Day 8 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Checking see if todays offer worth it!


  1. Totally not first.

  2. it’s the small details, like the comments on the garage slot and 100% crew, that make these daily reviews great.

  3. Press Ctrl + Shift + T to bring back closed tab.

  4. Solid tank for Frontline. But then I quit Frontline so I guess there’s that.


  6. And here we are waiting to spend money…

  7. I found out that the discounts can be used on these bundles. So I bought my Skorpion for $39 instead or $48. Just a little FYI.

  8. When will Foch, Dez and you have a fun platoon stream? 3 of you platooning couple of hours.

  9. The Cent 5/1 is bascially a Cent 7/1, with the 20pdr gun ‘balanced’ for teir 8. No actual, look at the armor between the two, they are almost the same (the Cent 5/1 has slightly more rear armor because reasons), same engine power, Cent 5/1 gets 400m view range vs 410m view range (because reasons), same gun handling statistics (including gun+turret traverse speed and depression/elevation angles). Same ground resistances except for the effective traverse on the Cent 7/1 are way better than the Cent 5/1, even the Cent Mk1 beats it in that regard, (because reasons). The Cent 5/1 gets better tank traverse speed than Cent 7/1 and equal with Cent Mk1 (because reasons).

  10. That armor makes a huge difference.

  11. So better than both the fv4202 and centurion I is this a Russian variant of the centurion?

  12. I bought this one during one of the promotions earlier in the year because it seems to be an effective tank for Frontlines. I liked the Centurion 1, so this one feels right. I can see where it isn’t for everyone. Thanks for the update.

  13. I want new tanks too!

  14. I love this tank. Got me a 5 skill crew before I started grinding the tech tree line.

  15. I have it and like it.

  16. probably my favourite tank to play, fav tank irl, im sorta jsut waiting for the primo victoria to come on sale again to complete the tier 8 cent collection

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