Day 7 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. Irrelevant Irrelevance


  2. Another dust gatherer. Is it me, or is this advent lackluster?

    • +Alpha Niner Agree with your point on discounts: I expected a better discount for the 360-premium one yesterday. 15% is not interesting, I could get better with a coupon. I will wait the beginning of next year, they may well have better offers.

    • +Alpha Niner wait for later weeks, when “never again sold e25” defenders patriots and other shit gets its turn

    • Don’t worry, the last days will have E25, Type 59, Pz3J etc. WG gonna get a lot of money

    • IMO Somua is very good. It doesn’t gather dust in my garage. I play it every time I play wot

    • I think they are just waiting for the loot boxes event coming this Thursday. That is when hype ramps up and more people are on vacation or home from school.

  3. First, and don’t care for the Somua.

  4. It ain’t Christmas ’til Circon reviews the Advent calendar.

  5. Xミスタークロ

    Circon do you think wg will release boxes this year?

  6. Studzianki is a decent map esp for lower tiers. Many WG maps, most, suck at high tiers. I mention this because u were RAGING on stream about it.

  7. I face these in SHs and the armor is troll.

  8. Fritten Neuntausend

    You can also rent this thing for 10 days via the twitch prime alpha package thingy. If you are a completionist for tank aces or 3marks, this should be enough time.

    • yes – and with the rental you can find out if you like it – and at the end of the rental period a better discount (30% iirc) offer will pop up

  9. Circon the most pleasant streamer ?

  10. All this shit is TOO FUCKING EXPENSIVE. I can go buy a AAA game for this price

  11. It's not what you think

    Oh good. I’m incapable of making money decisions unless I know Circon’s opinion.

  12. mm was fun and worked ok before 357, ask any tier 3 to 8 driver, i say go back to pre 9.18!

  13. Circon reviewing advent calendar gives me Christmas’ feel.

  14. No Bueno for us this Christmas ?

  15. It’s weird tho. I claimed the Alpha Package with prime which granted me this tank for rental. And now I still have the chance to buy it for 15% off its base price so around 34 euros.

    I’m pretty sure WG is aware that all Prime users that claimed the package still have this tank available for sale in the shop with a 15% discount.
    Which I find kinda wierd.
    Is it just me?

  16. Seeing Tier 8s while playing Tier 8 is this an out of Season April Fools joke good Sir ?

  17. Word of caution for the bulldog: if you have a more vision based gameplay style you are likely to be disappointed. It’s a big target with poor camo and slow acceleration, and tends to not scale upwards very well in the 3-5-7 template as a spotter, and most people won’t be able to play it hyper-aggressively in a tier 9-10 setting. It’s all about the insane DPM in that context, but most people cannot leverage DPM in this game at all. In same tier or lower battles, its a blast, because you can use your HEP ammo and sneak around, but against tier 9-10 tanks it can quickly become frustrating. In addition, if you don’t have a current German crew, this one is pretty punishing to train. I two marked mine, and have my Ru-251’s 5 skill crew in it, and would be hesitent to recommend this tank. I consider it one of my more disappointing purchases, due to the current state of tier 8 mming. My opinion would change, however, if mming improved.

    • Bought this a good while ago when it was part of the GF package and I completely agree. I love playing light tanks even well before the mm changes and those concerns you listed are the same I had as well. I seldom if ever play this tank.

    • Agreed. It might work for really good players but it isn’t OP in my opinion.

  18. The tier 8 match making is not very good….it’s total fucking garbage!….don’t sugarcoat it, your not a bakery?

  19. Actually thinking about picking this one up, I played ~70 games in it with the twitch prime rental last month and it was a blast to play…I think it might be worth it

  20. Blackdog worth the gold? 🙂

  21. タニヤデグレチャフ

    It’s to much money for a few pics. I would buy it if it was 25 euro’s but 50!! You can buy a whole game for that money.

    • タニヤデグレチャフ that’s War Gaming’s entire business model at this point. The gold and premium time are about right, maybe a little high but the cost of the tanks is way way too high. It’s insane I would say. I’m sworn off ever buying a tank again unless the value is so amazing I can’t help it. But like you say you can buy AAA new games for the cost of these tanks. And in sick of being made a fool of by a dying game

    • タニヤデグレチャフ

      wood1155 well I still play it but I never buy premiums. I’m 100% free to play.

  22. Make these tanks half the price and it might be worth it but I’m done spending these outrageous amounts on one tank. It’s just robbery

    • Agree, for reasonable prices I would buy somthing, for the usual WG BS prices they can go sit on a cactus.

    • The prices wouldn’t be so bad if WG didn’t act like they had to grab money as if they were being chased by the police. The big issue is how they killed the game in recent past with changes that were designed to grab cash quickly. That killed the buzz for many. I think they saw the end of WoT back in 2016 and made a cash grab and are still trying to cling to that decision while players are waiting and hoping they change their mind.

  23. So what WG’s “Advent calendar” really is, is an opportunity to sell us a AAA game each and every day! For one time only!! 50 EUROS. Are you f’king kidding me!!

  24. It’s a great tank. I have over 900 average base xp and had over 1000 for a long time.
    The only real downside for me is that it’s just a bit too slow.

  25. Comhghall Geraghty

    This thing has a 47 second reload on console 12 seconds more than 50 100 and that has six shots. A real steamer

  26. Yeah not buying any more premium tanks from WG, way too overpriced. For half the price, more maps and better balancing I would consider it.

    • “More maps”
      Are you kidding me? Like a patch ago they released 3 maps, 3 maps in one patch! They may not be good maps, but they are maps. Honestly, this game has a lot of maps. Stop asking for more maps, ask for better maps.

  27. I actually really like playing the support role and I’ve played this tank already with the rental codes and I really enjoyed it.

  28. Sorry man …. im out.
    Im tired of you showing premium shop advertisment (lately only content) and pay to win games…
    You tried sometimes….to create usefull content but you never take it for real. BB circon. And the head up… like sirfoch.

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