90mm and one reason I don’t like it is cause its slow to get going so Im guessing this is similar in a way

  15. Still waiting for Defender.

  16. How do you feel this tank stacks up to the t71 da and the 13 57gf? The clips that they have make it hard for me to justify buying this one and I would love your input on this! I would love to take this opportunity to say thanks Circon for always being a prominent and important member in the wot community. I know that you care and might not see this, but regardless you are doing an amazing job so keep it up!

  17. Circon you pulled a little jingles on us by not leaving the gameplay links in the description or at the end of the video

  18. These series are cool as hell, cant wait 4 the next

  19. I remember when the Type 62 was rare and the MM couldn’t handle it. It would put me in so that my team would have one more light tank than the enemy. I even had a few games where I was the only light tank on Prokorovka. Sadly they changed the MM for it when it was sold in the shop a few years ago.

  20. Good afternoon man. I really enjoy the way you break down the tanks plus and minuses. Well done man. Great to not hear a salesman like on other channels. Thank you

  21. so… no replays all of december? we already know all of these tanks/ there is enough info available on them on yt. i rly miss your replays! i love how you make outplaying everyone look casual

  22. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    Pump the vids out men nice and resumed up easy info
    i like!!!

  23. I bought this game today and also played it a bit, as a flanker and also found that it’s great at taking out lower and equal tiered lights, as they are usually lighter (good for ramming) and their guns are worse…in the sense of dmp and firing on the move.

  24. Great vid Circon…. keep them coming! Only suggestion for improvement would be to include some gameplay of each tank, where you have it, in the video. That way the video would be longer haha! The links are great and very helpful. Cheers.

  25. Load the Skill rounds

    Like these a lot! I know the holidays are finally on the way when Circon brings back the advent calendar reviews

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