Day 6 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. are they serious? i get a 15% code like all the time wtf

  2. Wtf warshaming waste of a advent day.

  3. Xミスタークロ

    This is just a waste of a day….

  4. Also, if you have a 30% coupon you can wait until tomorrow and get a 30% off 360 days of premium time (since even the most restrictive coupons work on premium account).

    Which, you know, it’s already a way better deal than this 15% off Advent calendar offert.

  5. To much effort, they will most proberly offer the Pz !V Smallturm twice as well.

  6. Why are you promoting worthless sales?
    Get a grip.

  7. WG don’t talk to me about 360 day premium until at least 50%. Last time I bought was last year via WoWp.

  8. This early morning the premium time for money was 20% off and 15% off for gold.

  9. Clearly no Christmas spirit on this “offer”. Who does these things??? Really… full name… WHO at WG comes up with these lame offers. Thx Circon… peace

  10. Que the lol song

  11. Its gunna be the same always they just want your money they wont change

  12. well we already know tomorrow they sell the M4A2E8 Thunderbolt 7 ._.

  13. The bed head is strong in your voice lol Thunderbolt will be tomorrow, allegedly…

  14. It's not what you think

    Shoulda made a 2 second video and just said “it’s shit”

  15. My premium time ran out the other day and I immediately noticed that I’m top tier in 90% of my games since. I haven’t seen this much top tier matchmaking in ages, so I have no desire to buy premium time ever again. Thanks WG

  16. Feels more and more like the game will not be around much longer… don’t think that it’s logical to make such a long commitment to a dying game, buy it monthly or buy boosters instead

  17. I wanted to hear your buttery voice for at least 5 minutes. WG robbed me again!

  18. So its a null day.

  19. One crappy offer after the other – happy X-mas WG.

  20. They seriously thought 15% off was good enough to make to advent calendar?
    Atleast put some colector tank and gold to make it somewhat appealing, you douchebag

  21. I bought the last time it was 50%. This is NOT even close to a good deal. Circon, you got a free pass for today’s video. LOL

  22. 15%….bwahahaha…sure WG….not.

  23. 2 years ago was 50% off on NA server

  24. Just wait till the amazing Xmas event and we win bobbles again yey ….lol

  25. Ya, I bought it once at 50% off. 15%?? Pfft… nah.

  26. That Black Friday sale was 2 years ago. 360 days of premium for less than 180 was a magical thing.

  27. Then again you can get gold at about 20-30% off so pay for it with gold and it is probably not too ba at deal – of course not as bad as paying for it with a 50% discount with discounted gold.

  28. Only time I ever bought 360 days of premium was when it was %50 off on the NA server. Was worth it but anything over $50 is not worth it

  29. $82 on NA, wow what a crappy deal, I did buy it that time it was half off over here that you mentioned

  30. Does anybody know when there will be another discount on premium days? I was waiting for x-mas but since its only 15%…….
    Dont wanna wait too long, so I might buy it unless there is gonna be a better discount in the near future……….

    • if u get epic medal i WOT usually they give you coupon..i got alot 30% off coupons…so actually u can buy it 30% off. And playing few days witout premium is not big deal…..WG dont deserve money for sure, but hey it is your money…..

    • +Goran S lol I just finished the epic medal mission for coalition with honors and no coupons feelsbadman. I got some through the year but they were always restricted on premium vehicles or I ignored them…….
      I think wg deserves money, there is a lot of bad thinks about their game, but I still love it.
      (Cant imagine being f2p wot player in 2018)

  31. So it works out to $103 CDN…last time I bought a year on sale at Christmas it was $65…sry WG another fail on your part. I just don’t need the premium time that bad…fail?

  32. spoiler of this video:

    *N I C E M E M E :)*

  33. Last year was 50% i got it back then. 15% wtf

  34. 2 years ago they had the %50 off on the 360 day premium as well.

  35. Hey Circon, WG fucked up and leaked advent days 7-11 to a player.

  36. What tank is this 360? ?

  37. SEA 50% off black Friday 2017. . . . Fuck WG

  38. I really feel that they’re shooting themselves in the foot with this one, as if you have a year of prem time, you’d be more inclined to log in and play the game. I know I dont play this game if I have no prem time.

  39. If you could get a 50% off deal every year I would buy it every single year no questions asked. Would also deter me from taking extended breaks from the game since I payed for a whole year of premium. If I buy it piecemeal every so often sometimes I let my premium time run out and stop playing for a month or two. My 2 cents.

  40. Yeah, when I came to see in game, what was the the flavor of the day I didn’t understand at first where is the tank….I see prem days, but what tank are they…OMG….prem days IS the flavor….a shitty flavor if you ask me.

  41. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Greedy morons

  42. I used to buy Premium time at 50% off three years or more ago. Now I’ll never pay $$$ for it again.

  43. And next year you will have to buy separate Premium accounts if you play Warships as well. I’m sure they will give 10% off to be fair.

  44. It was 50% off two years ago on NA, (Black Friday) almost everyone bought it… but they never sold it again…

  45. So far the advent calendar is pretty…. underwhelming

  46. Did he say BUY or BYE at the end?

  47. Console gets 50% off it every black Friday…. and i picked up a bundle of 3 tier 8 prems (defender, Patriot and Souma) for 12.4k gold

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