Day 5 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Checking to see if todays offer is worth it!


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  1. I don’t like facing neither Socrpion or KJp 105. 😀

  2. I’d still buy french fries instead.

  3. I like Big Butts ?

  4. The kanon 105 legit feels like the e-25’s bigger brother to me. And I generally play it as such to good effect.

    • Well the KnJpz was meant to to replace the E25 on the store shelf after it was removed. It was essentially a higher tier E25, people just got upset it required that continues fire type DPM the E25 or T67 does. The 105 is honestly better for the sake of penetration, velocity, and damage. The reduced power to weight is only(?) about half a HP per ton too.
      The 90mm just felt too underpowered at its tier to too many, and WG had their hands on proposed KnJpz 105 upgrade prints.

  5. Hell no its not worth

  6. This makes no sense to me. SOme people may not be able to afford to purchase these expensive bundles and only want a basic package. What idiot deliberately limits the number of people able to buy their product and thus reducing profit???

  7. another nope from me.

  8. I think everything over 400m/410m wiev range is ok but more is bether and sheel welocity is super nice i love that on M4A1 Revolorise

  9. You could buy the 105 at a 50% gold discount, OR replace your KnJpz with the 105 for free. Many MANY people just chose the free 105 upgrade.according to WG.
    Honestly, I don’t think the KnJpz was “bad”. There were just much better tanks at that tier, and it was introduced to more or less take the position of the E25 on the store shelf.

  10. Back in the days you they offered to switch the KaJaPa to the KaJaPa 105 for free

  11. Played enough with my Skorpion to suspect the 0.29 dispersion value is some sort of sick WG inside joke. Had the 105 as a rental once from Twitch Prime, and that felt so much more accurate.

    (I still prefer the Skorpion because, as mentioned, turret>>casemate, but I definitely didn’t dislike the 105.)

    • Its the shell velocity. With 1500 ms it goes straight as a bullet. With the slower velocity of the scorpion there is a curve to it. Learning how the curve is shaped with differing shell velocities at different ranges is useful.

    • @adamanthyz1 I don’t even mean precise aiming, I mean how many shells seem to bury themselves in the dirt or the sky miles away from the reticle.

    • @Chris de Mercado I cannot agree more. My skorp sometimes doesn’t hit anything at all, especially snapshots. And somehow I believe I bought a 440 Alpha skorp or something 😀

  12. 4 seconds in and let me have a guess. “We should be thankful it isn’t the E25”. It ain’t Christmas without your reviews.

  13. maybe like my e25 setup vents optics binos would suit it.

  14. so far… all of these offered tanks are not worth the money that they are asking

  15. i love the scorpion and would take that over the kanonenjagdpanzer 105


  17. Well. I’ve got the Scorpion already so I will pass on this. Also, for some reason I suck with it. Scorpion is so good with so much potential for huge plays, yet I can’t manage to play well. I even play better with Rhm. Which is basically same but slower. I have no idea why. It’s super frustrating.

    • same, i thinks its because the skorpion has low camo rating and if you get spotted without cover, you’re just dead. sniping can also be tricky with low shell velocity.

    • I agree, and I find even with a great crew and great accurace the shells still miss for no reason whatsoever!

  18. Double barrel last day seems legit.

  19. What day do you think they are releasing the IS-3A/Defender dual-tank bundle?

  20. when the 105 was introduced, the players who had the 90mm one got a discount coupon of like 20% for the 105. WG isnt that generous anymore to give you a free tier8 prem. Buyyyyyy bundleeees.

  21. The problem with this tank is that the S1 exists, which does the squishy backline TD a lot better than the KPz. If I wanted a premium German TD I’d just get the Skorp.

  22. The French cda 105 is better it can bounce a shot on mantle. But it’s a fun tank in the right mm

  23. Circon, more Videos or riot

  24. I have both, their is a reason you don’t see this tank much. Skorp is way better but I find Skorps and Defenders boring – no thought required. D-barrel would be awesome but do you really think they have it ready?

  25. I betting in day 12. New tank.

  26. “What does that before circlex every guy’s day five!!” ?

  27. last day its gonna be a shitty french premium

  28. I like the speed and the gun of this tank, but having no armor and low view range makes this a no buy for me. I have seen this tank on certain maps do well with a binoc setup getting into a good position and spotting for a ton of assist, but every time it gets spotted its toasted immediately.

  29. I am going to go way out on a limb and say that the “Universal T55A” will be the last tank in the calendar…. and you can pick anyone of four countries (Germany, USSR, Poland, Czechoslovakia) to move it through

  30. The Cda is better than this, a little troll armor, same shell velocity,fast ect

  31. this could have been a very capable auto reloading tank imho

  32. Its an alright tank, but I would not recommend it to anyone

  33. KanJPz105: “Hi guys, I don’t suck! Buy me!”

    Players: “Huh, I guess you don’t. Maybe I will.”

    Rhm-Skorpion: *exists*

    Players: “Never mind.”

  34. Thank you, my brother from another mother!

  35. I bought it a while ago and wholly regret it. The gun does not feel like it actually has 0.31 dispersion, shells often go god knows where.

  36. “Checking to see if todays offer is worth it!” Answer: No. Thanks for letting me know that I don’t need to log in to WOT today.

  37. the dobble barrel will be a lootbox i meen xmas box reward

  38. People who had the Kjpz 90mm could swap for the 105mm for free, or buy the 105 and keep the 90mm Kjpz

  39. I like the Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 because of its old Leo 1 gun, mobility and the sick camo. I’m using binos and camo net on it. 330 HEAT pen means that you will have no trouble dealing with tier 10s and carrying your team in that regard.

  40. It’s an accurate German tank destroyer so it’s never going to hit anything because wargaming can’t tuck their hate boner into their belt long enough to make anything German competitive

  41. Played both tanks and enjoyed the kanonenjagdpanzer a lot more. The 105 just felt better too me, couldnt get used to the slow ap the skorpion has.

  42. I don’t remember the full details, but when first offered, you could only get the KJPz 105 for free if you gave up the KJPz 90. As well, the KJPz 105 was offered at a deeper discount to KJPz 90 owners if they wanted to keep it. I wasn’t really playing WoT by then and I just decided not to take either offer.

  43. I think double barrel is going to be the loot box tank. I think it’s going to be the E 75 TS, that German heavy that’s been ready to release for a while.

  44. When the hell are they going to sell the small gun again

  45. Day 5 and we’ve still got nothing but rubbish

  46. The Skorp G and/or the E25 are bound to be in the advent calendar or the loot boxes – save your money 😉

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