Day 8 Advent Calendar 2017!

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  1. Its weird how mediocre this is on PC compared to the op as shit version on console ??

  2. got it thru marathon on NA and on tankrewards, theres a set of missions that can be completed on thru this tank. no wonder they r selling this

  3. One more day,one more garbage tank.

  4. Day 7 cmonBruh

  5. @Circonflexes what’s the background music?

  6. PC version is not very good. Only good thing about it is the 100% crew with BIA perk

  7. “you gave it the wrong name you scrub!”
    Edit: WG could start selling zero-skill crews for nations and tank classes of your choice. Probably would be better for THEM (more people would buy them) and players would enjoy.

  8. It’s not bad for a tier 6 but don’t expect miracles. But being this slow you’d actually expect functional armour which you are not getting.

  9. Its just like the number HT NO.VI

  10. Day 8 an wargaming bores us again.

  11. Ive had the ht no 6 for a while and i love it!
    168p avg dmg per battle, its an absolute monster.

  12. Armor is better at tier 6 then tier 6. yeah have to laugh at yourself. nice memes

  13. I’ve been disappointed by all of the tanks for sale so far

  14. Really the only problem with this tank is you can’t keep saying “shapaneees tigah” to yourself. And really what’s the point of playing it then?

  15. Tanks like this are just not worth the Calender. Just sad

  16. Again it falls under the Tier 8 MM syndrome, i have it and most of times the MM is that one. So if you buy it just take that in mind

  17. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    WG is making the Tiger from Otto Carius? that is the one that i would buy =) and i would like to see montgomery’s tank too =P. There’s a thing about this tank that i would like to know. WG payed some thing to the Bovington Tank Museum or pays to use it on their game?

  18. A thumbs down vote?

  19. Good luck to you meting IS-3 with this tank (145 pen), and 100mm armor. It is so slow as well. It’s just a free dmg for 7-8 tiers (and arty). If u want a good tier 6 tank – it’s type 64

  20. I own a HT No. 6 which is (appart from the radio and the AP shell cost) the same tank. It’s ok… but i can’t really say the armor is better tier for tier ’cause even some T4 tanks can just auto aim at you and still pen. So don’t expect to make great work with your armor. However 950 hitpoints at T6 and the gun are really great so you can play it as a support heavy (like the M6) and have good results (it’s no O-I or T-150) 🙂

  21. Sebastiaan De Vries

    the armor of a cromwell with the speed of a OI… that thing is awefull

  22. -10%…….what a “great” deal….let me get my credit card right away……

  23. background music name?

  24. First of all,i got this tank allready,cause of collction tiger tanks,but i don’t like the tank at all,it’s now day 8 and 8 crap tanks in a row,not a tank worth it in the calendar,i expect nothing from this calendar,cause i only want the AMX 13 57 GF,but i don’t think they gonna sell it again,so i keep my fingers crossed,peace out.

  25. TBH I think its one of the best tanks to buy. unfortunately its not for its playability, but because its so iconic. I know my first goal in playing WoT was to get the Tiger and I bet many other players were the same. I suggest anyone who wants a Tiger to buy this package rather than waste their time grinding their way to a mediocre tank.

  26. Tiger 217 spotted on!
    Exact same as Tiger 131 but with a slightly different skin.(It has a pretty MG on top)

    Also it’s worth pointing out that HT No. VI is also the same tank as Tiger 131, but for Japan.

  27. It’s a Tiger that should be in the game in the first place. Tier lower does a lot for this tank and you don’t have to fit ahistorical gun on it.

  28. You can get this tank for Shit and Jingles.

  29. I have the 131– I picked it up 3 or 4 times when it was first released just for the crew. The tank itself is ok– it’s not underpowered but not over-powered for tier 6 either. I think it’s very well balanced and is not bad. I have no regrets about picking up the tank because the crew has been nice for my top tier german heavies. The crew layout only has one loader so not a perfect match for the Maus, Mauschen, VK100.01P or the E100, but all the others will match the 131 perfectly.

  30. I have it not fun to play get pen all time slow moving.

  31. Tiger 131 is okay. It’s not good for competitive gameplay, and mid or bottom tier makes you pretty useless. However, when top tier, the tank is rather decent (not amazing and able to bully but still good).

  32. I found my 131 to be a decent tank. Credits are ok but a nice german heavy crew Trainner

  33. just got this tank / super happy for the crew / but holy fuck this shit is almost useless in tier 8 games … funny thing after i got it … my first 2 games were tier 6 but then i guess WG decided “enough of this equal tier shiet, here be a marionette for tier 8 so they will feel better about themselves!” … down with +2/-2 … all hail +1/-1 !

  34. for that prize…no problem just the crew i am willing to pay 5 more bucks for without even thinking…the tank is okey ish a bit boring to play tho nothing special…everything is average or slightly better than average or slighhlty worse…

  35. Why do we need has max view range at tier 6? Most of the scouts can’t even get there.

  36. I have the HT no. 6 and i HATE it. the thing is that it’s so wide if you try to side scrape people just shoot the front of the tank 🙁

  37. When top tier it’s a lot of fun. When bottom tier you want to end your laifu.

  38. The Tiger 131 is no OP tank. What makes it worth buying is the 100% + BIA Premium Crew. Those 5 Crews members are worth more than 100 Gold each because of the free BIA.

  39. It’s an OK tank. The main problem I have is not the tank itself, per se. It’s that when I play it I keep getting tier 8 MM- BTW the only time I see tier 8’s top tier is when I play my tier 6’s.

  40. The side armor is a lie, it is only 60mm behind the tracks.

  41. Circon, according to tanks comparison tool in game, tanks with 370 base view range, vents, optics and a very skilled crew can get 450m view range without food. Slightly less if the commander has Situational awareness instead of radio operater.

  42. While I know the reason why WG sell Prem tanks but this would be a great example of instead they could have sold a skin (could also do this for famous units like desert rats etc).

  43. wow…WG isn’t even trying at this point.

  44. have it & dont like it much..spending most of the time burning next to the road.
    but that could be just me being a ubbernoob

  45. It’s a historically accurate Tiger one tier lower, and it’s a good tank to teach you how to angle properly 😉

  46. Perfect description. It is a vanity tank. I love mine. I love all the tigers. Except the P. Too nub to play that one properly.

  47. Cornelius Qvist Tøpholm

    Day 9 is e25


  49. Concidering how many M4 shermans there are. 3 Tigers doesnt trigger me. However that was cheap way to make money by WG. Just reskin JapTiger and done. There are hundreds of tanks that could be introduced. But I can agree with Circon. Defender and other new OP shit should not exist.

  50. Circon, they did it! E25 on sale on EU server… Wtf!?!?

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