Day 6 Advent Calendar 2017!

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  1. I screwed up and uploaded the same vid of the meme, here is the full video on the advent calendar! 😀

  2. I have the E-25 but that was when they were doing missions to give it away. I hardly ever play it. I play the jag 8.8 more than it.

  3. probably swapped the Mutz for the E25 on NA because there was just a mission where you could earn a black mutz about a month ago so obviously nobody is gonna buy it.

  4. e25 on sale? time to roll out my Arty and focus fire.

  5. Have the E25 but never play it…

  6. The black mutz has been on sale on NA for that last month. That’s probably why they didn’t want to go with the regular mutz

  7. Mutz – Perfect trainer for Leopard 1 (Same 4 man crew)
    Every other German Premium Medium from tier 5-8 – Perfect E-50M trainers,

    That’s why I got the black mutz on marathon, needed a Leopard 1 trainer…

    No I don’t have the E-25… When the Panther/M10 was in the in game shop along with the E-25 I bought the Panther/M10 because it’s basically the same meme gun, but with a turret, and HP… I picked the Panther/M10 over the E-25 and never looked back…

    Am I going to get one? Not even if it was $10… I prefer my TD’s like the SU-122-44 or the WZ-120-1G FT…

    *Petition to rename WZ-120-1G FT to “Zedong’s Hammer” like the SU-122-44 is “Stalin’s Hammer”…*

  8. I find it weird that the E25 is coveted by some players. They want to get it like it is the holy grail of premium tanks. They sell the thing once every six months and there was a mission that practically gave it away a year ago.
    It’s past its prime. The meta has changed. There are fewer bushes and open spaces as well as more armor. The E25 can still do well but it’s not this unbeatable tank that so many seem to think it is.

  9. I have it and the perma tracking is real and enjoyable to watch when I play it but it got boring. I got it from the month long mission. IDK how people didnt get it there as well it was really easy

  10. I wait for the day this stops going on sale for cash so they can nerf the thing.

  11. Buyed one last christmas…does not like it that much…to many corridor maps…and to many tier new tier 8 tanks that you not pen without hitting them in the rear or side…but the few times i get the open maps…it is gg ez game won… By the way very thank you for showing the price in norwegian makes it much easier…since i am norwegian 😛

  12. The e-25 is one of those tanks I played like twelve games in and haven’t touched since because I got super uni stats in it. The 122-44 is my most played tank and I honestly thing WG should have nerfed them with the other TD’s.

    According to Eula for wot (and every game ever) digital goods aren’t owned by you, their licensed to you. Technically WG can do whatever they want with it for any reason (or without one.)

  13. I use my E-25 to fund my pz2J habit. One game each and I break even
    I’m so disgustingly filthy

  14. Are You inn norway or Norwegian

  15. I have the E25 since 2014 but have only played 30 Games in it. I would give it away for a 50% of another Prem Tank.

  16. most fun i have had with my pants on (or off if thats your thing) playing world of tanks

  17. When WG gifted it I sold mine. I had no interest in it.

  18. E-25 on NA server…..well, time to NOT play the game for the next 2-3 months until the craze dies down.

    • But seriously though, MM gonna be all kinds of fucked up (even more than usual, anyway). Can’t wait to get into a game where the team lists are 85% E-25.

  19. when the E-25 is on the EU server everyone spam IS-6s

  20. They could sell Type 59 again, it has been so powercreeped, even with the slight recent bufff.

  21. E-25s don’t bother me. They should be sold at special times. There is no point to the Advent calendar unless they release a few rare tanks on it. Why they don’t sell the Type 59 this way, I have no idea. That tank is average now. Edit: I’ve owned the E-25 for years and I rarely play it (I think I played it once this year a few months ago in a platoon).

  22. Circonflexe, you Sir are the Master of You-tube and Twitch with your gameplay and commentary! I will name my Next AR build after you ?

  23. Oh, I’m sure the offers will be much better as we close on Dec 25…..*wink*

  24. Marcus Aurelius touched me on the shoulder, and I was free

  25. We will not guarantee any further selling of the e25…..unless we want to be greedy little shits.

  26. I’m waiting for them to do the big money grab and put the Type 59 on sale…..

  27. My guess is that NA went rogue because the calendar and the sales have been so lackluster. From all appearances nobody is buying anything. I’m not seeing any increase in the “for sale” tanks during the game or the days afterwards. I assume they are hoping this will jump start the cash flow.

    I bought one last Christmas and have played some matches in it. I don’t think in general it is OP, but I do think its strengths give it a skill ceiling that is way too high to be healthy for the game. T67 suffers from much the same problem.

  28. Its kind of ironic because i play on the na server, but i genuinely want the mutz. Im not buying any tanks in the advent calendar till i get that one

  29. I have a E-25. very rarley play it though. there are plenty of other german tds that are way more fun to play.

  30. seen an e-25 ram a kv-2 for no reason whatsoever, so yeah, the player makes the tank

  31. Greedy fucks….Who cares about mm? Money for ever bitchez!

  32. I earned the E25 though the missions a few years back so I have no issue with owning mine.

  33. In Canada its 60$ to get the E25

  34. Kind of strange that on NA the Panther M10 isn’t always in the shop – looks like it is for EU.

  35. There are 3 tanks I will never buy and those are the E-25, Scorp G and The Defender. Just stupid op shits that shouldn’t be in the game…

  36. Creation Day 6 (Genesis 1:24-31)
    God creates all the creatures that live on dry land. This includes every type of creature even the E25 not included on previous days and man. God declares this work good.

  37. it demands a little skill so the potatoes will die in 30 sec and the good players will slaughter anything in their path and pretty much end the tier 5-6-7 for a while..

  38. I would be far far happier if they re sold the type59 as it is not that good unlike the e-25 which is op in average or better hands

  39. I never bought it when it was avaliable, nor will buy it now. I hate this lil tank.

  40. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    i boght mine just before they remove it from the shop for good =P it was the best thing i did it is great and was far cheaper then this days!!

  41. To read all of those comments saying E25 is OP blablabla LOL , if a tank can be Godlike and POS in 2 separate pairs of hands then it is NOT OP it’s the player .
    We all have seen at one point a newer player ( under like 2k battles ) in a Prem 8 come on top in a near carry , only because of the tank ( and of course not the best enemy as well ) That I would consider OP , not a tank that is only because of the player .
    I see many E25’s and often enough a good 45% can’t manage to deal more than 500 damage ( I play on US ) .
    I have 2 MoE’s on mine and over 2k battles in it , I’m not a Pro , just an average player ( 35k+ games , 1800 wn8 , and something around 7.6k PR ) I have pushed aside the idea of 3 marking it because I would have to fully load gold to get in the range of what is needed from what good/pro players can do with it . I find that most players seriously crying about that tank are the ones that after getting hit once by them do not look at surroundings to find some extra cover , E25’s low profile works great as camo value but it’s a pain that many times the smallest bump in the road can negates any chances to hit someone without risking exposing the tank too much , the game gives us a BS indicator showing us the direction we are getting hit from and on top of that even what dam tank it is , think about rocks , hills , houses ANYTHING that is also on the other side of the map and use that to take cover , too many crybaby’s only think about what’s near them as cover , or cry a tank is OP because all along they gave their side to that tank , stop to aim and take a blind shot in that direction while getting chew and spit back out !
    The real problem right now I would say WoT has : 1- not enough maps and too small . 2- premium ammo spam , because why learn how to aim , shoot & weak spots if I can just press 2 twice ( 10% of max loadout would be decent )

  42. Have one bought it on the last day of the regular sale. Did it because WG would never sale it again. For the player it is a great TD, for the 15 to 29 other players it is a great pain in the ass. Call me hypocrit, dont care but like to see it being removed from sale forever. The people who bought it and were lied to for that it would never be rereleased are screwed, and the 99% of the time you play in an other tank you get screwed.

  43. E 25 be like” So I hear u hate Swede TDs .” 😉

  44. I have it and agree that it’s gonna effect on mm temporarily. I also think the bundle will prevent over buying of it. It’s op for it’s tier for sure. I wish these advent sales were not so predictable.

  45. Worth every filthy hour I spent doing overtime at my crap job 3 years ago, and I’d do it again 😉

  46. What they need to do is bring in the Type 59.. SO everyone who doesn’t know how shit it is will buy one because of all the mythical hype…. They will make so much money, flood the mm for a day and then NO ONE WILL EVER MENTION THAT OVER RATED PIECE OF SHIT AGAIN

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  48. Tbh it’s not nearly as good as it once was.. I feel the light tank changes and overall gradual increases in armor have hampered the ability of the E25 somewhat. It’s still good when played properly, but I find it’s decently harder to do well in than it used to be. Still good, just not the annoying OP piece of shit it used to be.

  49. I don’t have an E 25, but I don’t want to buy it anyway! It’s a little bit OP but I don’t find it fun for playing! I realy don’t like that kind of play. IMO E 25 players are mainly those players who plays arty! And that’s not fun to (play like a pussy and win)! 😉

  50. It should go the way of the wt auf e100. Just remove it. Maybe replace it with something that is a little more bearable.

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