Day 8 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Advent Day 8!


  1. I actually quite like this tank, but it was available in the in game store for 5800 Gold about a month ago!

  2. I miss the bulldog with the 10 round auto loaded.

    9.18 sucked. A lot. It nerfed my favorite class even more, and has been nothing but downhill ever since.

    Edit: Germany suffers? No, light tanks suffer.

    • Yeah, but you gotta admit it was alittle unbalanced. I still have nightmares about them from when I was playing the AMX 13 75 when it was tier 7

    • @Qtank009 Oof, yeah. Tbh I really wish they just moved it up a tier and left the stats alone. I miss that thing greatly, even if it was alittle too good at tier 5

    • I can positively say as someone who ADORED the LTTB, T-54 ltwt, Ru 251, Bulldog, T49, WZ-131, AMX 13 90 and especially the ELC AMX, that the LT update where every LT got downtiered didn’t make any of the examples above better or more fun to play. Idk why they even bothered.

    • @ben1000bhp I sent a complaint to WG lmao and said I uninstalled the game. I eventaully came back… after a year.

  3. James David Eastwood

    Thanks for these videos @circonflexes, they are really useful. Although I feel bad as I’m dropping out of watching them all the way through, hope it doesn’t mess with your metrics!

    • I always watch the first min to see what it is, skip to the last min then at least it says in the metrics its a full watch (it used to anyway, hope it still do’s)

  4. Hello algorithm, take this comment as a bribe and give Circon the fame he deserves

  5. Big fan of the M41D, even with the low alpha the gun is great. In terms of tier 8 LTs, I’d say it is only behind the EBR and 432.

  6. WG is just bringing out all of the deals this holiday season.

  7. I’m pretty sure it’s been up for sale a fair few times in the past for a lot less. . Scouting is pretty redundant now with all the cars, might as well just play mediums

  8. I loved this thing, even 3 marked it. It feels a lot like the 59-16 at tier 6 IMO.

  9. When is the Lansen up ?

    • I really like the Lansen, havent played it in a while I was going for the three mark but stuck around 88%. I think skilled players do really well in it or im just not good enough for the third mark. I will try again soon. I like the 360 alpha, so nice on a tier 8 medium. The damage adds up quick :).

  10. haha algorithm go pewpew

  11. Namegoeshere Orhere

    I like it because you can actually play it as a combat scout even vs EBR’s since it actually tends to hit things while on the move. The T92 is really good at this as well but has such low alpha and I find it seems to be a lot more delicate, can’t take a hit at all.

    • I liked the t92 but found it turned like darn cow for a light tank, that turned me away from it. Fast in a straight line, slow as hell when turning.

  12. This is a fun one to play with a beefed up gun from the tech-tree bulldog.

  13. Once you look at the stats this light is among the top of dpm, pen, accuracy, gun handling and velocity of any tier 8 light wile still maintaining a great viewrange. Sure it doesnt have the best camo. It certainly makes it good with the viewrange and gun. All the bulldogs are criminally underrated.

  14. I was waiting the whole day for you the post your review lol. Helped me a lot, thanks Circon!
    edit: Happy Birthday again!

  15. Jeroen De Vleesschauwer

    Got the bulldog and the blackdog… I’m fine thx

  16. Maybe i am missing something but I don’t see what’s so special about these advent calendar deals. All of these tanks have been up for sale during the year with very similar packages. Shouldn’t A.C. tanks be a little cheaper?

  17. thanks for these

  18. 3:30 damn, I was really hoping to train my Chinese TD crew in this.

  19. I’m just here for the algorithm.

  20. I remember the days when wg actually gave you 25%+ of tanks during a sale. Good times, good times …

  21. thank you for your opinion good sir

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