Day 6 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Checking to see if todays offer is worth it!


  1. reeeee

  2. ?Day 6 get ya bundles, DAY 6 GET YA SHITTY BUNDLES.

  3. Daaaaang it’s the memewagon

  4. Whoooo this yearly tradition

  5. Remember: *MAXIMUM EFFORT…minimum tank*

  6. Considering how terrible the dpm and gun are, I just go vents, binocs, and camo net. Or you know, play a better scout…

    • Plus I use fuel consumable for the extra 10% to power to weight ratio-Quicky to get into a spotting bush plus quicker to run away

  7. Judging the Videos by Steve Wallace, I really want one. After watching Circon’s Videos again (and understanding that I’ll never be that good) I don’t want one.

  8. Meme 90

  9. Got it at the start, played 10 games in it, didn’t bother playing with it anymore. It is so bad and in the past two years it has only gotten worst. AMX 13 57 is one tier lower, costs less, can actually do damage, and it plays much much much much much better, not even talking about the wheeled memers here.

  10. I actually liked it a lot despite it’s disadvantages back when I had it on rental. But the existence of the LT-432 and the wheelies makes me not even consider buying it for a second, I gave up on all tier 8-9-10 lights until this clownfiesta is over(if ever),thanks WG for killing niche fun vehicles, but hey, if your forced to play only the best meta vehicles all the time over and over that will greatly extend the longevity of your game for the average player I assume.

  11. Circon, I dare you, play your ELC EVEN 90 with HE only 🙂

  12. I have more than 800 matches with this tank (I am a normal WoT player) and I love it. But I enjoy light tanks; as Circon mentioned, this tank give you the chance to play the game completely different to any other tank in the game. But it does not play like the Brits, this tank is the ninja of passive spotting and a good tank killer at the end of the match. It has been fun to master this one.

  13. The ELC EVEN 90 is a waste of pixels

  14. Go watch ELC EVEN 90 gameplay from HonestGaming (Steve/06Wallst playing).

    However he does it (full camo crew, camo paint and a -camo- camping net I think), when sat in a bush (and the EVEN 90 can fit in some very small bushes) this tank can only be spotted by proximity.
    You have to get withing 50m* of the thing.

    Edit – please see comments below.

  15. It was on sale like a week ago and I got it with a -15% coupon, so I paid 18 Euros for it. 😀

  16. I bought it literally on the first day it came out, and I still love it to bits. It’s amazing if you can play it right, and luckily for me, I can.

  17. IMO the vert stabs are a must. You still want to be able to stop and shoot and not wait 3 days to aim, 2 days is enough.

    • I also use the vert stabs as well, driving the tank fine this days (2 marks) with a crew without brother in arms and with no food, still having fun

  18. I had it on rental for a week or so. Couldn’t convince myself to play it. It’s so bad I would probably just rage all the time while playing it. Definitely won’t be picking one anytime soon. I might pick EBR if it goes on sale tho.

  19. Had one since release. Love it. That said, I love the brit lights so perhaps I am “special”.

  20. Don’t buy it.
    Unless you want to ram a light tank and do 0 damage, then is worth it!

  21. I own this already and love it for the memes

  22. Honestly this tank needs a buff to the gun.

  23. I picked it up the 2nd time it came on sale and I like it. It’s fun to be sneaky and pop out but now with the klown cars I don’t play it. In fact I don’t like to play most lights anymore.

  24. EVEN less optimal, I see what you did there.

  25. ELC Even 90 is still my favorite t8 to play. you just really have to play the passive scout and its awesome, SUPERB Camo

  26. It’s cheaper because of its small size Circon. It uses fewer pixels and causes less wear to the maps.

  27. I was in a match with a teammate who was driving this when he lost his tank. Arty splashed him twice and he lost his whole crew.

  28. 53% overall win rate in my case, 800 matches with this tank and I have 55% rate with this one and 2 marks

  29. This thing reminds me of the little robot in star wars BB-8

  30. Here’s the thing…I got mine off of a sale before the wheeled vehicles. They did a combo for the amx 13 75 and elc 90 and…I couldn’t pass it up…but…boy…those wheeled vehicles am I right. I won’t get my gold back, but its for fun and lawls when I drive it. It’s only real perk is autoload for low health tanks and…it’s speed, which after Wheeled vehicles is…not fast enough? A fun tank to play, but only to just mess around in…I can’t take it seriously and neither does the enemy team.

  31. I was curious to hear your opinion on this tanks camo and how to maximize it. Cheers

  32. I got one and it’s pretty terrible, but it’s a lot of fun to go around trolling tanks with your invisible ninja…
    Also i get to use my elc amx crew a lot more which is nice…
    But yeah i bought it hoping they would buff it, but he buff never came 🙁

  33. It’s not Christmas till circon does his advent calender and Hans Gruber falls off of nakitomi plaza.

  34. Those EVEN youtube games are pure memes

  35. Net, Optics, and Vents. Very sneaky tank :p if you’re in a bush, and you have a camo crew, you can expect not to be seen till your within proxy range by Soviet and other blind western tanks

  36. I don’t (like) videos generally, but I like ur vids coz u r honest and skillful man…. more vids pls 🙂

  37. Lol i’ve seen so many of these, and never felt threatened by seeing one, 660 dmg clip and 30 sec reload, can easily ignore them xD

  38. I have one and I always have a lot of fun, like your job isn’t to deal dmg, it’s to anoy the enemy team

  39. Circon is like Santa. It is not xmas without him.

  40. Some days ago Honest Gaming had a insane victory in ELC Even 90 on Malinovka !

  41. I’m on the NA server. I have third marked it, and I love the thing.
    That being said, it is a hot peice of shit. Or just has a really unique playstyle that appeals to me.
    I personally would love to see the p/w ratio increase to the ELC’s original (and historical, lol) 37.5 hp/ton. It is literally my only complaint about the vehicle.
    I also have hopes that they buff the magazine size to 5 shells and keep the reload speed… it would still have only 1450 dpm

  42. Elc even feels like the kind of tank that is just incredibly bad on paper, but actually pretty good in game. I had it on rental earlier and bought it now and absolutely love it. To be fair I have a great crew for french lights and love them in general.

    I have enough “good” premiums (lt 432, ebr 75, progetto 46, amx 13 57), what I want is “different” premiums. This tank is incredibly fun if you know how to have fun in it.

  43. Killian Kruczko-Cousins

    I’ve had it since the start, and I love it, but I belong to a sadistic group of people who liked the 59-16 before it got a good gun

  44. Erick Raúl Sánchez Pérez

    i hate it not because i have it, wich i dont, but because its such a troll little shit that sits on a close to unexistant bush and you never spot him and he spots you so bloody easy, fortunately lots of players get desperate and end up firing and getting spoted, still anoying as FFFFFFFFFFF……

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