Day 6- Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Advent Day 6!


  1. Wow, how fast are the haters.. Posted 40 sec ago, 2 likes and 1 dislike already…

  2. I love when someone tells me not to buy stuffs. No irony.

  3. Hi, Circon! Comments are good for the algorithm, so here I am ! 😀

  4. It is kida fun shooting over other tanks due to the hight. lol

  5. It’s honestly not that bad. I enjoy playing it because unless you run across someone who is really good they tend to panic.

  6. Other advent calendars: here’s something for you
    WGs calendar: here’s something you should give me

  7. lets hope tomorrow brigns a better tank, sigh

  8. Thx Circ!!

  9. and isu152 &130 share crew… so bonus

  10. Omg that thing should be banned for being fugly.

  11. Well obviously it is a trash 103 🤣

  12. I love how these videos are just getting shorter because the offers are crap.

  13. Yeah, no, I pass hahaha

  14. It’s not Christmas till circon does his advent calendar videos. I don’t even play this game anymore but still look forward to these.

  15. Comments are good for yubito algorytm so comment bois 😉

  16. Shinyone Incarnate

    The M”Mutant”4A2E1 is tall, but with better frontal armor. If you want a tall tank, I’m sure they will sell the “Never To Be Sold Again Beta Tank” in the future. This day 6 offer is the T”Terrible”-103.

  17. My enthusiasm comes back each Christmas. I enjoy the garage and events very much.

  18. Short, sweet and clear. Thanks.

  19. Thanks for making my decisions for me 🖤

  20. If you think this tank is “alright”, just play a heavy tank instead, you’ll have a much better time, with more armor and probably better mobility and gunhandling.

  21. Thanks. All I needed to know. BUYING IT!

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