Day 7 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Checking to see if todays offer is worth it!


  1. I didn’t buy the flatpanzer !

  2. Holy s*** “5 seconds ago?” I’ve never been this early O.o

  3. Did you catch a cold mate? 🙂

  4. Bundles! Get your bundles!

  5. The reason I won’t be buying today’s bundle, it’s the G model… As much as I’d appreciate the free camo bonus. My Asbergers tells me I must paint it a German seasonal camo…

  6. Where the fuck are the lootboxes?

  7. damn these bundles… gonna wait and see if WG releases any more cash grabbing bundles (golden T59, E25 etc)

  8. Coolyman Foolyster

    I’m in a love/hate relationship with my skorp. It’s accuracy feels like a lie.

    • I find that too.
      I’m fairly sure every country’s except Russian tanks get their maximum possible dispersion at long range…
      So with the skorpion thats a maximum of 140cm from the aim point….. Yet when I’m Hull down firing at an IS in the open about 400m away they managed to hit me 3 times in a row when I hit only once….. ? Russia ??

    • Captain Superr Thicc

      @C S i miss fully aimed shots at the side with my skorpion and hit cupola snipes with my defender while driving.

    • Being labelled as one of the most accurate tanks in the game certainly helps you to notice just how many fully-aimed Skorp shots the godhand of RNG bitchslaps into the dirt/sky/miles away from anything resembling an enemy tank. Not many other tanks give you that same expectation of accuracy for the game to gleefully shatter.

    • German accuracy (TM).

    • That’s the same thing with the every German tank in the game
      Basically I have 3marks on my e-100 with .35 accuracy and sometimes I shoot and it feels like I’m playing arty and sometimes I shoot and I can hit shots I shouldn’t hit

  9. 4:30 It’s currently one of the top credit makers. I’d say people are using camo net, or telescopes instead of optics and chocolate.

  10. Circon do you ever sleep?

  11. On NA we seem to have the option to buy either the Skorpion or the Skorpion G.

  12. Until now, my wallet is close, i want a nice heavy like defender.


  14. Thanks, Circon.

  15. They are selling the OP tank early this year.

    • otherwise people will just buy them for gold from lootboxes. If you wanna earn money twice over you gotta offer the op tanks before the looboxes gold floods the playerbase

  16. They sold them during frontline allready, even with or without camo.

  17. I hate the scorpion. It sits as a smoking, unrepaired, wreck in my garage. The rounds either fall out of the canon as if gravity is just too much to bother with or fly out of it akin to a flock of startled pigeons.

  18. 1v1 fight vs a t8 french ravioli at 100 yards the ravioli wins in reload time with AP loaded.

  19. I don’t think its a coincidence that WG released the first good calendar deal on the weekend. It seems the first few weekdays of the advent calendar somewhat boring.

  20. can you own both the Scorpion G and the reihnmetall version at the same time?

    • mugg3r yup, they are considered different tanks. This was before wargaming released one tank with a skin option as extra gold. Instead they did this where if you wanted the skin variant you bought that one, and if you wanted the non skin variant you bought that one.

  21. I already made my comments within the kanonenpanzer day…4 review? Anyways. I noticed a pattern in frontline and other players…Definitely a recommended premo tank. I love driving it and its really refreshing to play a tank that can pen due to its caliber than the desired straight up pen based on shells…I think I’m saying that right or it may only depend on HE, but regardless love the tank love the vid can’t wait for tommorrow. I think I actually got ripped off purchasing it a couple months ago in the tank fest event, but I’ve got it, feels good, good deal.

  22. Oh for fucks sake. Fuck the balancing of the game, just keep printing money with overpowered tanks that are overpriced because they know people are going to buy them. These things are a plague on the game. Watch them sell the Defender and/or the IS-3A, or any other tank that was removed from the market thanks to how badly they ruin the game.

  23. I find it interesting that you show a 30% savings bundle on the EU server that nearly equates to the 35% savings bundle on the NA server. Yet, the cost of the EU bundle is $56.03 but the cost of the NA bundle is a ridiculous $119.99. The only addition on NA bundle is 10 million credits. The value of that (1 gold = 400 credits on NA) is $100.12, but I don’t need 10 million credits. (I’d rather have the gold! ?) Oh, wait, we get an Enhanced Gun-laying Drive rather than binoculars. Well, that makes it worth – NOT. What are the other bundles offered on EU? There is a $48.99 bundle on NA that is only the vehicle, 100% crew, garage slot and 25 each x5 XP. Does EU have a vehicle only bundle, and if so at what cost? I am very interested to know what the price differences are. Why do you think Wargaming has different pricing for the different servers? Who are they screwing beside all the tier 8 players? This enquiring mind would love to know.

    PS: There is a NA bundle with only 30 each x5 bonuses, seven days premium and an EGD, but it is MORE ($69.99) than the EU bundle cost. WTF?

    • PSS: On NA, if you buy the 10,900 gold needed for the in-game purchase, the vehicle with 100% crew, garage slot and 25 each x5 bonuses only costs $47.47. Worth?

    • NA is the dying cash cow server of world of tanks man that’s why our shit is so stupidly expensive

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