Day 7 Advent Calendar 2017!

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  1. Guusieboi de Mafketel

    Nice u do it

  2. Can’t wait for AMX 13 57

  3. Will they sell obj 252u?

  4. 14,46€

  5. where u live ?

  6. BUYER BEWARE: I have this tank and I can tell you with NO exaggeration you WILL be in tier 8 games 99% of the time. I counted out of 20 games, 19 of them were tier 8 and you cant pen shit.

    • I play other tier 6s like the 34-85 and jumbo and i get top tier atleast 50%. MM snt bad at all. Then i will jump into the thunderbolt and then BAM.. tier 8, 8 , 8, 8 etc. Just want people to know how bad it is…trust me you wont pen ANYTHING.

    • I have played 50 battles yesterday in this tank and in only 2 i was not bottomtier the rest were all +2 +1 mm

    • glad im not the only one experiencing this

    • The Duke what tier were you playing? In tier 5 to 8 the average bottom tier is a bit over 50%. In tier 6 is over 60%, in tier 7 its a lot less. 50 battles is not enough to judge. Just like is I said I have a 20% win rate because I lost the last 8 of out 10 battles. Keep tracking the numbers and see how it works with at least 100-200 games in each tier.

    • Pinedhuitre, the armor is only relevant if you are top or middle tier, in my case at tier 6 that’s 35’% of the time on average.

  7. This is modeled after the tank that Creighton Abrams (namesake of the M1 Abrams) commanded his armored division from in WWII. I think that this one specifically was the one he was using during the Battle of the Bulge.

  8. Until WG puts all their rewards in the same place and automatically starts the missions, I dont care nor do I even look. Fuck

  9. Because the crew has special names are you able to retrain them to other tanks or are they stuck in the Thunderbolt?

    • They can be retrained, I put mine in my M46 Patton. It’s best not to have permanent crews in premiums to maximize crew training.

    • Still won’t bother buying it as I have no need for another tier 6 premium but it’s nice to know that the 0 skill crew is useful.

    • I don’t believe the Thunderbolt crew has special names, the Fury does. Somehow I doubt Abrams’s estate allowed his name and likeness to be used in WoT.

    • If you look through the crew names, you will find “Creighton” under first names, & “Abrams” under last names, but you can not raise his rank above where it is at Sarg. I changed his name in my tank, but not his rank.

  10. If you are thinking of pushing the patton line and have yet to build a crew I would say this is hard to go wrong with. The cost doesn’t brake the bank even for free players this is still worth the investment for the crew alone.

  11. I Hope they will have the patriot on sale

  12. So when you buy or earn a prem tank you already own your given it’s gold value. Does it work similarly for the zero skill crew? Really curious what happens when you buy a dupe on a zero crew tank.

  13. I purchased most tier 6 tanks and the Thunderbolt is one I enjoy very much.
    If you like the Super Pershing and you like the feel of the Shermans in general, this is a tank for you.
    Of course the tier 6 MM is though at times ( I do struggle against IS-3’s and the like)
    But I managed 60% win rate with ease and Mastered it multiple times.

  14. Realistically, you are buying this tank for the extra “female” crew members. It’s worth buying for those crew members, but the tank is just okay. It’s an E8 with more armor and slightly improved gun handling.

  15. I got both Cromwell B and Thunderbolt. Obviously Cromwell B is great and fun. Thunderbolt is very different and if you really want can get it too. But he is right if you have to choose one get CB

  16. is wargaming going to sell IS-3A in advend calendar?

  17. Why would you have to run food? It seems to me that anything over 420 view range is plenty for tier 6.

    • sure, if you want to be average. it is good enough but 445m will help a lot against td’s and considering you can be matched up against tier 8’s where assistance damage will be your main addition to the performance of your team

    • I guess it is a matter of how good you are. I will admit I am not very good so anytime I run food I lose money.

    • I recommend selling some of the hundreds of premium consumables you get for free and save the credits for the next consumable sale and buy food in bulk, technically free!

    • For some reason people say anything below 445 meters of view range is ok but 445 is just fine. No, it’s not. While 445 meters is the max distance you can spot something at you still have enemy camo factor to counter and at tier 6 the tanks are still fairly small, meaning good camo, meaning you need way more than 445 to spot the enemy at max distance.

      So the more the better, of course, but saying 445 is perfect and 420 is good for nothing is silly. 420 actually is plenty, but can be better still, though it’s less important than players skill. If you’re average joe then it won’t make much of a difference. If you’re pretty good, then you likely know already if you want to run food or not, and why.

    • I would like to say something about this but I’m probably the least qualified to say something because I play Blitz. Personally I think they should add another category of 3 possible provisons to add like they did in Blitz.

  18. well the only thing’s i wan’t to see from WoT, is better MM it suck’s from patch 18, and sell the god damn Bond’s.

  19. @CirconflexesThey didn’t have enough metal to make E2 sherman so what they did was weld extra metal from destroyed tanks both allied and axis to the front of the hull of the E8s to compensate, General Creighton Abrams was the commander of the Thunderbolt and was known for his superb tactics and aggressive in battle.

  20. when are you going to upoad videos of you playing again so I know when to come back to watch. Might as well say see you next year

  21. yet another day of dissappointment, this makes 6 in a row.

  22. What is the song in background of video ?

  23. What song is always playing in the background?

  24. The standard jumbo (E2) has a good front armour too

    • Jim Bo true, and the derp is still good at tier 6, but the thunderbolt does have better gun handling and it’s faster (and better view range than the stock E2 IIRC). Additionally, using max gun depression makes the upper plate extremely bouncy (like 230mm+ effective). So that 30mm really does come in handy. A little disappointed that the thunderbolt’s mantlet didn’t get buffed with the rest of the Shermans though.

    • derp gun is only for comedic effects… it is more likely to get you killed than not because of the lower chance to pen and lower alpha compared to the armor faced… really the only helpful situation the derp gun has is hitting a light tank at close range… assuming you actually hit them… if you miss well then you are dead aren’t you?

    • psnmadracer27 – The Thunderbolt turret is weaker though. So if you are using the maximum gun depression your turret is still showing. The sides next to the mantlet are only about 120-130mm whereas on the E2 it is at its weakest at about 160mm.

    • cptmiller132 – Except that the 76mm only has 177mm of pen with premium ammo. That’s going to have less than a 25% chance to go through the front of an IS-3. God save you if an O-Ho or a VK 100.01 P shows up. The 105mm howitzer will usually do some damage at least (although it’s still chip damage against those super heavies).

    • Jim Bo
      Flanking… Ever heard of it? Anyone who sits there and shoots a heavy let alone a super heavy in the front without the heavy being light on armor in a medium tank is an idiot…

  25. Correct me if I’m wrong but with a 4 man crew don’t you have to immediately subtract 800 gold from the package for retraining the crew to a non-premium tank? Getting that trained crew is nice but in reality you have to pay to train them for something else.

  26. Nice vid Circon. Thanks for covering the Advent Calendar.

  27. Circon what do you think about the T34-85m in comparison to the Cromwell B? Isnt it strong either?
    Greetings from Germany!

  28. I bought it for the crew, but its really OP.
    Also though my avg dmg is 1480 and avg exp witjout prem is 990, i onlt have 2 marks of excellence with 91%
    Meaning that its performing exceedingly well ofc. In a tier 6 match you dominate and in tier 7/8 youre still nimble enough to flank and deal a great amount of dmg.

  29. So they listened to me? 😀 I proposed an Arnold Schwarzenegger M47 Patton, if that comes I will pay up

  30. Is it decent?

  31. Circon, just an idea. If you have uploaded a gameplay video on YT for a advent calendar tank that you talk about link it up to the video (on screen pop up would be the best). This way you can present the tank better to these who don’t know much about it and you will get extra views on your gameplay videos too. Win-win 🙂

  32. You don’t need to run food, With 20% chance of a fire on that engine you had best use auto fire extinguisher. No you aren’t as good as Circon you don’t need food.

  33. Unlike the copy paste E8 Fury, the Thunderbolt actually has a unique play style that isn’t an E8, nor an E2, which makes the tank fun.

  34. GODofWAR JohanPOPU

    Är du svensk?

  35. Lucky number 7 then no?

  36. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    the comander of my Thunderbolt was the 1st crew that i spent 50 gold to change the name =P (Creighton Abrams), i love my Thunderbolt for the looks, it looks great! because its a tough nut to crack on tier 6 MM only the “Super Derps” hurt hard this litle felow!! and for the Historical factor of this is a model from the real Thunderbolt VII from that great men that comanded it. The MBT from US these days got is name

  37. Summary: this tank is for collectors only. Otherwise don’t bother.

  38. you need max viewrange in t6 that in it self is stupid give tanks up to t6 only +1 mm i´m woud be happy to whait longer for the match

  39. They did a video talking about the history of the Thunderbolt VII and how it came to be.

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