Day 5 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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Advent Day 5!


  1. <3 to u all

  2. Have a nice weekend, dont forget to watch twitch clips vid from yesterday! 😉

  3. I’m going to be surprised if they offer a Tank I don’t have or actually want.

    • I do think the list was “leaked” so far it’s real. So you can check on that list if they’re going to offer anything worth to you!

  4. Did i just miss it, or was there no mention of loot boxes in the holiday ops post?

    • There werent but they will be there again this year, it has already been confirmed that the new italian heavy and the gsor 1008 will be in the lootboxes alongside two other prems we dont know yet but will likely be popular already available ones

    • there was mention of it but just briefly. One sentence only I think. They will certainly make a separate article and video about it.

    • They will be, tho it could be the last Christmas with loot boxes, as EU, thankfully, is tightening measures against it. Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands banned those atrocities. And EA was sued by Netherlands, because of their FIFA loot boxes (or whatever they’re calling them).

  5. As an fyi, the tank is indeed discounted, the regular price in the tech-tree is 9100 gold, as opposed to the 7990 that you pay for the bundle

  6. If you really enjoy frontlines this is a great tank. And doing stuff to boost the aim time is important, cause that really lowers your DPM in thins tank so much.


  8. yay or nay?

  9. Glad to see this channel posting again

  10. I need 20k xp for free 274a.
    Yes i havent slept in 32 hours.

  11. This one got me onto best replays of the week. Absolute meme machinegun of a tank, you can out-dpm 90% of the tanks.

    • I somehow 2 marked this tank, but the gun is sooo bad even with good equipment, and 210mm of armor when angles is practically worthless imo

  12. adCaptandum Vulgus

    careful with the tips, they’ll make black editions to stop that exploit, id bet the farm

  13. Shinyone Incarnate

    I bought this tank when it was first released. So I did the 300 gold buy. So…I got a 300 gold slot. BUT WAIT< THATS NOT ALL YOU GET (your name goes here). The 100% crew, & the 25 Mission x5 multipliers came for free. By the way, 300 gold is equal to $1.75 US

  14. So I was gonna buy that bundle since I already had the tank, apparently though you’ll need to have that ~8k gold so that you can buy the package and get refunded the change. Which is a bit weird way of doing the sale tbh. If they have the automatic system in place which refunds the gold if you already own the tank you’re buying, why not just straight up sell the rest of the items in the bundle by themselves, instead of bloating the “price” to 8k if you’re not getting the tank twice?

  15. I always like to compare this to the SU-101, they are *kind of* the same.

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