Day 8 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. Much love Circon <3

  2. The Calendar has been kinda disappointing
    Edit: Really disappointing

  3. Oh for God’s sake WG, give us a calendar like last year, not this clusterfuck!

  4. Thanks for putting out good content love your videos man! You should do some WZ-132-1 gameplay, that would be interesting to see ??

  5. But on some pants

  6. 112 is just better even tho has slight worse gun stats. Also -6 gun depression on the 112 and -5 on the Juan Juan Juan. Which is kinda like the old debate going between the Obj. 140 and T62A

    • They are meant to be different playstyles after the changes Wargaming made. The 112 is a traditional close range fighting heavy. The WZ-111 is more of a mobile heavium. With the WZ-111 you go with your medium tanks and bully the enemy medium tanks.

      The WZ-111 when compared to the 112 has better mobility, more engine power, better power to weight, better gun handling, better accuracy, faster aim time, and more hit points.

      Its hard to compare them when they are meant for completely different play styles. Its like comparing an Obj 257 and a T-10.

    • +Christopher B. All of this is a barely noticeable, you could say it’s within error if these were measured. Tbh 257 vs T10 is a much different case, this is more like a one is 19 the other is 20 minus 1 kind of case. You can and should compare them. 112 is better.

    • the 112 is more durable, the WZ111 is more mobile. it depends on the playstyle, witch one is better

  7. Thank you for the Hard work Ciron

  8. Shit game. Kusoge.

  9. You can’t buy gold with a discount coupon anymore

    • No you cant, this is a good point. Like the rest of the Game, the cupons you get from WG are shit pointless.

    • Load the Skill rounds

      Ya I hate this the only thing the coupons are good for us premium account

    • I bought “The Feast” and already had most of the tanks, so I effectively go a shit ton of gold at 65% off (about 700 gold/$).

    • The only gold i can get using the coupon is buying a premium tank i already have, but i’d only be saving a few dollars or some crap.

      @JWQweqOPDH You might be the reason WG continues to sell tanks for insane prices…

  10. So far the whole event has been really disappointing, if Circon made a vid for days 9-24 that just said “not worth it” he might not be too far off the truth.

  11. When will they finally bring the AFK-Panther?

  12. Baron von Limbourgh

    Thnx circ. A shame the event is crap. Content is still solid though.
    Really got a lot better at doing these videos man. Keep it up!

  13. Thx!

  14. Juan Juan Juan ?

  15. bart van herrewegen

    I changed mine for the Alpine tiger look but i love my 112 a lot more , seem to bounce a lot more with the 112 then this thing cus of the piky nose…No Mather how you angle you always make something weaker

  16. The 110 is in the tech tree for the heavy tanks. The 112 is still a premium. I was confused for a moment.

  17. Thank’s Man!!

  18. For me, this is an okay tank. I play it like a heavium. Limited MM is a big plus, but it does struggle against Tier 9s and even some 8s because the standard pen is crap. Also, like Circon, I don’t like HEAT very much.

    I got my WZ111 a while ago in a 3 tank package, so it was like 30 dollars. It was worth it for that price. Any higher…meh.

  19. As usual, great video. I agree with an earlier comment, this is certainly a lackluster year for the advent calendar. I haven’t even been tempted to buy any of these premiums. (Just to be honest I already have three of them and, for the most part, wonder why I wasted my money on them. LOL)

  20. you can buy the 112 in the tech tree now but if i recall correctly i got mine from last years advent calendar

  21. wot is dead

  22. to anyone interested in this tank, buy the 112

  23. just buy a is-6 from the tech tree, 100% better, you can’t pen shit with the 175 pen so you are forced to fire 250 heat with shell velocity of a derp gun

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